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Liver transplantation for my sister Halima
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Dear Friends:

This page is launched to help my beautiful and loving sister Halima, who has a liver cirrhosis and is in urgent need of a new liver.

Our Parents:

Mom passed away due to liver cirrhosis in 1997 at the age of 35. "Dad" left us for good in 1991. We couldn't save mom for many reasons, including because it was too expensive to make liver transplantation happen. With your contributions we can save my sister.  


Halima is just twenty-seven years old. Despite all difficulties in her life, she is always optimistic, always smiling, strong and selfless, her heart is pure.

All her life she has been working not because she didn’t have any dreams for higher education or she was being highly compensated for her work (she wasn’t), but because of our family situation and social values, she was left behind.

As a child she had to work at our grandpa’s farm for no pay. Then she had to work for one of our relatives at the bazaar, being forced to pay them a high daily payment even though the place didn’t make that much profit. She had to borrow to compensate this artificially created deficit, and that got her into a debt.

Liver cirrhosis

In 2008, she left (Turkmenistan) to Turkey to work as a domestic worker to repay "her" debt. And she did repay all of it.

In 2012, she was diagnosed with a liver cirrhosis, unfortunately, due to various barriers, she didn’t reveal it to others or me in fear of "upsetting" and "burdening" us with her problems.

Only when (Jan, 2014) her health failed to a critical point, I was informed of the situation. I got Halima out of work and asked a friend to let her stay in their house. We started searching for a donor and identified a potential living donor.

Our living liver donor:

Thankfully, our cousin, 20 years old, has the same blood type and agreed to be a donor. He also resides in there as a migrant worker. But now doctors need to evaluate him further and confirm that he’s a complete match.

My travel to Turkey:

I'm in Albany, NY and am planning to visit my sister March 17, and oversee her surgery as soon as the donor is confirmed.

(I'm in Istanbul with my sister now since March 17).   

This is a small scale humanitarian crisis.

My sister and cousin are kids working as migrant domestic workers in a foreign country where they’ll have a risky surgery. They have minimal or no rights and can be deported or mistreated, so I have to be there. I’m contacting local non-profits and international organizations in Istanbul to see if they can be of any help now or later. I’ll keep you posted.

The Surgery Cost:

Halima doesn’t have an insurance and must pay everything herself. We must pay 50.000 USD just for the operation. This doesn’t include travel expenses, rehabilitation and medication before and after the operation. We’ll have to cover the living donor’s expenses as well.

You're the Hope:

I hope you're having a really good day, and if you're not, just know that now you have an opportunity to change that: by giving you receive.

You can receive by giving as much as you can, by sharing our campaign on social media and in your community, by praying for her and donor’s quick recovery.

Your hope is needed now.

Please click the "Give" link on this page to raise hope for Halima that will go 100% to her health care needs. Please be generous. Please know that we will give back. 

Alternative to this site, if you have a paypal account, you can just send via paypal.



The news aren't good: Halima has weeks to go. Her doctor said the surgery should be done this month. But since she's "yabanci" (foreigner) they won't do anything unless we pay all the money upfront. I'd like to thank those who gave, those who are considering to give, those who are collecting money in their communities, and those who offered other help. Thank you.

Even a small amount is appreciated and will quickly add up. And please share the page on your facebook timeline, twitter, anywhere you can. Sharing is helpful.

Here is her doctor’s email that I received on February 3, 2014.

“Dear Rustem NIYAZOV,

 Your sister has decompensated liver cirrhosis due to hepatitis B and hepatitis D viral infections. As she developed marked ascites and leg edema her liver disease know is on advanced stage. There is no effective medical treatment for viral hepatitis D especially in this advanced stage of liver disease. She is now a candidate for liver transplantation because of her advanced liver disease. In Turkey she only has a chance for living related liver transplantation with living donor and it will costs about 150.000 USD. I think she can have a chance for cadaveric liver transplantation in USA because cadaveric liver transplantation much more common in USA. I hope this information is helpful for you. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything more when you need it.

