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Conspiracy files volume 3 description

Conspiracy files volume 3 is the most important conspiracy file release to date.

A good friend's mom was a major political figure who worked very hard to stop the communist takeover of the United States. During a visit to her home after a long road trip with this friend in 2010 I came across an issue of an all but banned and therefore very obscure publication. The issue of this publication I found outlined the heart of the conspiracy against Western civilization so well I immediately photographed it in it's entirety. I knew she knew about things and had contacts few people have, and I knew this publication was one of the last great vestiges of what America once was. This month's conspiracy files consists of a large amount of materials from a publication that is totally banned online. Though their domain is still there, you won't find it in a search on any search engine (at least I could not.)


I was able to get ahold of the owner and get permission to present an issue I came across and photographed in 2010.  This edition is the one that is available on the Conspiracy files volume 3 on CD.

Conspiracy files volume 3 online will contain:

1. A well done exploration into a majority of the Ashkenazi and other European rooted Jews having neanderthal roots. This is actually true, and they consider themselves superior because of it. This issue clearly explains why a majority of the Jews have a lot less empathy for others than any other race, and have no compunctions about being ridiculously destructive to accomplish their agendas.


2. A flawless and extensive report on the Bolshevik takeover of Russia

3. The destruction of Christian shrines in Israel and their goal of dominating the holy land. (this is a topic I have covered repeatedly)

4. Proof the Protocols are not a forgery, including their history and where they really came from.

5. The story of the Khazars, with documented proof it is not a hoax as has been attempted to be stated by internet trolls doing clean up of a topic.

6. A great writing by Winston Churchill (1920) that proves Winston Churchill hated the Jews and was trying to save Britain from them, but that he was eventually subverted.

7. An examination of Judaism's own problem with religious and racial hatred.

8. An expose of Jewish scholars proclaiming a future New World Order in which the Jewish people will reign supreme.


And much more.

In addition to what is above, I will do a recap of a key experience I had with the Jewish community, which will additionally confirm that everything in this is true. Most readers of this web site have already heard a lot about these topics, and this publication nails them down with irrefutable documented proof.



You have heard a lot of these things before. Now you can have them documented, with detail you have never seen before.

This edition of the conspiracy files will be a re-establishment of the root of truth about the Jews and their efforts to destroy us. It is my hope these topics will echo across the web, and re-awaken people who have been put to sleep by the recent Jewish efforts to portray Muslims as the problem. No Muslim gets into any nation to cause problems unless a Jew puts that Muslim there, it is time to get back in touch with who the enemy really is.



Any donation of $10 or more will get you access to this month's conspiracy files, Click here to donate, Thank you very much to those who help!

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