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Our 4 year-old German Shepherd Cisco suffered being hit by multiple cars last night when he managed to fly out the front doorway before it was shut. Not sure if Superbowl excitement or the dog walking by outside provoked this. Running after him I was too late as I saw him limping across a busy street. People had stopped to help and said they saw a least 4 cars hit him. The cars that hit him never stopped just other good Samaritans and eventually the police to help block traffic after I was able to get Cisco to lay down. Wasn't sure the extent of his injuries and rushed him to the emergency vet clinic. There they whisked him away on a gurney to access him. About 10-15 minutes later they called us in to see him and said they could start working on him beginning with $500. They told us they think he seemed to have suffered a head injury. They didn't even get to his shatter lower right leg. We explained we did not have that kind of money and didn't qualify for Pet Care Credit. They explained our only other option was euthanization. Our hearts sank and we were very distraught. They seemed a little too clinical with not so great bedside manner. They left us in an exam room with Cisco and the euthanization authorization. I began to fill it out but couldn't finish. We tried to find someone to tell them we didn't want to choose that option just yet and get a second opinion from the Vet at our animal clinic. No one was around and we just wanted to get him home and comfortable. I left the unsigned paper on the examining table and left.Later around 4 in the morning there was a knock on the door and it was animal control. They came to follow up on a call from the animal hospital and said we left and were supposed to have our dog put down. We explained the situation and apologized. We explained how they only gave us the two options and we wanted a second opinion. The officer took down the name of the clinic and had my boyfriend sign a Notice to Comply to do this in the next 5 hours.We took him to out clinic when they opened and had to wait another hour for the doctor. They are very nice here and made me feel more at ease though constantly on my mind was how were we going to pay for this. The doctor examined Cisco for free and instructed us how to take care of his leg. He said he did not appear to have a head trauma but the leg is in bad shape and will probably need at least $2000 for surgery and treatment. We were able to afford pain medication but that was about it. The vet gave us a list of organizations to try and contact so we might find the help Cisco needs get back to his healthy self. So this is one other place I'm am reaching out for help with his medical expenses. We should be able to afford xrays by the end of the week and hope to have a better idea of what options we have. I reached out the AAL in my area and am waiting to hear back from them. Most of the other options on the list led to a dead end because Cisco did not meet the criteria or they were not accepting applications of assistance at this time.A different officer came to check on Cisco today after his visit to the clinic. She felt he was in good hands and is confident we will do whatever we can to get him better. He was happy to come up to her and give her a big kiss and get some good pats despite his hurt leg and pain med fog.I would greatly appreciate help, big or small even if advise on other methods to get Cisco help. 

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