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Treydan's journey to CHEO, let's bring him home!
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On July 4th my nephew Treydan was taken into the hospital by his parents (Kattalina and Tristan) where then he was showing sign that something was seriously wrong. He had a high fever, diarrhea, vomiting and complaining of pain in his abdomen.  They were informed by doctors that had looked Treydan over that he had some sort of stomach bug, however because he was not eating or holding anything down that he could have possibly eaten; they were going to keep him overnight. The next day Treydan was still complaining of pain and so a ultrasound was ordered. While doing the ultrasound the technologist made a reference to how much fluid she was seeing on her screen trap inside this 3 1/2 year old boy's body and the fact that they "could not find his appendix". after 6 days of back and forth guesses of what "could be"  happening to this little boy at the hospital here in North Bay, Treydan was finally air lifted to CHEO in Ottawa.  CHEO atomically started Treydan on a strong antibiotic and ordered a CAT scan to be done with an oral dye and a dye to be administered with his morphine that he was on for the pain that was still an issue in his abdomen.  The results of the cat scan came up stating that Treydans body was filled with a strange fluid and had started effecting his lungs. The surgical floor then prepared for emergency surgery on him. needless to say Treydan's appendix had a small hole in it that had been leaking poison into his body for 6 days!! The surgeons removed his appendix and cleaned as much as they could of the poison inside this 3 1/2 year old body. The fact that Treydan is still alive is in it's self a testimony of our faith that God is good and is the great physician who gave knowledge to the surgical unit at CHEO! Teydan is not completely in the clear yet, he has a pic line for nourishment (he is still not eating) and has developed a blood infection. His body is still very swollen and sore. As of yesterday (July 11th) his parents where told that he would have at least another week and half in CHEO. I have created this funding page as a way for me to be able to help out. I am cozy at home with my husband and our four children while my brother and sister in law left work and two other children behind to be with their son in his time of need. As a parent I understand how needing to be with your child who is sick goes beyond any other need, however money is now a factor.. Between food, gas, and hotel bills for my parents (who are with them in Ottawa) and themselves times are getting tough. If you are able to donate even a little bit please do, if not please share this page! Please help me to help them with this burden that they now are sharing so that we can relieve this stress and they can once again focus all of themselves on helping this little boys get better and come home!  Thank you for reading or story! We love you Treydan! -From a proud auntie of an incredible little boy!


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