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Campaign objective: To make my dream a reality
What dream?
1 Mom's health
2 Sister’s education
3 Personal dream/goal of moving
4 Promote education, female empowerment & mental health in society

How? Raise money to support all components of my dream

My life went off course back in 2016 & I've since been attempting to get back on-track. Life threw me a bunch of endless curveballs, & I just recently started navigating my way forward. While I’m stuck jumping the hoops & loops of bureaucratic systems, awaiting paperwork that allows me to work fulltime; I received an actual chance to achieve my dream, which is the goal I was on track to achieving back in 2016.       

Back in 2016, my life was going according to plan then things fell apart towards the end.

It’s ironic, back then I was consistently following the plan & just a few steps shy of achieving the opportunity to move before it all crumbled, but now… what started as an act of optimism, has given me an actual opportunity to move. Only catch is, I’m not as prepared as I was for this back in 2016.

I know many people won’t understand why moving to another place is even on my list of goals. I won’t get too personal but I need to get a healthy distance from certain things. Some will understand this, some won’t.

These days moving involves more than just transporting yourself from one place to another, you need all sorts of legal clearance first. I’ve been able to collect all the paperwork needed & I just fall short on some funds to top up what’s left of my savings to support my application.

On top of this, my family is struggling, mum is ill & my sister was forced to drop out before she finished her education. My mum is in pain, & my sister is sad & angry. I have a duty to them just as I have a responsibility to myself, to alleviate this suffering; but my hands are constrained... to an extent.

I decided not to blame the ... that’s blocking me from fulltime employment, for digging into my savings & for not being able to take better care of my family. Shit happens! I meet so many people in lines, at the offices awaiting similar work clearance & I know it’s not personal. It’s just part of the process, we all have to jump through the same bureaucratic hoops and deal with the not-so-effective processing systems.

After much reflection, I embraced this obstacle as PART of the journey, & NOT THE END of the journey. In doing so, I thought outside the box& set up ‘Lemonade stand’, which is an online lemonade stand; where I was making ‘lemonade’ out of the bitter lemons that life threw at me.

I set up a t-shirt fundraiser via my Teespring store with a range of designs; an Etsy store to sell handmade crafts & I’m even auctioning my ceramic rhino on ebay. Plus I am launching a book on Amazon.

But I wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to effective outreach & the campaign hasn’t gotten much traction as expected.
And in an act of optimism, faith or some would say stupidity; I now have about 700 little handmade craft creatures made by my team of crafters and I.

On top of satisfying personal & familial objectives, I intend to allocate a portion of the money collected to making the world a better place by supporting some organisations focusing on female empowerment & education & mental health. I chose these specific causes because they really hit home with me.

  • I was raised in a society where girls are taught that they are less than males & restricted from so many things in life, merely because they are female! It hurts & infuriates me to still see many girls & women being held down & holding themselves back in life because of their gender.
  • I have hit rock bottom & experienced verbal abuse thus, from personal experience know the importance of mental health. I feel like this is a cause worth supporting & spreading more awareness about.
    I intend to use this crowd fundraiser to help find homes for the little craft creatures, as well as to collect donations from people who would like to support the page and aren’t interested in buying lemonade (Crafts or Shirts).

By setting up a crowd fundraiser, I have literally done all that I possibly can right now. I just hope it’s enough.

To sum up, the aim of this campaign is to enable Rocky’s Lemonade stand to achieve its objectives:

  1. Help my family: 
    Mum’s medical expenses: More intensive tests on her arm & therapy for her knee                              Sister’s education: To send her back to school to complete her professional qualification
  2. Top up my moving funds (to support my application)                          
  3. Contribute towards female empowerment, education & mental health initiatives by financially supporting organisations that focus on these causes.

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Big love
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Big love tshirt or hoody or mug
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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
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Inspired by the champ Muhammad Ali!
His story & quotes inspire many of us to keep going when things get tough, to stand up for what we believe in & most of all to push ourselves & give it our all in pursuit of our goals
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Mini Mountain Gorilla key chain
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Mini Mountain Gorilla key chain
Key chain inspired by the Gorgeous Mountain Gorillas of Africa

Yes, the ones that Tarzan grew up with!
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Paw prints hoody or tshirt
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The cutest Paw prints t-shirt or hoody
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Mini handcrafted ceramic elephant
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The cutest little ceramic Elephant

Height: 5.5 Centimeters
Width: 3.5 Centimeters
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Mini handcrafted ceramic Hippo
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Adorable little mini hippo

Width: 5.5 Centimeters
Depth: 3.5 Centimeters
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Handcrafted wooden calender (Cheeter)
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Wooden handcrafted calendar

Height: 14 cm (5.5 inches)
Width: 12 cm (4.7 inches)
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Wooden Giraffe (Handcrafted sculpture)
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Handcrafted wooden giraffe

Height: 62 cm (24.4 inches)
Width at widest: 18 cm (7 inches)
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Benjamin 'Benji' the Rhino
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He is the only graduation gift I bought myself. I was auctioning him on ebay as part of my fundraising campaign.

A ceramic black rhino with a white right ear tip from a tumble he took before I got him & a crack on the horn, from when my sister dropped him.
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