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Dreamy the little Therapy Horse at work

Marilyn has dedicated her entire life to loving, educating, uplifting, and inspiring people from all walks of life. She is a teacher, counselor, mentor, listener. She engenders a deeper connection with self, a path of healing, a way to access inner peace.

She delights in bringing people together, creating and coordinating conferences and retreats and joyful gatherings.

Her radiant smile and generous heart uplift all who know her. It's just who she is - known to many as Marilyn the Love Beam

For more about Marilyn, and to see more pictures, scroll down.
If you're more interested in knowing how you can be of support, no need to go any further. When this site was created, we had a different set of needs that no longer apply. We also had a deadline to meet - which is no longer relevant. Much has changed in the past two months.

We no longer seek to make safety modifications to the house and her beloved garden area. Our focus has shifted toward what comes next, after she peacefull sets sail for her next mission. We're not sure yet what exactly that will amount to, but we know that

* She wishes to have her body cremated

* She hopes there will be a joyful Celebration of Life

* She wants (as do we) to reimburse those who have generously offered their time and loving service to help us get through some of the toughest spots. We managed to pay for plane tickets to bring one from Las Vegas (twice) and one all the way from Hawaii. We were able to provide a room and good food, but only a very small stipend, not at all reflective of the energy they put into to getting us all through the changes. Their help has been invaluable, and we are deeply grateful. We sincerely hope to be able to gift each of them with a monetary reward for their beautiful service.

* It would be a wonderful surprise to see her last book in print. It's not easy to write a book in one's 80s & 90s, and she's poured countless hours into writing, editing, revising, adding chapters, revising again ... It's a book about embracing the aging process, coming from 90+ years of experience and her typical lighthearded perpective.

** Lastly, contributions will go toward expenses we've incurred over the past year or so. The stack of medical bills not covered by her Medicare plan are not a priority - they can be paid over time. We've accumulated other bills since Bill has cut down his hours significantly and my income has been virtually non-existent. Caring for my mother is my full-time job - and by far, the most important job I've ever had.

So, that's where things have evolved to since we first put word out that we might need some support along the way.

Many thanks to the friends who heard our initial call for help and responded so quickly. Your contributions have been vital in keeping us afloat through some major changes.

Many thanks to friends who are inspired to surf this next wave with us,. If you prefer not to use the online options, checks are our preference too!
Just make them out to The MBG Love Fund and mail them to:
Marilyn Gatlin
1016 Mark Drive
Clearwater, FL 33756

Please indicate if you're interested in  a complimentary copy of When I Listen (Marilyn's first book, description below) or in a lithograph or etching of Salvador Dali's masterpieces. There are many to choose from, along with a few Leroy Neiman serigraphs. Upon request, we'll send you a current list of which pieces are still available.

If you're on Facebook, feel free to jjoin us in a group recently formed to send love and support to Marilyn as she nears her time of transition. The love  there is healing to all of us, and may in some way prepare us for our time.

Thanks, and God bless you, Friend.


For those who wanted more history  and photos, there are some below.
More will be added to Marilyn's website, currently under construction.

Marilyn has always been a visionary and a creator.
Among her many accomplishments:

* A school for children in need of an alternative to the confines of the traditional classroom. Trusting her vision, she convinced her husband to buy a small, peaceful property, and built it from the ground up

First, the materials arrived ...

What to do with all this wood?!

Put it together - quick! School starts in a month!

Finally, a beautiful school on a lake, ready for 80 studendts.

Nearly 50 years later, Independent Day School (now called Corbett Preparatory) has grown to over 500 students and is still offering one of the finest educations available.

shown here with her beloved granddaughter

* A counseing center for the terminally ill and the grieving
After moving on from her years as headmaster, Marilyn turned her attention to helping the dying and the grief-stricken. She spent time in Tiburon, CA, working closely with Jerry Jampolsky at the original Center for Attitudinal Healing -

After learning all she could from Jerry's work, Marilyn returned to Florida in 1980, freshly inspired. She and her former partner, Dr. Marty Cohen, co-founded The Suncoast Center for Attitudinal Healing. Since then, it has changed location from South Tampa to Seminole Heights, and now thrives under the passionate leadership of Executive Director Sheryle R. Baker, M.A., LMHC. For more info, go here:

She is the author of several lovely books that encourage peaceful reflection The most recent is ready for publication when funds are available to proceed. Stay tuned for its release. All contributors to its publication will receive a copy, fresh off the press!

