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Pete & his Dad, Brian are an incredible duo, who have given their lives to rescuing dogs. Pete sadly, has torn a ligament requiring TPLO surgery & the installation of a plate at his affected joint. The estimated cost is $3500 + It's our turn to Help.

Holly's Hope was founded in 2012 - inspired by a rescued doberman named Holly. She was one of those special dogs who changed lives - especially mine. When she passed away at 11.5 yrs old, Holly's Hope was founded in her name to raise funds for animals in need. In 6 years, we have raised funds annually for 10 Ontario Farm Animal and Primate sanctuaries, Pilots N' Paws (PNPC Wings of Canadian Rescue) : an organization that transports animals in need, by air or ground to safe homes, IFAW's Northern Dogs Project (serving Free roaming societies of dogs in the James Bay Regions), Toronto Animal Services and now for the first time, we are COMPELLED to raise money for an individual dog - PETE's - surgery.

Who is Pete? ....and WHY is he so important to so many? I am Pete!Pete was bred for the Dog Fighting "Industry" and rescued by Brian Ferreria (Founder of Tyson N Friends and Co-Founder of Rescue Foodie). Brian is Pete's really special guy.  Brian's inspiration to rescue came from one of those special dogs who changes lives, as well, and his name was Tyson. He was an American Staffordshire Terrier who, 18 years ago,  took the family down a path of love, pit bull advocacy, and dog rescue. In Brian's own words, "...he made me realize what a loving life is about."  Tyson's legacy has been a drive to save lives and give a voice to the pups who are shunned simply because of their looks. Tyson N Friends is a non profit rescue organization giving dogs a second chance at finding a forever loving home. It is owned and operated by Brian (who supports it with his day job as a plumber) and a great circle of volunteers and animal advocates - all working in their spare time to save lives, bring back health and to re-home rescue dogs. (They rescue any breed who needs a home) - So lucky Pete, got rescued by a really special guy!Pete, Snoopy and Brian

Brian liberated Pete from  bikers in Ontario, who advised him that Pete would be used for fighting, or as a bait dog. Brian made sure that neither would be Pete's destiny. With Pete home safe, Brian quickly realized that this dog's demeanor would have relegated him to "bait dog" but instead, he became an absolutely vital partner in Brian's Rescue Organization, Tyson N Friends. Pete is integral to Brian's evaluations of new rescue dogs. He has the perfect temperament when meeting new dogs, He is very respectful, never fights back with aggressive dogs, but teaches and guides them with "air snaps and head butts" which makes him the perfect dog to test  others who are potentially entering the foster/adoption circle. Pete gets along great with dogs, cats, snakes and even Brian's rescued pigs.Pete represents at an anti BSL rally

Pete, now finds himself with a torn ligament, a lot of pain and a looming expensive operation.  It's our goal to spread the word and show him that for all he has done for other dogs, WE are going to lend HIM a hand this time. We are going to raise the funds for his surgery! He and Brian deserve our help.

The funds raised will go directly to Pete's surgery. Brian has consulted with a number of different and reputable veterinarians and it seems $3500 is our target. If we can raise more, the additional funds will be donated to Tyson N Friends for ongoing rescue costs. (it will also pay Fundrzr their admin fees for allowing us this fabulous platform). Brian was about to go and sell his car for Pete's surgery, but i think he has done enough for so many others, that he should keep his car and allow his community - our community - who love dogs and appreciate the work he does to save them, to collectively ease the financial  burden. Pete and Brian should both have a respite during this time.

I am asking that we all contribute what we can and if we cannot, please share this campaign far and wide. I am certain we can do this and i feel compelled to help a "boy and his dog" who have given so much (emotionally and financially) to so many others. It's their turn to say "thank you for your help."  I know how much your gift will be appreciated.Pete

A few final things about Pete.....

• He saved Brian from an attack.

• He is Best friend in the world to Brian's young niece.Pete and his BFF

• He stopped Brian's car from leaving for an emergency rescue, because his mate snoopy was "missing in action" in the park - Brian says his "heart stopped". He hadn't realized Snoopy was not in the car. Frantic he searched, and Pete ran into the bushes and came out minutes later with his mate, snoopy. (moving Brian to tears)Pete and his Dad

• He's an exceptionally sweet soul, and everyone who has ever met him, has totally fallen for him.Pete and Snoopy...and Santa








LITTLE FRANKLIN AND SOPHIE Metoo and Sassy sending their love!Metoo and SassyHi Pete! My name is Bennie and me and my family, Kathryn and Dianne are sending our best. This is me resting after a foot injury. I wish you a speedy recovery with sunshine and grass. Bennie Bennie

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