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Sunni-Mae Sky Dive Terms:

The Event: 

We are organizing a group charity skydive event in aid of the Sunni Mae Trust & childhood cancer Neuroblastoma. 

To be held at the start of spring Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of March 2014 at the Hinton Skydiving Centre, Hinton in the Hedges Airfield, Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN13 5NS.

The cost of one tandem skydive with instructor, on either day is £200 per person. How-ever, you can chose to either pay the full cost of the jump yourself, or raise all or part of the cost through sponsorship (see Payment Options section), plus a minimum £80 for the charity. Note: A £50 deposit is required to book your place by 20th December. So get raising!! 


  1. Read all the Terms set out below, so you are aware of any restrictions which may apply to you.
  2. Download and print off all relevant forms, found in the Sunni-Mae Sponsor pack below..
  3. If you are under 18 or over 40 years of age, then fill out the necessary forms included in your pack and get them signed off ready to bring with you on the day.
  4. Click on the GIVE button on the top of this page to pay a £50 deposit.  (See Payment Options section for more payment methods)
  5. Inform us which day you would like to jump, either by leaving a comment, or join our Facebook page here... Sunni Mae Skydive Challenge - Please LIKE! where you can send us a message. 
  6. You can also join our Facebook events pages found on our FB page or join the public event here... Saturday 22nd March Event Page or Sunday 23rd March Event Page
  7. Collect your sponsorship money by printing off the Sunni Mae Sponsorship Form found in your Sunni Mae Download pack
  8. If you would like to collect sponsorship online, and share to your other social network sites, then you can register on the website, and add yourself to the SunniMaeSkydivers team page.  
  9. Ensure you complete and bring with you on the day, your sponsorship form, any parental or medical forms and all sponsor money collected offline, as well as the outstanding payment to complete the total cost of your jump (See Payment Options section).


Almost anyone can experience the thrill of a skydive, but there are a few restrictions you will need to be aware of first!…

  • There is a Maximum weight limit of 15 stone (95 Kilos)
  • Those aged 40+ must fill out the Declaration_of_Fitness and then get it signed and stamped by a doctor
  • Minimum age is 16 with parental consent required for 16 & 17 year olds
  • Those with medical conditions, recent or recurring injuries or who are taking regular medication should call Skyline (Hinton Skydiving Centre) in advance on 01295 812 300 or email them at with any medical concerns. 
  • Please book your place before December 20th 2013. Note; Spaces may still be available from that date, on an opportunity basis. 
  • There are two booking in times - Morning arrivals are between 8.00am to 8.30am for a 9.00am start and the afternoon is: 12.00pm to 12.30pm for a 13.00pm start.  
  • To secure your place, we will require a £50 deposit well in advance to the event via the payment options explained under Payment Options section.
  • The Minimum amount you are required to raise for the Charity is 40% or £80
  • There is a limit of 60 people who can jump in any one day, so places are limited so don't hang about & miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity!... BOOK EARLY!

Sponsorship & Forms:

You may download the charity pack, containing all the necessary forms and information, ready to bring with you on the day of your jump.

Click on the below link to download your 'SUNNI-MAE CHARITY SPONSORSHIP PACK'


Inside the Sunni-Mae Sponsor Pack:  (in PDF format)

  1. Sunni_Mae_Sponsorship_Form.pdf
  2. Parental_Consent_Form.pdf (for 16 & 17 year olds)
  3. Declaration_of_Fitness.pdf (for anyone 40 years of age or above)
  4. SunniMae_Terms.pdf 
  5. Directions_to_Hinton_SkyDive_Centre
  6. (Contains all of the above in .zip)
  7. SunniMae_Wristband_Badge (Can be used for online sponsorship image)
  8. Register_for_Online_Sponsorship_Instructions

Alternatively, we can forward your pack by post or in a .ZIP file by email.  We can also send you the pack in .doc (Word) format if required.

Please email or use the message link on our facebook page, using the subject title ‘Sky Dive' with the postal address you’d like us to send it to. We will try to respond ASAP. 

You will be required to fill in the relevant boxes, on your sponsorship form, to include your full name, chosen payment % option, (explained under Payment Options) how you paid your deposit, i.e. online or by post & how much in total you have raised, both on and offline.

