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On July 4th, 2020 (the year that keeps giving), our rental house caught fire. The fire was due to faulty wiring and a garage that was not up to code. There was extensive fire damage to the garage, and the smoke damage has rendered the house unliveable.

We have paid over $4000 in hotel bills alone. Our property management company told us yesterday to pick up a check. When we got there, it was for July rent ONLY, less the four days I lived there. They paid no per diem; according to them, my rent is the per diem. It doesn’t even cover half of one room in a hotel that has taught my nine years old what someone smoking percs smells like. My lease is still in effect. They stated they would refund our security deposit, and we can sign off on the lease after the house is cleaned and passes inspection. The house has no power. It is 113 degrees in Phoenix right now. It has sat empty, and there is only a metal door on the front. Yesterday a strange cat was upstairs when I stopped by. They were supposed to call us back about this again. They have not again. My fridge has sat and is ruined, the house reeks. The 1st is in three days; I can not clean out that house, nor should I have to. I lost everything, our clothes were by and large in the garage, and we have to replace everything. I have to move my beds and furniture and try to get the smell out, or we have nothing to sleep on when we do find a house.

Is this legal? No. Have I reviewed this with attorneys? Two. Have I reached out to local housing bodies that handle this? Yep. People think, “that’s not legal” means something. In my income bracket, it means you are screwed. Did I have renters insurance? No. Some weeks I don’t know if I will make bills.

My daughter came down from Ohio, and we planned to rent an RV so we would have somewhere stable, cheaper, and mobile. Therefore, we could add some travel beauty in this nightmare. We have gone through every possible plan and scenario, and unfortunately, the RV is the only option there is. Both logistically and economically. Because during all of this, Evan has school, and I have college. We are now homeless, eating up the money we have for a new house in hotel rooms trying to get night to night. I have to pay for the RV up front, and I will have most of it in a few days. My mom won money we will get at some point in time. I have financial aid coming in. I have money to do all of this, but if I do not find a way to recoup this rental fiasco. And I can not get cash in hand. I will fall into a pit, and I can not climb out.

I started to rise two years ago. I know I should have done it sooner. Life is hard, yo. I have fought and clawed throughout these years. I can not lose. Not now.

I have two days to get this done. After the leasing company tries to screw me on an eviction, a court filing, cleaning fees, and buries me in thousands of dollars in debt. I have to escape this circle. I was almost home free.

The law is not for people like me. The law is used to hurt people like me.

I always come back better; sometimes, I need help to fight.

Please help. Thank you. For all of your support, every single message and kind word was needed. It has all been felt. I am drained, and keeping together is a job. I'm down. Never out.

Cashapp: $Momtasticical
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**The rental company skimped the check they owed my mom so now we're fucked and back at square one with leaving.

I would really appreciate anyone's help on this and boosting it. The longer we wait the more we spend on hotels and it's really hard to get ahead.


Part of my mom's home caught fire kn the fourth of July. We're trying to gather funds to replace lost items, find shelter while the fire is under investigation, and for food in the mean time.

For items lost in fire;

Cash app $patriciastrehle

Venmo is Patricia-Strehle







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