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Sitting at the Feet of the Elders
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Once upon a time there was a people who knew their freedom.

Even though, they were taken away from their lands.

Yet everyday they would pray, that they would be free again

Daughter of the Diaspora, my ancestors are calling me home.

In  honour and blessings to the ancestors, my ancestors, your ancestors who bore the burden of hate, who found it in themselves to love and dream of freedom under extreme tyranny. Who had to bare isolation and ridicule, yet still had love in their hearts. To the ancestors whose hearts and spirits were broken under pressure. 

I body give mention to the ancestors who were too blind to see their own humanity in those who they harmed and subjugated under violence.


Peace and blessings, my name is Sharrae Lyon and I am a filmmaker, educator and writer based in Toronto. Tkaronto (Mohawk term meaning 'a gathering place') is known to be the most diverse city in the world, and I stand here as an Xamaycan-Canadian woman of African, Indian and Arawak ancestry, who is on the journey of reconnecting to her indigeneity and healing ancestral trauma.

My family’s journey to Canada in the 1950s and 1960s was a result of economic and political upheaval during the independence movements in the Caribbean. Unbeknownst to them, they arrived to another element of empire that subjugated Indigenous peoples across the land.

Tkaronto is home to many Indigenous nations of Turtle Island (Canada), the Haudensone, the Anishnabeg, the Huron-Wendat and the Mississauga’s of the Credit River.

In 2012, I made the decision to look within to uncover what was hiding, what was lost, and what is aching to be found after witnessing the lateral violence within communities who were seeking to eradicate suffering.

As a result, reconnecting to my ancestral lineage and ways of knowing has set me off in the journey of understanding the connection between Earth and my own artistic practice; to tell stories dedicated to foretelling visions of our collective liberation and assisting those who are dedicated to birthing an emerging future that honours the sacredness of life.


1. To establish deeper knowledge in Jamaican traditional healing, womb health and herbal medicine through connecting with Elders

2. To engage in on the ground research for my next film project that follows my personal journey of mental health, decolonization and traditional healing

3. To connect with individuals utilizing wholistic, permaculture and natural cycles within community development to be grounded in returning to Tkaronto with such lessons to implement and share


1. Energetic exchange for Elders and Others who will become supports on the journey

2. On-ground travel, and potentially to ancestral grounds

3. Nourishment and sustenance

4. Memory/Storage for digital documentation


I am requesting support to raise $1200. If you care, please also share with your personal networks and folks who may be interested in supporting the journey to connecting to the past, in the present, to co-birth the emerging future. In the spirit of freedom, I thank you.


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Special Thanks in next film project
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Thank you for supporting the groundwork for a project that hits close to home
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Special Thanks in next film project
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Thank you for supporting the groundwork for the next project that hits close to home.
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Special Thanks + Hard Copy of The Peak Magazine
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Special thanks in next project + your choice of Peak (Medicine, Magic, Reclamation or Visionary Futures) issues.
The Peak is a web and print magazine published on Attawandaron territory (Guelph Ontario). As an alternative publication, we focus our energies on prioritizing under reported voices and marginalized perspectives within and beyond Southern Ontario. Through the publishing of at least five issues per year, we hope to facilitate dialogues that meaningfully engage readers and continue the dissemination of radical media.

The Peak functions as a collective-based, horizontal framework that shares diverse interests and perspectives. We stand behind an anti-oppression analysis that values social justice and liberation for all people.
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Herbal Tea Consultation for Stress & Anxiety
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Through my own experience, herbs have become friends in reducing stress and anxiety. Through a consultation process I will create a specialized blend for you, in addition to gentle writing aids in guiding you to your own answers to relieve stress.
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Ashera Armour's Lapis Love Armour
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Armour made for energetic protection.

Ashera Armour is grounded in creating powerful and beautiful everyday Armour. Made of natural and polished crystals combined with conductive metals of brass and gold, the Armour protects and energizes the body, mind, and spirit to encourage heart opening growth.
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Ania's Rose Quartz
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Ania's Rose Quartz Armour is inspired by a Libran friend. Libra, like Jusitice in the Tarot is about balance and gaining clarity and discernment. The combination of Rose Quartz with the Libra energy, is for the purpose of finding clarity for heart matters. It is a gentle and soothing stone, filled with possibilities of opening only to what best serves its wearer. The brass chain acts as a conductor between the Rose Quartz and the body, a means to enhance connection between you and your Armour.
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Asher Armour's Pink Opal Armour
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This is a one of a kind piece made of a raw slab of Pink Opal with Gold plated brass chain. This sits at heart length, giving you the protection and gentle expansion of Pink Opal.
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Grant Consultation
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I believe artists should get paid! Let's sit in person or virtually for an hour meeting to consult on grant writing. I have received Ontario Arts Council, Canada Arts Council, and local-Toronto grants, and sat on granting juries. I like to approach grant writing in a wholistic way, keeping your long-term health and wellness in mind.
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