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I, Alexa Tatiana, mother of the 8th y.o boy Kirill Aleksa. I want to tell you our painful story … The TROUBLE has come to our house … which has changed our life, and we are forced to ask the world to help my Son! After undergoing a coma for some unknown reason we can't cure him for 3 years now!!!


On March 8, 2013 my son Alex Kirill, born on September 19, 2007. (Who before the illness was absolutely healthy and very well developing boy, spoke two languages and read when was 5) had his body temperature raised till 39. I, Alexa Tatiana, Kirill's mother have called the family doctor for the domiciliary care. After examining my child doctor diagnosticate an ordinary virus. Zinnat, Ingalipt spray and vitamins were prescribed to us as antibiotics. At that time the child had neither a cough, nor cold. He lost appetite, his temperature varied from 37 to 38,5 but new symptoms didn't appear. On March 11 I have called the doctor again. After general surveying she has told to continue to the same treatment. He has nothing terrible, it’s just a virus she said. In the late afternoon the child was very sluggish and refused to eat or drink. Approximately at 18:00 I have called the ambulance. The ambulance has brought us to infectious diseases hospital. On the way there my son talked to me. In the hospital my son was taken from me to put a catheter. I wasn’t allowed to be there. After a while they have brought me a sleeping child and told me that he had temperature of 38,5 and they forced it down . Approximately at the midnight he opened his eyes for a couple of minutes, but just stare at one point. I took him in my arms and ran to doctors, where I was told there is nothing terrible he likely has frozen. I was returned to chamber. In two hours the same has repeated again, then they have taken him in reanimation. Kirill’s breath vanished, convulsive attacks appeared. His health went from bad to worse.

Several years later the clinical record of my child disappeared from that hospitals archives … Due to the deterioration on March 14, 2013 we have transported him in the Center of Mother and Child in intensive reanimation. There Kirill was connected to the artificial respirating unit. He was in a coma of a third degree, with the presumable “viral encephalitis “ diagnosis which was later placed in doubt. The child still has no diagnosis … We have stayed in the hospital for 2,5 months. When he was in a coma, the chances doctors gave us were 1 out of a 100%. Doctors assume, but the Lord has returned our boy to us and that means that he HAS THE RIGHT FOR LIFE!!!!!! When he was discharged from hospital he couldn’t even sit. Ever since he emerged from a coma Kirill doesn't talk, suffers from epileptic seizure which can’t be stopped medicamentally. Motility and motor system is partially restored. Our main problem is spasms, after which the child’s condition goes three steps back again.

We consulted and we are still treated at the best doctors in Moldova, but unfortunately, they make a helpless gesture and can make nothing. Lately were constantly admitted in reanimation with the diagnosis "Status condition of epilepsy". We tried various health aids, ordered very expensive medication from Italy, Russia, Romania and Germany which we don't have here in Moldova. But all that failed to suit us. Since we can not stop the attacks, it gets worse. As our case is in itself rare, and our very own doctors very much recommend to us to go for diagnosis and treatment to the clinics which are more developed in this area. By own efforts we carried the child on inspection to Russia, Romania and Italy, but even there, we were advised to take the child to Germany as there is the strongest medicine in our area. We have sent our documents to the German clinic and they have agreed to undertake our case. The initial amount of diagnostics and primary treatment is 16500 euros. It is our CHANCE to return our child to normal life!!!! Therefore, we ask you with a big heart for help, someone, anyone who have been touched by our misfortune!


I beg you as a mother, PLEASE HELP US!!!!! I cry to hear my child’s voice again, to hear the poem about MOTHER which my kid told me a day before the incident on a morning performance in the kindergarten!!! PLEASE HELP us to relieve our child from sufferings.


We with gratitude will accept any of Your help which will help our Kirill.


Sincerely, Alexa Tatiana

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