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Hello builders, makers, hackers and energy tycoons! This is Mateusz from the Sky is High Crowdfunding. Our product is a niche platform designed to assist in the co-development of open-sourced New Energy technologies. We have just released a beta version:

Now it is possible to contribute to open-source energy technology campaigns.

This is just the beginning. Our own "Enterprise Activation Campaign" is a project by which we plan to raise funds for the final stage of website development. We need your assistance. Be a part of the movement and help us raise $650 for the activation of the Enterprise version of The Sky is High!

We are not implementing future competition with our host, the excellent Fundrazr, or any other platform. We simply wish to offer specialized services to people who require deeper understanding of open digital financing in the field of New Energy technologies.

An extended version of this platform would enable the public to create their own projects.

This campaign for has two stretch goals totalling another $400. I need your further support for coding and social media extensions. Deeper functionality is essential to high standards for maintaining a world-class crowdfunding portal in the New Energy sector. I hope that by transparently demonstrating completed work I can gain your trust that I have the skill and motivation to complete the coding for this platform with your financial backing.

Over an extended period of time I could finance this myself but together we can complete this sooner. I have already spent weeks without pay in order to register this business and develop a platform. Some of the steps already taken in the development process include:

Registration of the business.
Creation of a new bank account.
Creation of a verified Paypal business payment gateway.
Registration of as a domain.
Installation of WordPress as a Content Management System for its global reputation.
Purchase of the IgnitionDeck Plugin with the shortcodes.
Purchase of the Backer WordPress Theme with its shortcodes.
Initial concept design (reviewed principles, CSS, Google Fonts, Colors, Layout…etc)
Selection of significant content (text, image, video)
Code upgrades
Creation of initial Campaigns
Creation of Publicity Videos
Creation of Social Media Accounts

This is a “Keep It All” campaign (flexible funding) which means I keep all the monies received independently of the goal amount and timeframe. I believe there are many people out there who can contribute a small amount towards the full activation of the platform. These contributions can easily total the $650 needed. In this way you can also support our family business.

This is a 14 day campaign. There are small rewards based on your level of contribution. These we will deliver shortly after we reach the goal. The expected launch date for the Enerprise version of The Sky is High is mid October 2016.

Finally, if there are any features you would like to see on this crowdfunding platform please let us know. A success in this campaign means that we are working together in the New Energy movement.

See you in the sky!


The white-label IgnitionDeck Enterprise solution is a coding structure developed by IgnitionDeck, the inventors of self-hosted crowdfunding. With the Enterprise version of The Sky is High it becomes possible to have a custom front-end registration form that can be easily added to our navigation menu so that project creators can get started in seconds. It is the only professional grade crowdfunding platform for our content management system, backed by a high quality support team.

Creator profiles are prominently displayed on each project page so that backers can learn more about each project creator, a factor which increases trust and project marketability. Project designers have the choice of fixed funding, flexible funding, or both. The back-end is powered by top integrative functionality such as Stripe or PayPal among others.

Here is a preview of the Enterprise backend for The Sky is High:

A Preview


Enterprise Activation: the main crowdfunding campaign.
$650 CAD for the IgnitionDeck Enterprise. The activation costs $450 USD but The Sky is High already uses a purchased product from IgnitionDeck therefore our Enterprise version is discounted at $400 USD, which is $525 CAD. We have added an additional 25% margin for fees, taxes and the perks we provide. Please see the “extensions” list below for the technical details of the upgrade. A preview is also available. 

This campaign for the $650 Enterprise Activation has two stretch goals:

First Stretch Goal: coding.
$300 CAD for the necessary custom coding of the Paypal transaction structure. The Sky is High also requires design attention in order to provide the strongest possible support for the campaigns. The basic aspects of design which need completion include the logo, typography, layout, color scheme, and some aspects of the interface (navigation) and interaction (psychological experience). In the near future on a seperate campaign we expect to translate the platform into polish due to a strong demand, and then into other languages.

Second Stretch Goal: publicity for launch.
 CAD for social media channel programming. The Sky is High requires social media content creation and broadcasting in preparation for the official launch date.


When The Sky is High activates the Enterprise version, the platform will then include new powerful extensions.

Enterprise Solutions


The following is a list of integrated functionality which will also be activated on the platform. This is essential to high standards in a world-class crowdfunding portal in the New Energy sector.

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Reward Levels
Reward Level Limits
Unlimited Project Categories
Never Ending Campaigns and Limited Timeframe Campaigns
Keep-It-All Campaigns and All or Nothing Campaigns
Social Project Sharing
Custom Deck Builder
Project Display Grid
Project FAQs
Project Updates
Project Sharing Widget
Embed Campaign Video
Extensive Admin Rights
Orders Export
Translation Ready
Currency Code
Theme Independent
Extensive Hooks and Filters
One-Click Updates
Payment Gateways: Stripe, Paypal, Lemon, Coinbase,, First Data
Guest Checkout
Terms & Conditions on Checkout
Restrictive Member Access
Digital Delivery
Product Upgrade
Pathways Credits/Virtual Currency
Send Message to Group
Member Creation at Checkout
Member Dashboard + Dashboard Purchases
Member Public & Private Name
Product Renewals
CSV Full Data Export
Email as Username
Offline Payments
Instant Payments
Recurring Payments
Pre-Order Payments
Mailchimp Mailing List Integration
Sendgrid Transactional Email and Mandrill Transactional Email
Disable WordPress Toolbar
Amazon S3 Integration
HTTPS activation on Checkout


If there are any features you would like to see on this crowdfunding platform please let us know through any of our public social media channels listed on our contact page or send us a message in the comments section for this campaign.


Be a part of the Enterprise Activation for The Sky is High Crowdfunding. We are campaigning to finance the front-end dashboard and project submission area, making it possible for the public to submit campaign projects and create backer profiles. Your assistance is the co-development that is much appreciated at this time.


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Presents from the family include an item from the R. family store, a guitar composition from M. and a drawing from F.  Also includes all rewards from lower levels.
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A personal connection with the family and business for the first year of operations. Be the first to know what we know and listen to the decision making process. Also includes all rewards from lower levels.
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The Sky Level
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Support the vision from up front or from the sky. You are a philanthropist and you understand what you are doing. Also includes all rewards from lower levels.
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