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A Perk for contributing £2,500 or more
to The Mango Girl Perseverance Empowerment Project
by Ava Brown

Everything at $1000 level plus, Press Release Mention UK Speaker Date wBook Signing

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Impossible Means “I'm Possible”
You are what makes the seemingly “Impossible” mean “I’M POSSIBLE!” Thank You for encouragement and the compassion you’ve shown by contributing.
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Awakened Spirit
An Awakened Spirit is one who awakens the spirit of others. Your get a huge Thank You and “DAILY INSPIRATION: 365 Quotes of Daily Medicine for the Mind, Body and Spirit” downloadable and 1 Book shipped directly to your door so you can have The Mango Girl story as part of your personal library of books. [Shipping is Additional]
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Ignite Your Light
The above, plus a 2nd book, so you can make it a gift to someone who you believe will not only enjoy the good read, but who would also like it in their personal library. Ignited Lights, Ignite Lights. [Shipping is Additional]
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Purpose Walker
At this level, add 1 pair of Earbuds in a beautifully branded case and 5 books. Keep 1 book and gift the others, have a small book club reading or review, and share ideas about how you might empower each other to persevere, or someone else in need. Keep walking your purpose. [Shipping is Additional]
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Unapologetically Bold
At this level, get 2 pair of Ear Buds with The Mango Girl logo printed on the front, get 5 books, plus the 5-part eCourse “Awakening: Answer the Call to Your Life’s Purpose”. With this unapologetically bold move, you are empowering yourself and others. [Shipping is Additional]
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Amplified Life
At this level, get 10 books and 1 Cinch Bag with The Mango Girl logo printed on the front (Black), 2 pair of Ear Buds and the 5-part eCourse. Live an Amplified Life and help others do the same. [Shipping is Additional]
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Liberated Souls
At this level, get 15 books, 5 Cinch Bags, 5 pair of Ear Buds, the 5-part eCourse, and Name wLogo mention on website. A Liberated Soul helps liberate others. Thank you for doing your part.
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Be Powerful Sponsor
Everything at $1000 level plus, Press Release Mention UK Speaker Date wBook Signing
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Living Your Story Out Loud Sponsor
US Speaker Date wBook Signing, plus Press Release Mention and everything at $1000 level. Named after a chapter in the Awakening Course
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Here's the campaign that needs your help

  • £2,004 raised
  • 28 contributors
  • 2 Years running
We're raising funds for "The Mango Girl" World Book Tour, to inspire, empower and share one woman's story of perseverance and survival against all odds. Shared experience is a powerful tool, and the way Ava shares her story has already saved lives.