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My best friend Jodie Mattick turned 39 in June of this year. Just days after her birthday she suffered a traumatic brain injury which the doctors said she would never recover from or if she did she would not be the Jodie we all once knew.  Not in mind or in body.  The doctor said that there was no hope for her.  That she would never be the vibrant, joyful, loving person she once was.  “No hope” is what her family and friends were all told.  Well thank god that Jodie's mother gave her a fighting chance to see if the doctors prognosis was right.  

They were wrong.  Very wrong.  Jodie has been steadily improving daily.  Moving from the ICU ward, to the Neurology ward and now the rehabilitation ward in Kamloops hospital.  It's been trying, just from the medical perspective, for the family because they've had to fight from the beginning just to show the doctors that Jodie, if given the chance could prove them wrong.  Prove them wrong she did!

From a vegetative state to taking baby steps, eating on her own, talking, having cognitive thinking, remembering how to do all these things without being shown.  She's doing better daily and given the chance, the right stimulation and the best possible environment Jodie will and can go far.  

I would like to ensure Jodie can continue to make these strides on a daily basis without worrying or becoming more depressed upon her current situation.  Although family and friends can see the constant improvement in her, she doesn't recognize it.  Jodie needs to be reminded by her loved ones that she is doing better, that she's come so far from where she's been (26 tubes and a doctor ready to pull the plug).  She knows she wants to be better, back to where she was.  She wants her life back now.  She wants to be a part of peoples lives in the capacity that she once was.  It's hard to feel that way when your sitting in a room by yourself for most of the day.  Rehab is for 3 hours and everyone is so far away.  Weekends are especially hard as there is no rehab to fill up the time and everyone is still so far away.  In order for her rehabilitation to be effective and get to the next level, which is a grueling 8 hours a day. Like a full time job.  It is  imperative that she remains attached and connected to her family and those those she was connected to before this traumatic event.  It will allow her the stability and routine necessary to give her the comfort, inspiration, and motivation to get better.

  Jodie's three beautiful children Brie-Marie, Austin and Lucas give her such joy when they come visit her. As her children live either in the lower mainland or Saskatchewan, with their fathers for the time being, but you can imagine how difficult it is for them to get to Kamloops to visit her. Her parents reside in 100 mile house which makes it a financial struggle for them as well to get to Kamloops to visit her.  However it's visits from her family members that keep her striving to achieve her goal of getting her life back.  Jodie needs the constant attention and company of her family.  She lights up physically when any one of them comes to visit but she gets so sad, lonely and depressed when they have to leave, then she no longer feels she has that connection. That connection is detrimental to her rehabilitation.

  Jodie has come so far and I know that she can and will go a lot further, contrary to the doctors first medical diagnosis.  She is a MIRACLE!!!  In order to push forward she needs to continuously be connected to her own reality (her family).  The attention and love that she receives from her family makes an immediate change in everything about her.  It gives her the peace of mind that allows her to move forward with her rehabilitation. Jodie has the desire and willpower to get better, which is why it is imperative that Jodie doesn't feel isolated, lonely and disconnected from the reality that she was so familiar with.  Having her family around her gives her the standing ground she requires to feel safe and help herself overcome her brain injuries.    

So many people have come into contact with Jodie over the years and she's touched many lives with her joy, love, help, sincerity, trust, advice and just being the awesome person that she is and the woman that I've come to call my sister from another mister.  Always real and true and never any judgment.  Jodie is an amazing person and I'm asking you to help me help Jodie achieve her goal.  Giving her family the ability to be near her as often as possible will ensure she can reach her goal of getting out of the hospital and leading the best life that she can.  

In closing I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read what I've wrote to you about my best friend.  A daughter, mother, sister, aunt, niece, granddaughter.  You can see how many people are affected by this tragic event.  By giving her the funds she needs, you, me, family, strangers, donators are ensuring she has the ability to put her best foot forward.  No pun intended. 

For that I doubly thank you.


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