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Education for Street Children of Peshawar Pakistan
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I recently went on a trip to Pakistan after 14 years to visit my grandparents. While there, I had faint memories of the country I had left at the age of 10. From my personal experience, my parents wanted their children to have a great education. They wanted us to become independent and make it our life's goal to help others in need.

Walking through the dark and dusty streets of Peshawar, I came across many street children. I saw kids that were selling coconut slices, and many others collecting garbage. There were children as young as 4 polishing shoes and earning the equivalence of $2 a day.

While there, I personally experienced many difficulties. The heat was unbearable, and with electricity outage for up to 8, and sometimes 10 hours, It quickly became apparent how much we neglect these things. When the lights came on again and the fan starting buzzing, I was thankful. I realized how important these minor things are, and we sometimes don't give it much thought.

As a teacher myself, and a recent graduate, I've always aspired to do something worthwhile. Something that would change the lives of children that don't even have the basic necessities.

When I returned to Canada, I did some research and came across a foundation called DOST Welfare Foundation. It is run by Dr. Parveen Azam Khan. She runs this non-profitable organization in order to fulfill the promise she made to her father years ago. Their mission and only goal is to take children off the streets of Peshawar, and provide them with a place to rest, eat food, and get an education. Her father had instructed her that she would help the poor and the children of this country, therefore, she's spent her entire life acting as the mother figure in the lives of these children. As a teacher who loves working with children, she's an inspiration to me.

DOST relies on funds to keep the centre for these street children going. However, due to the lack of funds, they cannot put the wonderful ideas into effect in order to expand this vision. Once a child ends up on the street, he/she is either an orphan, a victim of child labour, or due to the financial circumstances and other difficulties at home, a runaway child. They soon become victims of sexual abuse, drug addiction, or worse, a mental disorder that not only destroys their childhood, but also turns them into an individual that fears society.

I humbly ask for your support to assist me in helping this foundation because these children have a right to an education. Like every child, in any country, they're entitled to a childhood filled with laughter and friendships, but most of all, an education that will enable them to become independent members of society.

Politically, Pakistan is going through tough times due to war and corruption, but why should these children suffer for the acts of others? I humbly ask you to support this foundation and donate as much as your heart desires.

An estimated 7000 children are homeless in Peshawar. We can give them a place to call "home" again. Give them a chance to have a family again. DOST is that surrogate family. 

$5 is 375 Rupees in Pakistan. Enough to buy books

$10 is 751 Rupees. It can feed a child

$25 is 1879 Rupees. It can clothe a child

$50 is 3758 Rupees. A bed for a child.

$100 is 7516 Rupees. It can buy equipment for children to learn vocational skills.

$200 is 15,000 Rupees. It can ensure a child grows up healthy and free of drugs.

How will the money be used?

DOST Foundation gets hundreds of children and sometimes it is difficult to provide them with proper equipment. Relying on fundraising is the only means of providing these children with clothes, school equipment, food, and beds.

The money will also be used for medical testing to ensure these children are both physically and psychologically healthy. Children will also learn vocational skills in order to earn money and become independent members of society. Counseling is something that is an everyday procedure for children addicted to drugs. To break their habit, DOST Foundation works with medical and psychology specialists to give children the hope to return to life.

They're also in need of security cameras and a security guard to ensure the safety of the children at this centre. Dr. Parveen wants to ensure that these children have a secure future. With the Taliban and other terrorist groups committing heinous atrocities, we want to assist in making the centre a safe place.

Every small gesture is appreciated and even if it helps one child, that will make all the difference. It will bring light back into their dark world.

In collaboration with Dr. Khan and her team, we will be supervising the funding for the organization.

If you also have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me, or Dr. Parveen. You can visit DOST Foundation's website for further information.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Link to a video for more information (with English subtitles):

DOST Foundation Contact:


Link to their Facebook page:

President of the organization:

Dr. Parveen Azam Khan

DOST’s vision: "a society where the most marginalized and stigmatized groups have access to rights based and needs based services, to empower and heal them in body, mind and spirit and enable them to live productive and fulfilling lives."

You have the power to make a difference in the life of even a single child. Let your kindness ripple across the ocean. 

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