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Danielle's Place - Fight Against Eating Disorder
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Our mission is to provide a non-judgmental, caring and supportive community to any individual whose life has been touched by an eating disorder. Our mandate is to offer care that is complementary to the medical model. We promote a holistic and self-directed approach to healing through which families and individuals can begin, maintain or resume their healing journeys.

Danielle's Dream:

“I see incredible beauty in humanity, only most of it is unfulfilled potential, hidden under the superficial.” - Danielle Mayeur

At 17 years old, my daughter Danielle was a caring, talented, typical teenager, soon to be the lead actress in a Sears festival play, and applying to go to university. Unfortunately her life was forever changed that first day of summer - by a sexual assault that left her unable to face eating. Already slim, she lost weight rapidly and fell into the alternate reality of anorexia. She became too weak to appear in her play. Despite putting herself on the wait-list in the first months of the illness, it was three years before she finally got into a day-program for three months only. With no after-support, adrift, Danielle relapsed to the point of dying. Inadequate treatment - due largely to inadequate funding.

Before her death, Danielle had a vision to build compassionate and humane services for the many sufferers of eating disorders. Together we formed goals that would see her vision become a reality. When she died at twenty-five, Sept 20, 2001, depleted in every part of her body, I took up these goals without her, but with the help of many wonderful people.

On behalf of Danielle and the Board of Danielle’s Place, we welcome our to a world where your precious uniqueness is valued and where your personal journey towards the full life that you so deserve, is no longer a lonely one. We aim to empower you, to give you tools and encouragement for every stage of your journey. We have seen the wonders of recovery and know what it awaits you.

Carolyn Mayeur

The Harsh Reality

  • Eating Disorders are a silent epidemic that affect 1 in 8 young people as young as 10
  •  Eating Disorders kill 12 times more young women than all other illnesses combined
  •  Eating Disorders are seriously debilitating illnesses - not a lifestyle choice
  •  Eating Disorders affect people of all ages, gender and background
  •  The Diet Industry profits are $30 billion a year

Some More Disturbing Numbers

Disordered eating and eating disorders are on the INCREASE, negatively impacting on the health and well-being of young female and male Ontarians. 27% of Ontario teen girlswere found to have experienced one symptom of an eating disorder (Jones et al., 2001). While McVey et al. (2004) found that 30% of a sample of 10-14 year old girls from Ontario, who were within a healthy weight range, was dieting to lose weight. It was noted in the same study, that 24. 5% of 10-14 year old males, also within a healthy weight range, were dieting to lose weight (McVey et al., 2004).

 Currently, eating disorders are the 3RD MOST COMMON CHRONIC ILLNESS IN ADOLESCENTS and the age of onset is becoming younger and younger. Only a few years ago, the youngest cases presenting for treatment of an eating disorder were 12-14 years of age. Now girls and boys as young as 5 years of age are presenting themselves for care.

Our Response

At Danielle’s Place, we provide vitally important support services that complement and reinforce medical treatment and intervention at no cost to those who seek out our programs.


  • Advocate for and provide prevention activity that is far less costly than medical treatment
  • Provide client centred group programs that empower individuals to avoid relapse and maintain long term recovery
  • Offer our Centre as a supportive, non judgemental and inclusive community for clients, their families and friends
  • Offer drop in support from Monday to Friday each week for clients and/or families to help familiarize them with the process of getting help when struggling with an eating disorder
  • Provide crisis support, returning email and telephone inquiries within a 24 hour period
  • Provide education and awareness through seminars, workshops and presentations held at the centre and various locations throughout the community, including academic, community and health care facilities

Danielle’s Place Eating Disorder Support and Resource Centre has been providing services from our location in Burlington, ON since 2005.

Through the support of a local physician and his spouse, who generously donate the facility in which Danielle’s Place operates, combined with individual and corporate donations, and the efforts of a small army of dedicated volunteers, we are able to offer support services at no charge to any individual who contacts the centre for help.

In just under nine years, we have provided support services to more than 4500 individuals and with only one full time staff member, our entire 2014 operating budget is projected at less than $90,000.00.

Your Donations Will Help Us To Take Care Of -

Utilities including telephone and internet service

Program supplies and materials

Resource materials for client support

Volunteer coordination, training and support expenses

Travel/parking expenses incurred to provide education and prevention programs in the community


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In the days of Knights and Noblemen, men were called upon to fight for their King. They wore various forms of metal, leather and wooden armour to protect and shield themselves from their enemies in battle. One of the most effective coverings was made from chainmaille rings and scales. Much care was taken to polish the scales to a perfect mirror like finish. Facing into the sun, they were able to reflect the sunlight off the scales and temporarily blind their enemies giving them and advantage in battle.

Today the battle is internal and can be just as deadly. It is only fitting that we have used chainmaille rings and scales to design Flowers of Hope for our Hope Blooms Collection to help us continue the fight against eating disorders.
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