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Please help us to survive and get my medication
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Hello, my name is Stefan Amphaijit. I am 42 years old and disabled. I am seeking for help, to not only safe my own but also my families life! They stopped paying my disability pension and now we have nothing left. Please help us to survive.

Hello, my name is Stefan Amphaijit. I am 42 years old and originally come from Switzerland. I now live in Thailand with my wonderful wife and her family.

I started this fundraising project to seek for help for my family and save our life because we reached the bottom of the floor and don’t see any other way then requesting donations.

Just continue reading if you want to know what this is all about and why I need help.

A bit about, how i got into this situation.

It now has been over 12 years that I was disabled and not able to work. In Switzerland everyone has the right to receive disability pension IF they can prove that they are not able to work anymore.

Finally I got my disability pension in 2004 and at least we had something to live with.

The years in Switzerland with my wife and our son and unable to do any work showed me, that I am not able to live there anymore. No other family members, no work and no other responsibilities let me feel like useless.

My wife is from Thailand and all her relatives live over there, we decided to make a final big step and moved to Thailand to live with her family. That was beginning 2010.

I knew that all we will have to live is my disability but I also knew that I learned to live with little income and that I don’t require anything else anymore but my family.

We never had a lot BUT we were happy and we had each other.

Over the years and thanks to my wife and her family, I became stronger again and I saw the value in life again.

3 Month ago, after 12 years, I got a letter of the office that pays my disability saying, that they plan to stop paying my pension without any further reason or Explanations.

The problem is that they can do that in Switzerland at any time without explaining you, why they stop paying.

I am not able to explain you why they did that and for what reason, but you may be imaging what just happened to us.

SHOCKED  and sitting there not knowing what to do, we just were  “paralyzed”. Trying to realize that we will not get a single penny anymore after over 10 years.

It never was a lot that we had and we never really were able to safe any money due the living expenses that we had all the years. So WHAT CAN WE DO NOW?

From one day to another we had nothing, really nothing.

Power bills, Water bills, Food, all that normal stuff you need to live and and and……

We started to ask the family for help, borrowing money from friends, selling whatever would bring us some cash to eat and even worth…. HOW WOULD I GET MY MEDICATIONS that I toke over 12 years?

I have to take medications against ADHD, Depressions, Panic attacks, Antipsychotics and a few other meds…. I cannot list all of them here… but I can assure you that I don’t even know how to live without all my meds that I toke so long….

Now there is another huge problem that I face.

In Thailand there are really hard laws and regulations for foreigners.

You are allowed to get a yearly “non-immigration” visa IF you have:
- A monthly “income” ( I can not work)
- A pension (as I had but they stopped paying) 
- OR a deposit on a blocked bank account (around $12,000 USD)

- I have no monthly income since I cannot even work anymore. -

As I explained they stopped paying me my pension.

What is left is the fixed deposit on a blocked bank account that would allow me to stay here with my family.

That is where this fundraising comes to action too.

Not only I don’t have the money to get my medication and go to the necessary doctor appointments, I also have to get together this deposit.

IF I can NOT show any kind of security to our immigration office, I will NOT qualify for an extension of my yearly visa. Now what that means is easy to explain.

If I cannot extend my visa, I have to leave Thailand.

Not to mention that I do NOT have ANYTHING in Switzerland! No family, no friends, nothing that might be able to help me and I would be alone without anything.

All I have is here in Thailand.

My entire live, my wife, her / our family our son, my entire live.

Of course you could say: Why you don’t go to your country and let them help you survive. But what should I do over there without my wife or my family?

I cannot move them with me. They could not even get any support in Switzerland.

Without trying to make this even more dramatic I can tell you that my live would just end as it is if I had to leave my family and this country.

It is already hard enough to live like this and without my really needed medications but living in fear that I might have to leave my family and going back to a country that means nothing to me, is almost killing me.

I have another 3 month time to get together a deposit on a blocked bank account before i have to leave my family.

My Wife our son and me

And after trying to get help everywhere THIS is the only way left for me to ask for help.

Please help me to stay with my family, to get back my medication and more important to SURVIVE.

I don’t mind to beg but if there is no other way...

This is all i have in my life

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