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Havilla was started in 2008 in the biggest slums in Africa located in Kenya. There is a lot of poverty in the slums. Joblessness makes people get involved in illegal businessis, e.g prostitution and sale of drugs and other sexual behavious .This has in the resent years resulted to high spread of HIV aids and it has become a disaster.

Some children are total orphaned and cannot continue going to school. There are so many children around the slums who don’t get 3 meals a day and survive with one meal. There is no enough support to the children to get education.The number continues to increase every day.

In Kenya public schools are fewer than children.

Its due to this reason that a group of 3 volunteers committed to help few children get into school. You will find a class of 80 children being handled by one teacher. So at the end of the day the quality of education is low.

Havilla was started by few volunteers to care for the needy children.

It was started in 2008 and now it has 3 classes with 75 children .There is Baby class,Nursery,and Pre unit classes.

The Education system in Kenya is

-3 yrs kindergarten,

-8 years primary

-4 years High school

-4 years university.

Havilla Children Centre offers Kindergarten education alone because the school doesn’t have extra rooms. Currently the school operates in a rented facility.

The school needs extra classes to be able to take care of both Kindergarten and Primary school and not in a rented facility because the expense is too high on rent.

The school is a registered Charity.

Childrens take breakfast and lunch ata the centre.

School needs are;



-Stationary and sporty equipments.

-Teachers pay.

-Rent for the facility.


We have volunteers o[portunities at the centre;

Volunteer opportunities as listed below;


Volunteers get involved in medical activities by providing medical checkups to the children and parents and guardians of the children. This is done at our centre in conjunction with one of our partner medical clinic.


Volunteers get involved in teaching activities, our centre has 3 classrooms. Baby class,Nursary,and Pre -unit.


Volunteers help children in sports time. They get involved in playing football, and all children games.

4.Film making.

Volunteers take and edit videos, the videos help in publicity for the Havilla children centre.


Volunteers get involved in cooking activity for the children, after they cook they serve the food to the children.

6.Social work[visiting families of the children, mainly in the slums].

Volunteers will be visiting the children at their homes and get involved in home base care programmes.

7. Havilla Edutainment

Working with talented young people to encourage and develop their skills

8.Fundraising for the projects needs.

Volunteers will be involved in virtual volunteering whereby,they may not find time at the moment to come to volunteer physically, but they can start fundraising for the needs of Havilla children centre.The following are some of the needs;


-Teachers pay.





High Lights;

-Volunteers are hosted by families.

-Volunteers of ages 16 and above.,Proffessional and non proffessionals are all invited to apply.

-Volunteers take safaris during weekends with the help  of the organization for affordable rates.Kenya is known for tourists attraction.

-VISAS -get your tourists visa on arrival at our Airport in Nairobi at whatever time within 20 minutes.

For more information visit our website:   www.havillacc.com

or contact us;


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