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The sun is setting on the most beautiful fall foliage I have ever seen. The days are getting colder and soon the smattering of snow that we have had so far  will turn to snow that is measured in feet not inches... and snow that stays on the ground longer than  a day and  is not melted by the fall sun.


If you have been following the news, and  who hasn't, you will see that our country is in a very precarious position.  Around the world things are beginning to look like 1979, when Jimmy Carter was our president.  Iran played the part of the villain then and it looks like Iran is stepping up to the plate again.


In 1979 we had a president who was unfamiliar with  the ways of Washington D.C. and the treachery, lies,  backstabbing and deceit that goes on there. In 2019 we have a president who  has never held public office, but who is better at seeing what is really going on and who is behind it than President Carter was.


Sadly, some in our Congress hate the president more than they love our country.


Now is the time that we should all pray to that greater power we know as God and ask Him for his protection and blessing.


Thanksgiving is coming up.  Most of us will be with family and friends. When you sit down to eat please ask if you can say grace. After you have thanked God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon us, please ask Him to bless our leaders and give them the wisdom to see what their actions are doing  to our nation. 


For years I have been predicting Civil War Part Two, but now I can see how things can actually lead to this and who needs to wake up and realize that what they are doing is for their own ego and not for the greater good of our nation and the world.


We all need to start praying... even those who don't believe in God. There is a greater power in the universe that is made up of all intelligent life. They are watching us to see if one day we will join them or if we need  more time  on planet earth to learn the lessons we need.


May our world be blessed and may we all be given the wisdom to do what is right and timely.


Happy Thanksgiving to all...








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