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Building a genuine pro-British Media Channel
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A new pro-British digital media outlet that requires Video recording equipment in order to launch effectively

British Nationalists remember with great fondness the heyday of the British National Party (BNP) and just how powerful the media wing of the party, BNPTV, really was. Professional programming from then party leader, Nick Griffin, the Question Time for Patriots series-which served as an effective counter to the BBC Fake News program of the same name - interviews and programming featuring Nick Griffin, Steve Squire, Simon Darby, Reverend Robert West and Andrew Brons, made for important viewing.

Sadly, after Mr Griffin’s unfair removal from the party by the current leadership, the BNPTV all but vanished overnight, until a brief resurgence when Jack Sen, the Party’s North West spokesman, revived the channel with several short films the BNPTV team shot on Merseyside. That too ended once the party’s leadership chose to show Jack Sen and what was left of the BNPTV team the door.

Nick Griffin in fact had this to say about the former BNPTV channel.

"I’m sure you used to enjoy the great videos produced by BNPTV! What a fantastic team we had, and one which made a massive contribution to the growth of the party, to the point where it panicked the UK liberal elite into ‘talking up’ UKIP – and we all know where that ended up: Brexit, and the knock-on effect on the Trump victory, too! Did any all-volunteer team ever make a bigger difference than BNPTV? I can’t think of one!”

Well, the good news is that, together, under the banner of Resistance Radio TV (, we can bring something similar back - even if we have to bypass YouTube to a certain extent. As they have with other genuine Nationalist organisations, social media and YouTube have made our lives difficult as expected. Another reason we need to create our own media platform, host our own content.

Making the transition more seamless is the fact that many of the old team, led by former London Organiser, Steve Squire, are back and ready to get involved in producing brand new programmes for Resistance Radio/TV

That's right, most of the old names WILL in fact be featured in our forthcoming film on how mass immigration has changed London. Expect to see Steve Squire, Edward O'Sullivan, Jack Sen, Carl Mason, the former London BNP team and perhaps even cameos from Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons in the film and on our channel, if we are able to make this fantastic production happen. In fact most of these names have already contributed to audio and video that can be found on our young radio channel.

Imagine how good it’s going to be to have all that talent and dedication back at the service of the nationalist and traditionalist cause! Besides producing the aforementioned film in London, we plan on making other feature films and short news segments, covering the catastrophic changes the entire United Kingdom has seen, these past few decades. There are also plans for a third Question Time for Patriots and Round table discussion on the state of the country.

Resistance Radio TV will be producing feature films as well as a London based news series, produced by former London BNP organiser, Steve Squire.

Honestly, no-one else can do it, but this team can – and will. Having worked closely with them through thick and thin in the exciting years when we shook Britain and set in motion a political train that has gone on to change history, I know what I’m talking about when I tell you that; reincarnated and working with, this team will do it again!”

Although we have a lot of the equipment needed, we need funds to get this project started properly.And unlike the EDL and other mainstream funded and promoted nationalist organisatons (the EDL, PEGIDA, UKIP, Liberty GB etc) , we will be relying on our own money and the support of genuine patriots like yourself to get this valuable resource off the ground.

To do so, we need a broadcast quality main camera, a lightweight autocue machine, a high-power editing suite, microphone set-up and ancillary equipment, as well as the promotional material needed to turn our project into a mainstream media rival.

Not so many years ago that would have meant a bill of at least £20,000, but advances in technology have brought the cost of supplying our new team, led by Resistance Radio TV project manager, Steve Squire, to less than £4,000. Which means that we can do it – and do it quickly!

And it’s why, for the first time in four years, we’re asking people to put their hands in pockets and dig deep for the Cause. Now’s the time! This is the next big step on the road back. Thanks for helping! Thanks for caring! Thanks for having faith that, together, we can once again make a real difference for the better!

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