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Do you want to reach your target audience automatically with no efforts?

It guarantees your business will
automatically drive the best-optimized traffic, while we, as users, will stay on top of our interests EASY & FAST.

*Our interest-based concept of filtering guarantees that your business will reach only users who are constantly interested in the area you operate in (or what you strive and pay for in other socials), while we, as users will only get ranked, ordered and filtered information to stay on top of our interests easy and fast.

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1.The Users' Waste of Time

Nowadays, the term "Social Network" is mostly associated with a waste of time. All of us, as social media users, find ourselves on social media regularly with no clue exactly why we're there other than just wasting time or procrastinating.

2.Users' Data-Collecting & Data-Abuse

We can say a lot about this but it's a fact that we all get tracked around the internet and on social-media platforms with our personal data being collected all the time. Many applications even ask for access to our microphones and chat history so that they can provide us with "Relevant ads". Opinion's ads will NOT be based on web tracking and/or collected data. We won't stop you from using our website if you do not give us all your web history - on Opinion: Graphic Design you will see ads related to Graphic Design. We won't collect users' personal data or track their web history and we've designed Opinion in a way that we would never need to!

3.Businesses Require Massive Marketing Budgets

Businesses have to spend unreasonable amounts of money and time just to get in front of the people they want. If you have a business, you need to run expensive Ad-campaigns and implement large marketing strategies just to try and get in front of your target market. We do this for free. :) Pay us just in order to stay ON TOP.

4.No Clear Way of Local Communication

In the era of the Internet there is still no established way for local communicating within local communities via social networks...



(1.)The Users' Waste of Time

(2.) Users' Data-Collecting & Data-Abuse

(3.)Businesses Require Massive Marketing Budgets

(4.)Local Communication

Opinion.Network for Users 

We intend to create a Network that won't invoke your boss' anger at the office even if you're on it during work hours. :) Opinion is designed to filter, order & rank the Internet for You. Simply pick an interest and you'll see: 
● A Timeline of posts from users and websites, from your areas of interest ;
● A Monthly Web Ranking ( ORank ) of the most relevant posts, as rated by other users ;
● A Following Tab containing posts from the users and web sources you follow ;
Recommendations & Opinions from like-minded friends who share your passions ;

Ads on your Timeline and ORanks will be based on the interest that you follow! 

Opinion.Network for your Business

Opinion shines the light on your Website once more. Just add your website links to Opinion.Network and it will automatically show it only to users with an interest in the area your business operates in helping you generate more leads!:

  • Your followers will never miss any of your website posts by using our platform, which is ensured
    by our interest-based concept of filtering
  • Maintaining your page on Opinion is as easy as one, two, three – just copy and paste the URL link from your website in the "Add a post button" and it will immediately become a new post with us! No more need for newsletter campaigns. No more maintaining social media profiles except only of adding new links. No need for massive budgets to reach your target market!
  • Your website feed will take part in our Monthly Web Rankings ( ORanks ) which will also drive you even more highly optimised traffic as people decide they want to join.
  • Comments and recommendations from users on your links further shares your posts only to users with similar passions through our interest-based comment feed & recommendations-feed concepts.

Opinion.Network for Local Businesses

Opinion allows anyone to send messages locally to people in their city, neighbourhood, street or even residential building. We call this OMessages.

This innovation is designed to allow local businesses to promote themselves to people around them for free!!

If you have a business website or local business simply register at Opinion.Network and test it with your friends!

Opinion's Story

Opinion.Network was founded in 2018 by Gancho Lambev, a professional UX/UI designer.
He decided that there simply had to be a better way out there to create and manage a social media network, and that is how the idea of Opinion.Network arose:

" A few years ago I started to notice that people waste a lot of valuable time on social media, doing nothing productive. I hated that. And I still do. So, one day, I caught myself wondering what I can do to change that. I put myself to work, and after a long time of thinking and planning, I came up with a concept that I thought was perfect. My concept revolved around giving people the ability to only see what they are interested in. And that means to provide them with, not just some categorized posts, but a wide pool of sources covering a number of posts in each one of their interests, ranked by relevancy. And what a better way to rank posts, than to do a web ranking - one that includes not only posts made on one social media platform, but posts from all the web as well, а WORLDWIDE WEB ranking. At that moment, there, I realized that building such a platform would help both businesses and individual users, and would make their lives a whole lot easier.

Today, I am able to present to you the concept that I came up with, put into work, and given the name of Opinion.Network. It is a platform that automatically drives businesses traffic of visitors who are highly interested in their area of operation. No need to collect emails and write newsletters, no more hours spent on writing quality content for social media. All you have to do is register your website and put your RSS link, and we will provide you with the right traffic and nothing else, while individuals learn fast on their interests.

And fortunately, this concept-solution fitted with my WordPress commenting plugin project I was trying to develop at that time (the OComments functionality). At that moment I started to realize that a combination of such problem-solving features can turn into a new (social) network.
A few days later, I was pitching my concepts to investors and of course, no one gave me anything... So I had two options - to either forget about it and to develop just the commenting plugin or to take the hard road and try to create the first problem-solving platform.

Several months later, I sold some personal properties in order to be able to design the platform and pay the software developers who were working on building it. I did come up with a good design, but the hard part was coding it. I wasn’t able to meet the expectations of big companies for all these features and I turned to freelancers. Unfortunately, results were not fine and switching from one coder to another was a really hard thing to do, which made me put a lot of time and resources into this.

Thankfully, the following few things happened:
1. A friend lent me some money and became an investor in the project
2. I met Nikolay Milkov, who helped reach the point that we are currently at.
3. I was able to find highly motivated people who believe in this project, and together they formed the marketing team.

So, this is where your financial help will come in handy. Help us further develop the missing functionalities and launch a mobile application. Become part of this ground breaking platform and join the Opinion.Network family! "

What We'll do with the Money

Now that we have our ORanks and OMessages prototypes developed, we need tо finish off website features and also develop and launch our phone Application. We value opinions best and we have extremely innovative features for our users to allow them to express their Opinions:


will be a very innovative, life-like way of engaging with other users allowing for all sorts of multimedia messages to be used.
Learn more!



ONews is a new way for you to discuss today's news with your friends. It makes sure that all your friends see your opinion on the most topical talking points of the day!

The Opinion App


52.2% of the Internet traffic came from mobile phones
in 2019 and it is a trend that continues to grow, as more and more people around the globe primarily use mobile devices to get online. That's why we need the Opinion App.

Even though we have our minimum viable product, there are still a number of features which we
want to include, but do not have the resources to do as:

  • features like chat, mail newsletters, more RSS features, etc. 
  • develop our ONews & OComments innovations to close our circle of innovations and present Opinion.Network in its final form
  • release the Opinion Application both for Android and IOS.

Become Opinion Investor

Opinion will have not only many innovations implemented but a wide business model too! Every feature of Opinion.Network will profit and our sources of income would be:

1. ORanks and Interest Timelines.

2. OMessages.

3. ONews. 

4. OComments.

If finding the right partner, we predict €1B net worth of Opinion in 2023.

Users and Businesses need it! We all need it. Help us build it!


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