Prof.Yılmaz Çakaloğlu

Gastroenterology-Hepatology, Memorial Hospital


"Просим всех своих читателей и друзей помочь Халиме Ниязовой – 27-летней гражданке Туркменистана оказавшейся в сложной жизненной ситуации. На фоне гепатита Б и Д у Халимы развился цирроз, ей необходима срочная операция по пересадке печени. Такой диагноз ей поставили турецкие врачи. В Турции Халима, как и тысячи наших соотечественников, живет и работает без документов уже несколько лет. Соответственно у нее нет медицинской страховки, поэтому все расходы по пересадке органа, а это 50 тысяч долларов, ей нужно оплачивать самостоятельно. Турецкие врачи согласны на проведение операции, если получат предоплату в 10 тысяч. Без предоплаты операция не состоится, так как Халима не является гражданкой Турции.

Донор уже найден – ее 20-летний двоюродный брат. Ее родной брат Рустам занимается поиском необходимых средств в США. Больше родственников у Халимы нет: мать скончалась также от цирроза печени в 1997 году в возрасте 35 лет, а отец покинул семью в начале девяностых. Рустам уже обратился в различные фонды и организации по оказанию помощи малоимущим людям, которым требуется немедленная медицинская помощь. Помимо этого, на сайте он создал кампанию по привлечению средств от обычных неравнодушных людей. На сегодняшний день собрано чуть больше 3000 долларов. Сейчас Халима принимает 9 видов лекарств, на что ежемесячно уходит до 500 долларов. Еще около 6 тысяч долларов ушло на анализы и обследование, эти деньги родные взяли в долг.

«Диагноз Халиме поставили еще в 2012 году, но вплоть до января этого года она скрывала его ото всех – не хотела никого «расстраивать» и «загружать» своими проблемами, - говорит Рустам. – Только сейчас, когда ее состояние ухудшилось, она рассказала о болезни мне».

Рустам держит связь с ее врачом. По словам доктора, операция должна быть сделана как можно скорее, в марте, поскольку состояние девушки ухудшается с каждым днем, Халима еле передвигается и тяжело дышит. 17 марта Рустам летит в Турцию, чтобы быть рядом со своей сестрой.

Как ВЫ можете помочь?

1. Перечислить деньги (PayPal, кредитной или дебитной картой) на сайте 
2. Помочь найти благотворительные организации, которые занимаются вопросами оказания помощи больным
3. Помочь организовать медицинскую страховку
4. Поделиться этим сообщением со своими друзьями и знакомыми

По всем вопросам оказания помощи Халиме обращайтесь к ее брату Рустаму, по почте или по телефону в США +1-479-595-5520.

Давайте вместе спасем жизнь человеку!"

Sayın Rüstem Niyazov,

Sizin kız kardeşiniz Halime Niyazova hepatit B ve hepatit D (Delta) virusuna bağlı kronik hepatit (karaciğer iltihabı) sonucu gelişen bir ilerlemiş siroz hastası. İlerlemiş siroz dememizin sebebi karın boşluğunda su toplanması ("ascites") ve bacaklarında şişme olmasıdır. Hepatit B üzerine eklenen hepatit D dominant infeksiyon haline geliyor ve maalesef etkili bir ilaç tedavisi yok. Özellikle hastalığın bu aşamasında Hepatit D Virusuna yönelik etkili tek ilaç olan Pegile Interferon alfa kullanılamaz ve yararlı da olmaz. Bu sebeple hastanın bu aşamadan sonra tek gerçek tedavisi karaciğer naklidir. Türkiye'de karaciğer nakli olması ancak ve ancak canlı vericisi olmasına bağlı... Ayrıca böyle bir nakil için 150.000 USD gerekiyor. Amerika'da kadavra donör havuzu daha geniş, bu sebeple orda kadaverik donörden nakil imkanı olabilir. Özetle durum bundan ibarettir. Selamlar. Prof.Dr.Yılmaz Çakaloğlu

Human Rights Watch:  

“Tens of millions of women and girls around the world are employed as domestic workers in private households. They clean, cook, care for children, look after elderly family members, and perform other essential tasks for their employers. Despite their important role, they are among the most exploited and abused workers in the world. They often work 14 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week, for wages far below the minimum wage... Children and migrant domestic workers are often the most vulnerable.”




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