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Hello My Name is Thomas Bright, I live in the United States. I was in Egypt October of 2016 and had the honor to visit The Sunshine Orphanage in Luxor. They were originally owned and operated by a board of directors based out of the U.K. The wonderful person who helped them was a British woman, hence why it was funded in this manner. Unfortunately she passed many years ago, and the U.K pulled out recently and they have lost their funding, leaving them to struggle with keeping up with the daily needs of more than 80+ children, the daily things we are used to in our everyday life. Food, clothing, proper plumbing, electricity, and keeping them educated. They have asked for local help in the past years, but it seems to have never found them. In this period the exchange rate for Egyptian pounds versus the American dollar is very strong, 18-1. So even if you donate $1 American currency, it's like you are giving them almost $20 Egyptian pounds. Since I have been there,and with the wonderful guidance of my great friend Dee Kennedy, I am now personally connected to this wonderful place. These children and young adults are the purest and most innocent souls I have ever encountered.  Orphans are sadly looked down upon in Egypt, and they don't have the same fundraising resources like we do. Please if you can make any effort to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sincerely...All of us at Sunshine Home..


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