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The S.L.A.V.E Project
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A film and educational resource using the film Seeing Grace by TouchPoint Productions. The film will be available from December 2016 and the SLAVE educational resources from September 2017

About Us

We are Phoenix Performing Arts Trust, and our vision is to impact culture and society through relevant and cathartic professional theatre and physical productions and to train the next generation to take this further. Our founders, in professional theatre for nearly 30 years and specialise in quality mentoring and training, addressing in-depth spiritual, personal and moral issues facing people in the arts.

Seeing Grace - the Film

Seeing Grace was first produced as a play to full houses in 2007 (Vienna) and 2014 (Oxford). 

The story shows a disturbing tale of grooming, prostitution and the trafficking of two teenage girls. Running parallel is a love story - a young man who is prepared to go to great personal sacrifice for the sake of the Grace. This narrative portrays stories sourced from real life situations that have been carefully researched by writer, Mary Scott, through interviews and reading materials. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that the story is powerfully portrayed through quality acting and the dynamic media of physical and dance theatre which are able to impact the viewers on an emotional level through symbolism. This is a safer medium and appropriate for showing in schools from age 11 upwards. The cast involved are professional actors/dancers, students, volunteers and local youth (15+).  

S.L.A.V.E: The Educational Programme

The core team who will be developing this programme with input from educational specialists are: Project Director Mary Scott (Writer and Producer of the film who has many years experience working with youth in arts/coaching contexts), together with an Individual who as worked for a number of years in the mental health sector, youth and gangs and has a wide range of experience surrounding the sex industry;  and another mental health professional who has a degree in psychology and experience of working with those in abuse, trauma and domestic violence.

The Programme will be useful on a number of levels with a wide range of people from schools/youth to adults using the film in its entirety or split into smaller sections together with discussion and immersive, interactive and experiential activities and role play to explore and find solutions to some of the issues raised in the film.

Delivery of the Programme and Training

This will be flexible and bespoke to the individual organisations, depending on their structure and financial resources, but will include the options of:

  1. Distribution of this Programme in brochure and DVD format for purchase by those who wish to deliver the Programme; the brochure includes workshop plans and teacher/leader’s brief.
  2. The team will give training  to our Partner’s organisational staff/volunteers in the delivery of this Programme to incorporate into their existing programmes.
  3. A Training Package specifically for Teaching and other Professional staff to deliver the Programme using the Resource Pack 

Issues raised by the film for discussion and educational purposes

Some of the issues raised by the film are:

  •          Choices teenagers make about their sexual activities 
  •          Peer pressure and peer influence (positive and negative)
  •          Issues surrounding friendship, love and exploitation/abuse
  •          Vulnerability and susceptibility to exploitation
  •          Gangs – their influence and modus operandi
  •          Consumerism and its effect on relationships and young people (eg. people viewed as commodities)
  •          The impact of adult support or lack of support on young people and their resulting level of vulnerability
  •          The effect of boundaries – or lack of.
  •          The effect of bullying or a fear-prevalent environment on choices young people make.

Partnerships and Networks

We have secured, and are continuing to explore partnerships with organisations who have existing relationships and outlets in schools, colleges and youth organisations so that we can facilitate delivery of this Programme through their existing networks and indeed possibly create new ones. We are working in consultation with the government backed NWG (National Working Group) We have provisional agreement or expressions of interest from the following organisations:


Salvation Army (anti-trafficking unit)

Esteem Resource Network

Croydon Community Against Trafficking


Safe from Slavery

Ethos Education

Stop the Traffik



Step Schools Work 

Hope for Justice 

The Message Trust 


Oasis Education

References from: Susan Elan Jones MP,  Gavin Shuker MP (Chair of the All-party parliamentary group on Prostitution) Fiona Castle (Global Care)

We currently also have a number of partnerships with Organisations internationally as far away as Australia and will be working together with them once this has been completed.

What will be the impact?

The issue of sexual exploitation is a global one and has been highlighted by a number of court cases in our in recent times. Young people are targeted by predators, regardless of their demographic, culture or gender.

Leah Chittenden plays Grace

We believe that this project can raise awareness and help young people to see the difference between abusive and healthy relationships, avoid the traps, be aware of dangers, feel confident to contact authorities and, for those who have become entrapped, provide hope. Young people are often resistant to being lectured on these issues, but will respond well to a narrative through a medium that they are very familiar with, that will impact emotionally and educationally.

The aim is to promote this film to schools and youth organisations nationally and internationally through a network of youth and anti-trafficking organisations. We are seeking screening opportunities in those schools from which the young people have been involved and widening our reach from there to other schools locally and nationally. We will be submitting the film to a number of film festivals and posting it widely on social media and we have a company who will be helping us with distribution eg. to get it onto TV etc.

What are the donations needed for?

We finished shooting the film in February 2016

We need funds to:

Finish the film to quality standard and produce a trailer

Develop a training and delivery package to go with the film

Distribute the film to other outlets like anti-trafficking organisations, the internet, film festivals and the public.

The total we need for this is just under £15k and we are crowd funding for 16% of this and seeking investment elsewhere in addition.

Your donation, however small, can help us to make this important film available to thousands of young people! If you would like a breakdown of the full budget, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Inspiration

From the Writer and Project Director: Mary Scott

When I lived in Vienna a few years ago I was approached by a song-writer who told me a story about a woman he'd met who had been a prostitute and although she'd left that lifestyle she was still haunted by the Faces of her former 'clients'. He asked me if I'd like to write a play exploring sexual abuse and real love and this became a play/physical theatre production that I wrote and produced with a live on stage band, actors and dancers to very appreciative audience that sparked off an outreach work to prostitutes in Vienna (many of whom are trafficked). Afterwards I met quite by accident a girl who'd been at this performance and she thanked me for the performance saying "that was my life". We sat and talked for hours and she told me it was extremely accurate but brought her hope and healing.

When I returned to the UK in 2008 I thought about revising it and staging this again and in 2011 I was invited by Oxford Community Against Trafficking to act the part of a former prostitute to tell her story at a conference. In order to do this realistically I said I'd have to meet her and get to know her a little. When we met we immediately clicked and she has become a firm friend ever since. She inspired and encouraged me to stage my production (now called 'Seeing Grace') in Oxford and became my consultant for content and approach, and has stuck by me ever since.

At the performances in 2014 a number of parents, teachers and a former prositute said that this should be made available to schools and youth organisations, and so was born the idea to make a film that could reach many thousands of people rather than the few who might go to a theare.


Click here to see local TV interview

The Team

We are excited to work not only with experienced professionals but also students and youth giving them invaluable experience.

For information on and links for the Production Team, Directors and Volunteers - please click here.

The Cast

Cast of Seeing Grace

For information and links on the Cast and Supporting performers please click here.

Other ways you can help

We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate, however, we appreciate all help we can get! Here are some ways:

  • If you like to shop online through Ebay, Amazon or do your weekly groceries shop online, you can sign up so that we receive a donation from that shop and at no cost to you. Please click here for more information.
  • Please follow us on Twitter @seeinggraceFILM and on Facebook
  • Please share through social media and invite those who are interested in this subject matter to get on board.

Thank You!

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