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Andriy Shevtsov was an active member of the Revolution of Dignity on Maidan. He is also a football fan of Dynamo Kyiv and a student at the Karpenko-Kary National University of Theater, Cinema and Television.

On 19.01.2014, Andriy was shot with rubber bullets by Berkut officers on Hrushevskoho Street. One bullet hit his head; the second injured the area around the left eye. Andriy suffered from severe contusions – contusion of the eye with third degree traumatic hiphema, hemophthalmos of the left eye.

He has a medical certificate from the Maidan hospital:

Reference No.68 dated 21.01.2014

At 21:00 on 19.01.2014, Andriy Shevtsov (05.06.1988) was taken to the Medical Center at the Trade Union Building by A. Illienko. He suffered from a gunshot wound (rubber bullet) in the left eye, a large number of contusions on the body and severe wounds on the lower extremities. He is in serious condition. He received immediate first aid treatment and was taken to Oleksandrivskyi Hospital at 22.00 on 19.01.2014.

medical certificate from the Maidan Hospital:

Treatment Process:

19.01.2014 – first aid treatment provided at the Trade Union Building

19-20.01.2014 – operation in Oleksandrivsky Hospital; a bullet was removed from his head and the remains of the second bullet were withdrawn from his left eye

15.02-20.02.2014 – medical treatment in Warsaw Hospital MSWiA

Despite all their efforts, Warsaw specialists were not able to restore sight in Andriy’s injured eye and they recommended that he should see German specialists. Andriy has lost sight in one eye, while sight in the other eye has decreased due to strain and pressure. His documents and medical certificates were sent to German clinics. German specialists replied that they could try to help him. They offered to examine his eye and perform a vitrectomy. If medical examinations confirm the Polish doctors’ recommendations, a retinal transplant will be needed.

Estimate for medical examinations and a vitrectomy at the clinic – 14,000 EUR

Treatment Plan / Cost Estimate page 1

Treatment Plan / Cost Estimate page 2

Payment Request

Andriy Shevtsov is sportsman,  football fan of Dynamo Kyiv, a student at the Karpenko-Kary National University of Theater, Cinema and Television.

Andriy Shevtsov is a football fan of Dynamo Kyiv

Andriy is a student at the Karpenko-Kary National University of Theater, Cinema and Television.

Andriy tells his story:

I’m patriot of Ukraine. I live in Kyiv. I came to Maidan on the first day of the protest, on November 20, when the so-called Ukrainian government (a criminal structure) suspended negotiations on the Association Agreement with the European Union. I came to Maidan to fight against the gang of criminals, which had usurped governance in Ukraine, were lining their pockets fromcorruption schemes and limiting the rights and freedom of Ukrainians. From that day on, my life was connected with the Revolution of Dignity. I took an active part in the protests on Maidan and Hrushevskoho Street, and slept in the City Hall building. I continued to attend classes at the university and worked on a movie set. I’m studying to be a cameraman; I’ve worked as a camera engineer/technician in movies and TV series. Working with a camera on a set is something that gives me great pleasure!

That day, I came back from a night filming session, turned on the computer and TV and found out that a real fight had started on Hrushevskoho Street. Many patriots were injured. I couldn’t stay at home and do nothing. I left my mobile phone at home and grabbed my camera and snowboard helmet. I had no other protection. I was on Hrushevskoho Street at 4.30 p.m. By then, there were a few thousand protesters and some ambulances. The protesters set fire to the buses that were first in line – they were like barricades between the protesters and soldiers. Berkut Special Forces . The protesters set fire to the buses that were first in line – they were like barricades between the protesters and soldiers. Berkut Special Forces were stationed higher up on the hill in Mariinsky Park. The Berkut troops used traumatic weapons to shoot at protesters, and they also threw hand grenades.

Major traumas – lacerations of the lower extremities after the explosion of grenades (Berkut officers enveloped the grenades with screws, nuts and bolts, and various small metal elements), head injuries and seriously injured eyes. Most of the people on Hrushevskoho Street had no body protection, and many weren’t even wearing helmets. The Berkut officers aimed at the head and eyes.

I was standing near the columns of Lobanovsky Stadium together with somejournalists and photo reporters. Grenades and pavement stones started flying from one side, while Berkut Forces launched an attack from the other side. I was hit by rubber bullets. One bullet hit me in the head and broke my helmet; the other hit the area of the left eye. I lost consciousness. Unknown patriots carried me out unconscious to the ambulance on European Square. Some fellows recognized me and took me to the Maidan Medical Center, which was located on the third floor of the Trade Union Building. The doctors treated my wounds immediately, but they could do no more. They recommended that I go to a hospital because, in their opinion, my injuries were very serious. My face was swollen and they couldn’t check the actual condition of my eyes.

The doctors at the Kyiv hospital advised me to sign in with a fictitious name and surname for reasons of personal safety. The following day, some friends came to the hospital and took me away right after the first medical examination because police officers were checking all hospital admissions and wounded protesters were being arrested en masse.

The next day, the first victims of the Maidan Revolution, Mikhailo Zhiznevsky and Serhiy Nigoyan, were killed on Hrushevskoho Street. In the evening, two persons were kidnapped from the hospital where I had been admitted (Yuriy Lutsenko and Ihor Verbytsky). Yuriy Verbytsky was found tortured to death.

Andriy worked as an engineer / technician of camera filming in movies and TV series

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