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FAMILY IS EVERYTHING! My family is in trouble. I lost my job in February, I was also denied unemployment benefits,I did not receive a severance package or even two weeks pay. We are in danger of being homeless.

Family is everything.

I lost my job in early Febuary. My unemployment was denied and I'm currently fighting for my rights that you would expect most working adults to have. I'll not waste these words on a hate campaign against my last job; honestly I just want to move on from this tragic comedy of errors. I'm pretty sure I'm the star of the next American Horror Story on FX. Those of you who know me understand I've had some very serious health obstacles to overcome but I won't waste time on that either. I am a very capable, strong hard working person and given the chance I can do great things for any company. My wife says I'm the most stubborn person in recorded history. I have a strong technical skill set. I will find a great job with the right group of people who can appreciate my unique skills and my view on the world. Humbled, let me come to the point.

My family is everything to me. Its become unattainable to provide the basics for them. They are everything I have and everything thing I will ever have, My final sum. I intend to do everything in my power to ensure they have a great future. Right now I just need a helping hand. 

These have been very difficult times, without the help of many people. People like my parents Jim and Louise. Jessica's father Jake and his wife Teri we would be homeless and starving by now. They have been our lifeline while we navigate a very treacherous road. Every resource has a limit.

I know times are hard for everyone so this is the simpleist way I could ask my friends to contribute whatever amount they could spare. I've taken alot of things for granted in my life like a warm meal, electricity amd common decencies that make a day. I feel like Saving Private Ryan, when Tom Hanks says "Earn This". My families survival and happiness are everything to me and I intend to earn it. I intend to pay it back. 

I'm not asking for forgiveness or saying this help will turn me into some kind of a saint because it won't. I do intend to be a better man, husband, father and friend. I intend to offer forgiveness instead of judgement. I intend to raise children that our families are proud of and that work to help those in need instead being indifferent towards them. For 41 years, I've felt like I've been living in a coma watching the years tick by. Its time to take the blinders off and make some sincere changes. Changes with roots and changes that survive the next diet craze. In all sincerity changes that I will look back on and say that was the moment I made a difference. 

I am asking our friends and family to help us reach better place. I've never considered myself a religious person but I really hope for the best every single day. We have reached the trial of our lives and it was time to ask for help. I want to show my kids that by humbling myself, paying it forward however you define it. In turn when someone is in need; the world responds. One of my favorite movie quotes is "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies."

What will this money be used for? Bread, milk, a roof over our heads and a clothing for our children... the basics. I guess the heated chihuahua jacket will have to wait. These will be the helping hands until I can be reach my hand out and help the next person. I can show my children that respect, gratitude and humility for our fellow man is one of the greatest teachings you ever learn. 

With your help, my family will not only survive... It will thrive and be an example of others in need to follow, plain and simple. 

Yours truly and sincerely. Thank you for reading. 

Jim, Jess, Luca and Matt

~may happier times smile on us all.

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