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Hello, my name is MaryAnne I live in a small town in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. We are asking for your support to help us build a home.

Disaster struck us in 2009 just as we were preparing to build on land that has gifted to us by my Mom so that we could live close to her. She just found out she had cancer (lung) so we were all preparing for that long journey together and of course she had to stop smoking before they removed a small tumor from her lung. She did it, I was amazed and incredibly releived.

I had hurt my back  several months prior and was hoping that by the time her surgery was booked for  Novemeber, it would have healed on it's own like most herniated disc's do. I did all the right things and spent a great deal of money on treatments not covered by OHIP. But it wasn't healing like it usually did and the pain meds didn't seem to work for this. So I went for an MRI and it ended up being a rather large herniated disc at L4/L5 right side. I was so annoyed with myself, just didn't need to deal with that right now, I needed to look after my Mom.

I was sent to a Vascular Neurosurgeon and when he told us that it was basically an easy fix, "I do hundreds of these a year", it's just day surgery and you'll walk out the same day with no pain. The most you'll feel may be numbness and/or tingling but it'll disapate.

I was ecstatic, but my Mom ,she was much more hestitant about me going in for that surgery But I just figured that was Mom being a Mom.

We should all listen to our Mommy's. She was right. October 21, the day my Mom through away any chance of survivng lung cancer. Months of not smoking, 1 phone call later that night destroyed my entire Family.

I remember laying in the hospital bed in ICU while a maching was breathing for me, I could hear everyone talking but nobody knew that. I was crying because I had no idea how my Mom was. I heard them telling my Husband that I was going to die (AGAIN), I wasn't upset about dying, I was upset because I wasn't going to get a chance to talk to my Children, my Sisters, Brother and worse my Mom.

I knew this would be devistating for her because I lost my infant son, ALexander, just six months after my Daddy died in 1990 of stomach cancer. It's a differnet "ball game" sort of speak when you lose a Child, a whole that never fills back up or heals.

My Mom died about 6 months after that day I only got to see her a few times, as I was in Hospital a few hours away and it was hard for both of us. I was on oxygen (never smoked in my life), and my life still ,"hanging in the balance". As for my Sister's and Brother, well 2 SIster's still talk to me the others blame me for Her early death but so do I. Try to live with that. My 1 Sister told me, I killed our Mother.

I didn't do anything wrong except trust someone I knew I shouldn't have. I tell everyone, "listen to your gut". I don't know what that "gut feeling" is or where it comes from but it was spot on this day. The Dr. accidently severed 2 ilac arteries, (nearly 75%) on the opposite side of the injury. I woke during the surgery to hear alot of commotion but when I woke at 09:00 am the pain was ,"out of this world sharp stabbing and intense".

But they just kept giving me medication and refused to call my Husband, even after I CODE BLUE at 12:30. He was due to pick me up with our adopted Daughter (5) at 4:30pm. They called Him at 4:20 to tell Him to get here, there's a problem. He was in the parking lot by than.

As they walked Him and our Daughter down the Hospital coridor they told him I died, waited a few seconds to finish, Oh but we got her back and she's stabble for now but is not going to make it, go see Her. Can you imagine the shock?

So now we're left to pick up the pieces and it is not fun or easy. I am grateful to be alive, a bit perplexed as to how and why but grateful my adopted Daughter's last moment with me wasn't the, moment our eyes met in the Hospital just before I went.

So if you could open your hearts to help us I would be eternally grateful. We're not just looking for cash donations we'd be happy to have your Expertise, time  and/or equipment.

Example: Carpenters, plumbing, electricla etc. We've had a few wonderful people offer their experise and helping hand already.

If you can lend a hand, PLEASE let us know, you can message us here and my Husband, Bruce will get back to you. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support.

God Bless


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