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We apologize for the length of this story but we desperately need your help and wanted to let you know every reason why we do.

To Our Fellow Animal Loving Friends,

I am reaching out to all of you along with the devoted Board members of Pooches to ask for your help.  This could not be a more difficult time to reach out during a global pandemic where a lot of people are sick and several have lost their jobs and possibly homes.  Our entire world has felt this and it is devastating. 

As most of you know, every year we host a major event called the Fur Ball where the funds donated help sustain our program and allow us to care for the dogs in our possession. This year we will not be hosting a Fur Ball due to the pandemic.  With that being said, we have lost the ability to raise any kind of money by doing a fundraiser and we find ourselves in a tough spot with medical bills adding up.

Since December, we have had several surprises brought to us that we could not ignore or hand over to Animal Control because we know what the outcome would have been.  We rarely ask for donations unless we are severely in need.  We are now asking.

We know how difficult life is right now and wish we didn’t have to ask, but unfortunately, the attention and needs of our dogs does not stop.  We would be so thankful for whatever you could contribute, even if it’s $1.00 because every dollar makes a difference.

We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support and friendship. None of this would be possible without your help. We hope that you all are staying safe and healthy during this very challenging time.


Below is a little history of each dog we are now caring for and how your donations are helping each one of them receive the care and life that they deserve.


Ellis & 10 Puppies:

- In December when Ellis came to us, she was in bad shape and neglected. When we brought her to the vet, they said she was pregnant and had about three weeks until she gave birth.  To our surprise, the very NEXT morning Ellis delivered all TEN of those precious Christmas puppies that you all saw.  Those two months were rough and expensive, to say the least, but worth it in the end with them all getting adopted. With any adoption, the dog receives vaccines, a microchip and are spayed/neutered. Guess what, all 10 puppies are receiving those services through Pooches and to keep it simple, is adding up to a few thousand dollars. ALL of those puppies survived because of the support you all gave with your comments, blankets, and donations that so many of you brought to our program.


Nina & 6 Puppies:

- In late February, Nina was found wandering the streets alone almost being hit by several cars. After being brought to our kennel, she was found to be nursing, starving, and emaciated with the ability to count every rib on her body. After some searching and dedication, her SIX beautiful 4 week old puppies were located and reunited with Nina. The owner was located and an animal cruelty case was initiated. Little did we know, the crew came with some surprises…parasites and Ringworm! With the devotion of our volunteers, Nina and her puppies received the royal treatment and began walking on the road to recovery! Each puppy and Nina began treatment for ringworm which equaled out to over $700. A few weeks later, Nina was admitted to an emergency vet where she was diagnosed/treated for a variety of concerns such as an enlarged heart, dehydration, and bacterial infections …just to list a few. This road bump cost over $1,700 overnight. Currently, all puppies are in foster homes and are doing well and after weeks of costly treatment, they are Ringworm free!  Nina is still on the road to recovery and is loving all the attention….and food that she is getting!



- In the beginning of March, Fiona, a 14lb Shih Tzu, was found running near a busy intersection. This little girl had long, dirty matted hair and was covered in fleas and ticks. The night she was found, every matte was clipped and every tick was picked off her body. Fiona was taken to the vet where her diagnosis was absolutely heartbreaking to all of us. Fiona had many old injuries such as a broken jaw, several mammary masses, and an eye ulcer from trauma. X-rays were taken which revealed she has bladder stones and Arthritis in her legs and spine which is causing her to be in pain, among so many other issues. Fiona is just beginning her recovery and the process will be long, strenuous and very costly. Her vet visits so far is nearly $600 and that was only the diagnosis and start of her treatment. The future may consist of orthopedic visits, spinal injections, jaw surgery and mass removals. Currently, her foster mommy is taking such good care of her and Fiona is being given the love she looked like she never had before.



- Brock was found in 2018 and was in the care of Pooches for over a year and half as he went through a strenuous heartworm treatment. Brock has recently been found to have additional medical concerns involving testing positive for Lyme disease, a UTI, unusual kidney levels, and needs surgery for a growth removal causing pain on his leg. Constant vet visits are being taken to ensure Brock is being given the appropriate remedies and treatment needed for a smooth recovery.

Our vets are working very hard and diligently to help these poor pups and it’s so difficult for us to see how these poor dogs were treated in their past. Our main goal is to have these dogs happy and healthy and we desperately need your help to do so. It’s a never ending process and every dog deserves a happy and healthy life, which we make sure they are.



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