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I am hoping this will reach all those folks that know me well, and if you don't know me, I'm hoping friends and family will join us and through their comments and thoughts, you will get to know me.  Writing a story about myself isn't easy.  But, I think everyone will agree:  I'm a workaholic.  I work from sun up to sun down.  It's everybody's biggest complaint about me.  But, when you have so many people depending on you, they don't realize what a true burden that is.  

Everything isn't always what it seems or what people say.  Yes, I've worked alot and hard over the years. But, even so, I don't own a house, I don't own a car (not one that's running), I don't have "money in the bank", I have no coffee can of hidden funds.  I have what you see. Its not much.  I struggle every week to pay the bills, like everyone else.  The only difference is, I've used what I've earned to assist so many other people, never saying "no", that no one really knows my financial struggles, they only know "Jonise" (or "Vicky") will lend a hand, and she always has.  But, now it's my turn to ask for help.  It's hard to do, but I have no choice. 

I've battled health issues, as you all know, for the past several years, but I am happy to say, I am healthy and thank God today for that.  Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity.  All behind me.  My parents are now struggling with their own health issues and I hope to be there to support them and do all I can for them, as they've done for me.  So, I'm a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, "mom" to so many of my "problem children" as I call them (smile).  

That's briefly about me.  Now about my current situation.  Which many of you also know about, but may not understand.  I am very limited in what I can actually talk about here, but am more than willing to discuss any questions you may have on a one on one basis.

Walt Disney World is the place "where dreams come true", but at a hefty price.  Probably a higher price than most average families can afford.  Magic Kingdom during their peak season now costs $132 a day.  Here's a few more interesting facts:

According to, Magic Kingdom took in more than $48,000 in the less than 12 minutes it took me to write a few paragraphs. You can virtually watch a counter click at any given time during the day.  And on, I learned that Walt Disney World spends $41,000-$55,000 a night on Illuminations fireworks.

Why all the Disney facts?  Because Walt Disney World is alleging that I owe them $46,000 in lost admission revenue they would have earned had I not been in business.  It would be an interesting debate, if it wasn't for the fact that the seriousness of their allegations is jeopardizing my life, and my freedom.  

In essense, the State of Florida, with Walt Disney World as the victim, is charging me with violating the Florida RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act. A violation of Florida's RICO act alleges participating in an enterprise through a pattern of racketeering. The charge is a first degree felony punishable by up to 30 years in Florida State Prison. 

Yes, Walt Disney World makes $48,000 in 12 minutes at just the Magic Kingdom, and spends an estimate of $45,000 every night on fireworks at just one park, but for an alleged $46,000 loss of income, they want to take 30 years of my life.  I cannot fully discuss what they are alleging, but most of you know, and for those that kept saying "that's ridiculous", "there's no way it will ever go to court", or "What?! That's crazy!".  Here we are.  They arrested me 2 years after the alleged incidents took place, and it is a year after that, and I am scheduled to go to trial in October. 

"There's a festering problem in Florida's criminal justice system: some state prosecutors are misusing our state's racketeering laws to wring guilty pleas out of innocent people and petty criminals afraid of spending decades in prison for crimes they didn't commit." (

I am not a gang leader, I am not a drug lord, I am not an organized crime mobster, this is a complete abuse of Florida's RICO act and I have become the victim.  

I need additional legal representation, and I need it fast.  I haven't reached out for any help in the past year, because truly, none of you actually thought this would go to trial.  But, it is. Walt Disney World and the State of Florida have unlimited funds, I do not.   My parents and family exhausted their financial assistance in my $150,000 bond and initial $10,000 in attorneys fees. 

I am in need of an additional $15,000 in the next 30 days. (UPDATED 8/13/16: THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, WE HAVE RAISED THE FIRST PAYMENT NEEDED OF $3750 FOR ATTORNEY AND WILL BE TRYING TO RAISE ANOTHER $3750 IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS, THE CREDIT OF MATCHING FUNDS HAS ALSO BROUGHT OUR GOAL DOWN TO ONLY NEEDING $7500, NOT $15,000, SO WE ARE NOW HALFWAY THERE!)  If there is anyone who wants to contribute to the law firm directly, please let us know and arrangements can be made.

It seems like an unsurmountable amount of money, but breaking it down, it looks like this:

Do I know 150 people who can each donate $100?

Or 100 people who can donate $100 and 100 people who can donate $50?

Or, do I know a whole bunch of friends and family that can each donate $20?

I know I do.  So, I am praying that you don't wait for someone else on the list to make a donation, or you don't think that the next person on my list will, so you don't need to, I am asking that you please each of you reading this, will take the time to help in whatever small way you can.  It's hard enough that I have to reach out and ask, please don't let me feel like I'm being passed over.  My life literally depends on this.  

We've tried to come up with some incentives so we can give back something.  Donate openly or anonymously-you can email me for more details at I will answer any and all questions you may have.  Also, please share my story with others who may be compelled to help. I can no longer be embarrassed or fearful of my situation.  The time to act is now.

I will be forever grateful for all who can support me in my time of need.  

With Love and Gratitude,


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