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So as we have all been taught or heard many times before, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And, here is a great example of this! Larry and I want to offer you, anyone investing a thousand dollars or more, a part of our new venture, ...
So as we have all been taught or heard many times before, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And, here is a great example of this! Larry and I want to offer you, anyone investing a thousand dollars or more, a part of our new venture, BODACIOUS??????, which has the potential to make millions of dollars, especially once we franchise across the whole United States while using many of the funds we earn to continue to expose a truth we’ve been working on for over sixteen years in one form or another, which will help all Americans as well as the whole of society the world over. We speculate, in the beginning of this venture, to earn over three thousand dollars a day with one red truck. Within a good six weeks after this we’ll be managing at least three more red trucks, in the area, before expanding into a number of bordering states in advance to offering franchises. Many of you have the opportunity to earn money off your investment in our talent, creativity, vision, hard work and exposé, after the first six months of our launch of BODACIOUS?????? Some of you may want to hang in for the long haul; it’s all about how much you want to invest in the beginning and our negotiating. We’ll have the opportunity to realize our creative business endeavor; rebuild our lives while finding a daily successful purpose, and continuing to expose behind the scenes financial crimes and corruption, that the public has no clue to, by your investment(s) and our working and marketing the business. This business venture is truly an opportunity for Americans as well as the whole of the public to work together to create a better world…through mobile gourmet food in a red truck. But this is all I can share without your signature on our NDA.

Larry and I have battled the corrupt financial, legal and government system for sixteen years in total after I had 80M$s embezzled out of my trust account and when I reported this horrendous crime to the proper authorities, instead of an investigation, into the financial institutions, trustees and attorneys involved, I experienced more federal crimes committed against my trust, me and at this point attacking Larry too because we were in a growing, flourishing business together and the situation like a "Mafia Hit" destroyed everything in it's wake, including the business. We lost not only our business through unaddressed federal crimes, but also five of our precious family of dogs; three multimillion dollar properties; two of which were homes; one in escrow; our vehicles, furniture, jewelry, sliver, china, antiques and family heirlooms. Many of these belongings we sold for pennies on the dollar so we could eat as we were, because of our whistle blowing, being prevented from retaining employment or government assistance and so living in a tent for three years. Fact is in this country, if your credit is destroyed by federal crimes, and you are over forty years old, there is relatively no possible way for you to retain employment ever again, especially if you have always been self-employed. Your degrees mean nothing! We believe this is what our corrupt financial institutions and USA Government counts on!

What we have found is that the legal system in this country is not upholding the federal laws, already in place, and the government authorities that regulate the financial institutions are not doing so. Hence after years of hope, faith and belief in our legal system we have finally decided to change course, realizing our USA legal system isn't working and no matter what we do to try and force it to it won't. It's corrupt.

Larry and my goals have always been to expose to the public what is actually going on in the financial institutions, behind the scenes, which is far worse than the media will reveal. I've written a memoir in five volumes; together Larry and I have mentored with the proper English professor and learned how to write screenplays and adapted the five-part memoir to four feature film scripts. In order to finance these ventures, the books and films of Dominick Dunne certain approval, we must do something to raise funds besides ask for donations.

So again, as we have all been taught or heard many times before, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” We’re going into business offering you a piece of this business for investments over $1,000 not that a $1,000 or less wouldn’t be appreciated, it’s just not enough to earn you a piece of the action, and pay for the paperwork, stamps, checks etc. involved, without the rest of us losing money, other than forwarding some one time gifts of gratitude your way; honoring you with recognition and paying you back exactly the amount you invested. You've earned this!

Our goal is to generate $250,000.00; our prospectus will explain the business; where these funds will be going; how they will be used; when you, as an investor, can expect a return of at least double your investment.

Reached my sharing limit here; more in the coming posts:>)))
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