Running T-Shirt Support the Cause

A Perk for contributing $39 or more
to Stop the Slaughter of dogs in Thailand
by Neo LothongKum

We will make running Shirts in limited numbers, get your shirt now shipped free of charge. Please let us know what size. The shirts will have all the sponsors on it.

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$20 USD
Pa Düen 500 dog Cremation
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Pa Düen 500 dog Cremation. On this photo 100 dogs are buried, they need to be cremated asp and Pa Düen Dog Shelter needs a crematorium or a place to cremate her dogs. You will buy a brick to her crematorium or a cremation for one dog a normal practice in Thailand.
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$39 USD
Running T-Shirt Support the Cause
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Estimated delivery Mar 2014
We will make running Shirts in limited numbers, get your shirt now shipped free of charge. Please let us know what size. The shirts will have all the sponsors on it.
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Health Benefits of Energy X Band
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Energy X is used by many athletes and average people daily. These people enjoy the bands sporty look and believe its ability to help them live a healthier, more active and happy life. Some of the benefits our users have claimed to obtain by wearing the Energy X Band are listed below.
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Reduce stress and Helps with Mood
Allows for deeper more rested sleep

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Pa Düen 500 dog Tick Treatment
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Pa Düen 500 dog Tick Treatment all the dogs have ticks and need injection and aftercare. They are also infected with lymph and one dog per day die.You will buy dog fixes for 5 dogs we will send you the receipt,
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$70 USD
Get your name on STONE help 600 Dogs!
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Khun Yim takes care of 600 dogs with only 4 staff. She lives on donation and only 1 rai of land. She have 5 more to build on. We want to help her to build a wall on the other 6 rai to giver her more space. Buy 1 meter of the wall and we put your name on it.
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$100 USD
1 Food Pipe 3 Water Bowls Pattaya Shelter
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The Pattaya Shelter is in terrible condition and most of the time the food is dropped on the ground. The water bowls are full with green water and need to be replaced. Your donation will will go to replace the concrete water with new plastic once. We will also do food pipes as in the Soi Dog shelters. We need about 20 of these in total.
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$100 USD
Oil Painting of your Pet
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60x80 cm oil Oil Painting of your Pet or animal of choice made by a professional expat living in North Thailand. Half of the money will go to Dog Charity.
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Pa Düen 500 dog lady distemper vaccine
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Estimated delivery Aug 2014
5 in 1 distemper vaccine for 20 dogs. At the dog shelter there is 500 dogs and none of them have vaccine this year. Only the puppy have vaccine. If one dog come sick they will all get sick,
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$100 USD
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Estimated delivery Feb 2014
All money donated to this will go to THE ARK handover 18-19 FEB 2014

Nong PingKhong is a dog that had a nylon rope tightly tied around her neck for many days. Apparently she's another victim of the cruel practice of dog meat eating. In Northern Thailand it's a common method among the Shan immigrants to use a knotted rope to catch a dog they want to eat. A monk at Wat Kasetmai in Amphur San Sai said that two temple dogs disappeared and one came back with a nylon rope tightly tied around her neck. It's clear that someone tried to catch her, but she bit the rope and ran back to the temple. She's lucky but her other friend wasn't. Prior to that incident some Shan men came to the temple as asked the monks to take some dogs home on the pretext of wanting to give them home. Fortunately the monks didn't believe their story.
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$480 USD
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Are you looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one?

We can help you with that and you can help dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in the process.

Soi Dog are currently in the process of building salas at the Buriram shelter, which houses dogs rescued from the dog meat trade.

As you can see from the photo, the dogs who have already received their new salas just love them. They provide shade and a cool spot to rest out of the rain and sun. They allow the perfect vantage point for the dogs to see what is happening around the shelter and a place to hide when they are feeling shy.

How can you help?

Each sala costs around 15,000 baht to construct (approximately 480 USD or 350 Euros). We are giving our supporters the opportunity to fund one of these salas and in return we will put a plaque on the sala with your name, the name of a friend or loved one, or a message in memory of a loved pet. Sponsoring a sala can be a great gift!
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Here's the campaign

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Every year tens of thousands of dogs are inhumanely transported from Thailand to neighboring countries where they are butchered by cruel and barbaric methods. We need to STOP the Dog Meat Trade Now! Thanks to Soi Dog and AAA many arrests were made.