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Hi. My name is Joey Lott.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you already know me or are familiar with me and what I do.

But in the off chance that you have found this because somebody shared it with you, let me briefly tell you that should you wish to know something more about me, you can see my personal site at or Google my name and find information about me pretty easily.

This fundraiser is intended to raise funds to help cpver the medical bills for a dog I found today.

He is a large, neutered male dog with long, thick white hair and blue eyes. I am not good at recognizing most dog breeds, but my best guess is he is at least part husky.

I came upon the dog as I was driving north on I-25 near the Bernal, New Mexico exit.

I saw him lying in the median between the northbound and southbound lanes.

He was lying upright, which was surreal because I do not generally expect to see a large dog lying apparently calmly in the median of the interstate highway.

I pulled over and crossed into the median. As I approached he remained calm and just looked at me with his blue eyes.

I reached down and touched him. He did not startle or seem adverse to me touching him.

I inspected him, and I found a small amount of blood on his rear leg, but I did not see any obvious or serious injuries.

On further inspection, it seemed fairly obvious that one of his read legs had been snapped. It was complletely limp.

I attempted to pick him up, but he yelped in pain. Plus, he is quite heavy, and I was concerned about being able to make it across the lane carrying him by myself as cars whizzed by at 80 mph.

So I waved down a car. A man helped me to carry the dog to my car and lay him in back.

I drove on to Las Vegas, New Mexico where I called information to find a vet or animal care center in the area.

I found one animal hospital with emergency care. I called the emergency number,and the vet agreed to meet me at the hospital.

He said that he would not charge me to euthanize the dog. But it seemed to me that the dog was still quite strong. Other than his broken leg, I believed he was otherwise physically okay.

So for $215 the vet agreed to look at the dog and determine if he was likely to recover and the extent of the injuries.

I continued on my errand. An hour later, the vet called me and told me that he had examined the dog and performed some x-rays, and he said that the dog appeared to be in good shape with no other injuries except a complete break of his rear, right leg.

The cost to perform the surgery to place a pin in the dog's leg and allow him to heal and recover is $2000.

My family does not currently have $2000 to spare. So I am hoping to raise the funds.

I am asking for $2500, which will cover the initial $215 cost plus the $2000 cost for the surgery and aftercare as well as the fundraising fees (5%).

I am sorry that I do not have any photos of the dog. I have an old filp-phone without a camera and I do not carry a camera on me. So I was not able to get photos of the dog.

But if you saw him, your heart would melt.

Please help with anything you can give. Every dollar helps.

And although the likelihood of people who don't know me contributing is low, if you know of people who might want to contribute, please so share this and vouch for my integrity if you feel moved to do so.

Unfortunately, I don't know what the next step is once the dog recovers (assuming he does). I don't think my family can take another dog in right now. And New Mexico has a major problem with unwanted dogs, so it's complicated.

But I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I intend to try to get the word out in case he is wanted and simply went missing. That is a possibility since he is neutered, healthy, and wearing a collar (though no tags).

I'm not getting my hopes up for that. But it is a possibility. And if that doesn't work out, I will do my best to figure out the next steps to find him a new home.

If you or somebody you know lives near the Bernal exit on I-25 in New Mexico, please help get the word out. And contact me at

Thank you for your help.

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