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We know a lot of people are curious as to what took place these past months after the passing of 1 of our founding members and lack of releases.


Less then a week after his passing we've lost access to the servers we had setup on his end. As well as personal financial accounts we transferred on his ends to keep secure. We were promised assistance in this matter through a family member of his we believed to of trusted at the time. To which instantly cut off contact. Leaving us without access to the rerouted funds, systems, emails, and mobile devices needed to access the account.


Instead of waiting over a week to see progress. We personally went out of pocket to purchase new equipment. Upon waiting for delivery UPS lost our package but made it troublesome to issue a refund over any item over 2k, (2,000 usd). 2 - 3 weeks went buy and we decided to order the same equipment again. As the investigation went  on for an additional month till we were eventually issued a refund on the lost packages(Information on this was posted on FFA discord). Everything seemed well. The systems we would continue to work on had arrived. Upgraded my personal internet service provider so the Remote Connections to our new systems for everyone would match our previous setup.


While fixing up our encoding methods I started feeling ill. I went from having slight headaches to not being able to smell or taste the things I was eating. I found myself severely sick and making several trips to the bathroom trying to relieve myself(throwing up). As well as my muscle joints started to ache. It got to a point I was suggested to head to the hospital. 


I tested positive for Covid and was kept for 2 weeks observation with an IV in my arm. I was dehydrated and no amount of water I ingested would moisten up my throat. The 2nd week I started getting better but was still a bit light headed. This was around the beginning of April as I was allowed to be released. Came back to where we left off setting things up and we started uploading releases onto the server these past few days. I am currently not still at 100% but can guarantee our team will do their best to continue uploading releases. 


I would never just not update anyone. Over these past nearly 10 years. We've always kept people informed on our status. It was just a chain of terrible events that neither of us could have predicted that transpired. We also could not give an ETA if we weren't sure if we could meet such dates. There was never a doubt about our return. It was always a push to make so that we would. I'm sorry for anyone who thought we abandoned you. Just hope you know that was never the case. It was just a lot of things just not under our control. We just never expected things to turn out the way they unfolded in such a domino effect at the start of this year. 


Once again thank you for believing in us. We highly appreciate your loyalty and commitment to us. 


2 months ago we lost one of our members due to heart failure and was pronounced dead. He's been fighting his battle against bone disease for the majority of his life; which was a hereditary trait in his family. A lot of us are hurting right now. Given how much time we shared together these past going on 10 years. Lellus/Tim we will always miss you and forever mourn you. No matter what happened you stayed by our side. Was always reliable and never wavered in our Goal. It just hurts that you wont get to see it come into fruition with the rest of us. We loved you like a brother and we felt like family. We are going to miss you so much.


As a lot of you may know. We have struggled over this past month due to circumstance no one could imagine globally. We wish everyone all the best & not to burden yourselves if you cant. We understand the hardships everyone is currently facing. Given we are facing them as well. We are humbled to be given the opportunity to be doing what we currently are. For that we Thank ALL of You for allowing us to carry out this role. Hopefully we can continue to keep moving forward. Yet if not we are glad to of made as many people happy during our long journey together through out these many years. For that we are grateful. Thank You All Once Again.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We've heard all of you. As you may know we are currently having a rough time as of all of you. We are not a major distributor. Yet a group of people who wish to provide everyone with a service that was not available. A lot of has suffered losses & have also been doing volunteer work. Sorry we could not get to all of you as fast as possible with answers. We believed we've addressed our predicament through out the course of these past years/months. As well as recent/current posts.

We only wish for positivity which has been our motto since we've started. Our service providers have only decreased their prices by 8 pounds; which you can see does not really relieve our situation. We do what we do because we are passionate about what we are doing. Hence why everything is done manually. As we respond or correct every issue addressed to us through our DMs or chatboxes. We do not wish to back anyone into a corner & force you to contribute. We've always addressed that its voluntary and we will be around for as long as you wish for us to be. We do not wish to burden anyone.

We've been suggested to use different services; which these fundraising sites made clear to us that they do not endorse nor want to platform us. Services such as Patreon. Its not that we choose not to use it. Its that by doing so we would not only be in violation of their terms and agreements. We may also lose our personal account as well. Same time we always wished for our service to be voluntary & to not lock people into plans. Unless you chose to subscribe on our site.

We understand people are frustrated because you are passionate about what we do. Yet negativity will not help the situation. We understand the world is hurting right now and people need to release such frustrations. This is a time for us to come together and be positive. Try to uplift one another. Moral support goes a very long way.


As stated before we do not issue out the full cost of our expenses. Given we try to shoulder the majority of it. Yet we thank everyone who has contributed these past years allowing us to provide all of you with the different means of consuming our content. We thank all of you for being with us through out these many years. It feels to some extent we've seen a lot you grow into fine people. Some graduating both from high school & college. Others who've established there own line of work & businesses. Others whom have built up their own families & have been enjoying our content from your youth till your adulthood. We've seen many come and go. Yet knowing we were filling a void satisfied us deeply. This was our sole purpose & hopefully we've achieved this.


We've lost alot and we've gained a lot. Yet this has all given us a bit of escapism from the hardships we've all gone through or going through in our lives. Understand we appreciate all of you. We wouldn't be around as long as we have if we didn't. We truly care for what we do. If you see a delay. Its not because we dont care to respond to you. It's because something is taking place of great importance that's preventing anyone whom is available from addressing you at that exact moment. Same time we always make sure when we are back up to take 0 breaks for hrs on end to post releases manually, because we wish for you to gain our content as quick as possible. Given that we do care for all of you.


Always remember We Do Care & We Hear All of You. We cant do this alone. Yet we will always be here for as long as you wish for us to be here, and we truly mean it if we haven't already proven this to be the case through out these past several years. Through thick & thin we will be there if the demand is there. Thank you for hearing us out & always remember to Be Positive. Thank You =)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We Know Times Are Tough For Everyone At This Moment. We Do Not Wish for Anyone To Go Beyond Your Means If You Can't. We Appreciate All of Your Support & Understand That We Care About All Of You.


Even Through What's Currently Taking Place. We'll Try Our Best To Push Out Content If Aided Despite Recent Turn of Events. Hopefully We Can All Overcome This Together. Thank You For Helping Us Through This Journey. We All Hope You Stay Safe and Healthy = )

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Also, if possible support our Animation Project if you wish. It would be Highly Appreciated. Thank You


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