Until then, we would like to offer her very first book to our contributors, as a token of our gratitude for your generosity.

When I Listen to the Voice of God's Love is a tiny book packed with gentle power. From one cover to the other, it invites the reader to turn the pages slowly, savor the simple reminder on each page, and slip gently into a peaceful place. The calligraphy and delicate illustrations are soothing and enticing on a soul level, and many find comfort in opening it to any page and letting their worries dissolve into the calm peace within.
This little book makes a sweet gift.for those who pray or meditate,
and an opening door for those who don't. We think you'll enjoy it.

The sequel, Love Thoughts From Home, is available in limited quatities until its next printing. On the donation page is a place for notes. Let us know if you're interested in this book. The two together make a lovely gift set.


Marilyn is not asking for your help.
Giving is her nature, and trusting in God is her way. 
Her faith and her love of Spirit run deep. 

We have welcomed her into our little house, where she finds great joy and healing in communing with the magnificent trees ...

and the sunsets over the creek

and the companionship of her belove cat, Callie

and Lucy, the old blind dog who exudes love

Lucy is blind, but she likes to be at Marilyn's side as much as she can and her adorable miniature therapy horse, Dreamer, who amuses and delights her with his gentle nature and naughty antics.
Over and over again, she has expressed her gratitude for her surroundings here, and for the companionship of those who love her dearly.

In October, Marilyn fell and broke her upper femur in three places. She now has a rod and screws in her leg and strict instructions to always use a walker (that's the hard part!)

At her age, hip surgery is often the "final event" of no return. Amazingly, it hasn't slowed her down much, and the doctors, nurses, and physical therapists are astonished at her recovery.

The one thing that prevents her from the kind of miraculous recovery we've all come to expect from her. is the recently discovered cancer of unknown origin that metastasized to one of her lungs. No amount of physical therapy or high-protein milshakes can fix that, and she was very firm about not wanting radiation or chemotherapy.

There is no way to adequately express our appreciation for their generosity. And we wish with all our hearts to be in a position to compensate them for their selfless service and dedication. Organizations charge exhorbitant fees for mostly impersonal care. There is such a difference in the quality of love and dedication coming from real friends.

We feel certain that as word spreads from friend to friend, the little bit of support we need will find its way to us.  Your willingness to help - via contribution of any amount, or by sharing our campaign with your social networks, friends, and contacts - all of it means more to us than we can say. And to Marilyn, it means being free to leave, knowing that all will be well.


Marilyn expresses her heartfelt thanks to all of you for your generosity and caring.

 May you be blessed, always

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$40 USD
"When I Listen" (to the Voice of God's Love)
  • 3 claimed
Estimated delivery Oct 2015
Brand new copy of a lovely little book written by Marilyn and graced by the exquisite calligraphy of Mary Lou Cook, one of Santa Fe's Living Treasures. The book invites you to take a mini-vacation from your busy life, to turn the pages slowly, and to contemplate the simple message each page presents.
Small and visually pleasing, When I Listen is the perfect gift for someone who may not be inclined toward meditation but would benefit from simple, centering thoughts to help them find peace in their lives.
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$200 USD
Salvador Dali Lithograph
  • 0 claimed
As available - limited quantity of 7 popular images, please request current list
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$600 USD
Limited Edition Salvador Dali Etching
  • 0 claimed
Choose from 13 of Dali's most famous images at a fraction of the original cost. Exquisite hand-colored etchings on acid-free Arches, Rives, & Japon paper. 24" x 36"
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$1,000 USD
Nuseun-quality framed hand-colored etching
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Some of Dali's most fetching images, beautifully matted and framed. Size varies somewhat, but most are roughly 3' x 4' including frame.
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