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We are  2nd Team Entertainment, a  Woman/Minority Male owned entertainment company based in Portland, OR. This show is created, written & directed by an African American, the cast and crew is made up of mainly  Multi-ethnic Men, and Women, including members of the LGBTQA community. With and full cast of and crew of different backgrounds we are a very  diverse team!

Distribution Producer- Zac Madson(12 Pound Balls); Executive Producer- Kolby Talbert; Line Producer- Gurunam Atwal(Greenrush); Producer- A.T Nguyen; Co-Director/Creator/Showrunner- Bryan Maurice (Greenrush); Executive Producer- Kevin White; Co-Director- Anna Bremer-Smith (Doomtown); Art Director- Steven Christian (Island Of Iltopia, Greenrush); Director Of Photography Davied Kelly(The System); Editor- Hasson Mamood.

We are all talented artists, passionate about creating art through the medium of film and are dedicated to creating the highest quality content together as a diverse team. Will you help us bring this project to life?

Our Team

Showrunner/Creator/Writer - Bryan Maurice

Line Producer- Gurunam AtawlLine Producer- Gurunam Atwal

Director- Anna Bremner- SmithDirector: Anna Bremner- Smith

Executive Producer: Kevin White

Producer: A.T Nguyen

Head Of Marketing - Kolby Talbert

Director Of Photography & Editor - Davied Kelly

Hair & Makeup: Rachael Berks

Soundtrack - Maiah Wynne

Art Director - Steven Christian  

Photography & Set Design - Garry Bastian 

Script Supervisor - Sandra Doolittle 


'Monica' - Beth Dodge  

'Erik' - Bryan Maurice  

 'June' - Gurunam Atwal

'Sticky' - Kevin White

'Kelly' - Sam Bangs

'Patrick' - Bobby Bridges

'Kendra' - Sandra Doolittle 

'Ronnie' - Erik Montague  

'Steven' - Jonathan Wexler  

'Scooter' - Scott Thomas 

'Ashley' - Kelsey Norene  

'Oswald' - Frank Capabianco  

'Junior ' - Bill Christensen 

'Waiter' - Garry  Bastian 


What We Need & What You Get

We are just starting out as a production company therefore we are a little short on funds. We need to be able to compensate the people who we have hired to help us with this project as well as the actors who are not a part of our company. (All of us who are a part of 2ndTeam are working for free on this)

Please help us pay our hired help AND also feed people on set so they don't turn into zombies and try to eat us (or worse....quit). We have crunched the numbers and $3,500 should be enough to pay people, feed people and also rent additional equipment we need for our set that we don't already have (some fancy lenses, and a few lights). You are pretty much saving our lives (from the potential zombie actors). No pressure.

 This project is important to us mainly because of who we are.  We are a group of multi-talented and diverse in ethnicity and gender individuals who are passionate about storytelling using film . We are stretching our wings so to speak with this production and solidifying our ability to work as a team. If this project goes well, we have a few other projects lined up ( with funding already in place ) that we will be producing in the Portland, OR area. We are representing  underrepresented talented people  in the Portland film market and with your help in making this project a reality, we will be able to make sure our hard work pays off and this project is completed! Our overall goal as a production team is to change the world, one film at a time by the way that we work, who we are and the type of content we create (by highlighting strong female roles and people of color).


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Awwww look at you!!! So giving so you get to receive....receive some cool stuff that is! Poster..Pictures...Props..Producer Credits Dvd Hard copy and a Date with the funniest character in the show 'Sticky'!!Man I'm jealous right now!
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DVD Hard Copy
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First of all, THANK YOU! Now to all the cool stuff you are gonna get. Most exciting - you have a VIP pass to join us for a day on set and see how our production runs behind the scenes! You get a signed cast photo, a poster, a prop from our set a shirt aaaand % of sales and you get to collaborate with our show creator to write a joke for the show!
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Autographed Cast Picture
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