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At EdVigor, we believe that a singular factor capable of improving the quality of a community’s workforce is great teaching. Therefore, we invest our resources in nurturing great teaching in Nigeria as a percursor for lasting social change. To achieve this, EdVigor hosts workshops for educators in Nigeria, with a bias for those working in under-served communities. These workshops are carefully designed to deepen participants’ content knowledge and expose them to best teaching practices from across the globe.


EdVigor was founded by a Nigerian educator, Nneamaka Enechi, who witnessed firsthand the dearth of support provided to teachers in Nigeria, especially those in low income communities. Throughout her training and work in the United States, Nneamaka’s vision was to deliver the value she gained teaching in the States to teachers in her home country. This vision birthed EdVigor, which brings master teachers from the United States to work directly with their local counterparts in Nigeria. EdVigor works with teachers and schools in 3 year cycles to improve teaching and learning and to develop systems that support character development in students, as well as positive school-wide cultures.

Last summer, EdVigor made its debut with a workshop in Lagos, Nigeria. Eighty educators from 9 schools in the Ifako-Ijaiye school district came together to learn ways to improve their practice. The workshop was facilitated by 5 master teachers from Massachusetts’ leading schools. Prior to this outing, EdVigor’s Curriculum team - 9 talented educators led by renowned curriculum specialist Jonathon Bower - had worked for several months to develop our workshop curriculum. We studied the Lagos State teaching standards and curriculum and then crafted interventions that complemented and deepened the good work already being done by the Lagos State teachers.

 And our hard work paid off. Participants left with a deep understanding of fundamental concepts in literacy and mathematics. According to one of them, “This has really been a wonderful workshop that has given me new ideas on how to make my pupils develop their reading and counting skills. This has been a challenge for me before meeting you.” Needless to say, we were thrilled by the success of our inaugural outing. But perhaps more importantly, we were humbled. We were humbled by the dedication and passion these teachers bring to their work in spite of the many odds they face daily. We were humbled by their eagerness to learn and their overflowing excitement when they were shown strategies to tackle instructional challenges they had previously been facing. We were humbled and motivated.

Therefore, for 2017, we plan to host 3 summer workshops across Nigeria. Our first cohort in Lagos will progress to Year 2 of our program and we will add two additional cohorts in South Eastern Nigeria.  To achieve this ambitious projection, though, we need to raise $50,00 by May 31st, 2017. A tough goal, you may think, but take another look -here's what we need to meet this goal:

10 donations of $2,500

15 donations of $1,000

20 donations of $500

Every dollar counts. Every donation brings us one step closer to our goal. We are optimistic that, with your support, we will meet our goal and bring our support to teachers in Nigeria. We therefore strongly appeal to you to make a donation to support EdVigor’s Project 2017.

We deeply appreciate your support and so do the teachers we are working with in Nigeria!


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