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Julia with a prototype of the Dorje Shugden statue
I am Julia

Hello, my name is Julia Tan. I was a jewellery designer by profession and when I came across the Dharma (Buddha's spiritual teachings and philosophies) almost 10 years ago, I realised that truly, it is the most precious gem. What struck me most about the Dharma is the incredible healing essence that is contained in all the Buddha's teachings and I found that the Dharma is a far more beneficial and fulfilling way to use my life doing. I owe the bliss I find in the Dharma, and my own personal healing and growth completely to my spiritual teacher His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, the 25th and it is my earnest wish for more people to have this treasure. Rinpoche's example taught me that healing and real joy comes from using my life to benefit others.  I am also a founding member of Kechara Forest Retreat's 'Green team' that does replanting and preservation of the environement.

The Bedrock Of My Purpose
Tsem Rinpoche is the incumbent monk of the prestigious monastic university, Ganden Shartse, founded by the sage Je Tsongkhapa (many regard as the 'Second Buddha') 600 years ago. Tsem Rinpoche himself comes from a long and illustrious line of Buddhist scholars and personages and is the holder of the pure and precious doctrine of the Gelugpa lineage. This pure lineage has become so rare and needs to be preserved as it is from the philosophies and teachings of the lineage that Compassion becomes a driving force of our lives.

In the last few decades, the pure lineage has been assaulted not only by modernity but also the dilution of its comprehension and practice. In the Tibetan Buddhist believe, the Dharma is protected by certain protector-deities charged to protect and preserve its purity. One such Dharma Protector is the Dharmapala Gyalchen Dorje Shugden, a wrathful emanation of Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. 

Why I Need Your Help
My belief is that it is by preserving and spreading the Protector practice of Dorje Shugden, that the pure Gelugpa lineage can be assisted in its preservation and growth. This has been the lifelong mission of H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, and this cause is raised in support of Tsem Rinpoche.

This cause aims to produce beautiful and iconographically correct 18-inch bronze statues of the Dharmapala Gyalchen Dorje Shugden to offer for Buddhist practitioners and collectors to acquire. The proceeds will go towards Tsem Rinpoche's work to spread the Gelugpa lineage as He has all his life.

In my efforts to support Rinpoche I chose this enterprise as in the long run, the venture may be self-sustaining and therefore less dependant on donations and sponsorships. 

The peaceful form of the Dharma Protector Gyalchen Dorje Shugden
The targetted sum to be raised is USD79,000 and to be utilised as follows:

Design Fees:                           USD5,000

Wax Mould:                             USD1,500

Casting Moulds:                      USD1,500

Cost of Production
(casting, welding, polishing,
finishing):                                  USD50,000

Packaging & Shipping:             USD6,000

Marketing:                                 USD10,000

Miscellaneous:                          USD5,000

TOTAL:                                     USD79,000

Sample of 18-inch bronze Peaceful (Duldzin) Dorje Shugden

I Need Your Help
In order to do this, I seek the kindness and support of everyone whether Buddhist or not, who wish to see a 400-year old practice fluorish and spread and along with it, the healing and wisdom of the ancient Tibetan Buddhist masters. Your contribution whether big or small means a lot and it all adds up and your support is essential as it is not easy to find commercial financial support from banks for example, for causes of this nature. It depends on the kindness of individuals.

I have benefitted from the Dharma as have my family and I see the difference in myself between now and before Dharma and so I see the tremendous benefit of Tsem Rinpoche's work. This is a precious jewel that I would like many to have as well. Many people suffer mentally, emotionally and with illness and need spiritual reprive of this kind. 

I therefore appeal to you with all my heart.


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