Payment Options:


A deposit of £50 is required upfront to secure your place.  Please use the GIVE button found at the top of this page Or alternately, you can send us a Personal Cheque, Bankers Drafts, Company Cheques, Building Society Cheques or Postal Orders. Please email or message us, using the contact links for the forwarding address & who to make it payable too. 

Sky-Dive Payment Options:

The cost of a tandem skydive, on either days; Saturday March 22nd or Sunday March 23rd is £200 per person

You can either chose to pay 100% of the cost of your tandem skydive (£200) or partly raise the money through sponsorship, either 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%. E.g. 75% means  you agree to pay £150 for your jump yourself. 50% would be £100 or 25% is £50 deposit, and then raise the remaining balance by collecting sponsorship. 

Complete the appropriate % payment option boxes, found at the top of your Sunni Mae Sponsor form, including your full name & how much you have raised, both on and offline. 

There is also an obligation to raise a further £80 for charity. Please Don't let this put you off!!! This should be easily achievable... most people know more people than they first think! Honestly!... Sit down & write a list of people you know, who you can ask! There's really no harm in asking! not to mention its a great way to get in touch with long lost friends! 

Example.. In my first week of shoving it under people's noses, (a handful of family members and a few team mates at work) I have already raised the full cost of my jump! additionally I have started to raise sponsorship online from my fb friends! & I still have 150+ days left to go! So get out there & mingle!..  Be direct! What's the worst they can say?.. No!.. Well then! They're certainly not going to think bad of you are they?..

Also, if you fall way short of raising enough money offline, there is a get out clause! If you change your mind before the 20th Dec, then, just don't collect any of your sponsorship money.. (May exclude online sponsorship - please check their refund policy) At least you raised awareness & had a go! The £50 deposit is refundable before the Dec deadline and then transferable there after. 

It's such a great cause, and an amazing experience... one you'll probably never forget! at one of the most highly recommend skydiving centres with one of the most professional accredited teams there is! 

On the Day

Hand in all forms, including your completed sponsorship form and all sponsorship money collected offline, along with the remaining cost of your sky-dive to the administration team upon arrival. 

This can be paid by cash, cheque, postal order or bankers draught but cannot be post-dated!

Note: If paying by Cheque, please write the correct number of cheques for the amount payable. For example if £150.00 is due and you have a £50 cheque guarantee card then you will need to write 3 cheques. No cheque guarantee card required.  If someone else is writing/guaranteeing cheques on your behalf ensure your name (i.e. the participant's name) is clearly written on the reverse of the cheque.

Separate the money you are using to complete your outstanding payment on your jump, out of the sponsorship money raised, and then add it to the relevant % option amount you agreed to pay for your jump, so the total amount due to complete payment on your sky-dive on the day will be £150.

Ensure you have raised a minimum of 40% (£80) for charity! (Includes all online sponsorship raised too remember!)

If you have any concerns about any of this, anytime up to the day of your jump, then please email who will be happy to talk you through it and put your mind at rest! 

Online Fundraising 

Any funds raised using an online fundraising charity page, (excluding the Fundrazr 'GIVE' button link on our website), will NOT be used as part payment towards the cost of your jump.

Please ensure you either raise enough funds 'Offline' using the paper sponsorship forms to pay any outstanding cost on your skydive before the day of your jump!.

Ireland Online Fundraising Website

You can sign up for an on-line sponsorship account on 

Click Start Fundraising and select Personal Challenge the follow the online instructions.  Once you've registered and created your fundraising page, then you can share to your twitter or facebook account to collect donations.

Once registered, please ensure you join the Sunni Mae Skydive team page.. SunniMaeSkydivers, so we can keep track of total funds raised

Find group here…

IMPORTANT: This website is in Ireland, so will be displayed in € (euro's), please inform any donators that they may incur a small exchange rate fee from their bank and to check with them prior to donating online should this should be an issue.

UK Online Fundraising Websites

UK Fundraising Website: You can now register for a fundraiser account on to share to social networking sites to collect donations. Please join the team page called SunniMaeSkydivers which will give us a running total of all online sponsorship raised.


For all enquiries about this event, please email the

For any medical or other concerns regarding skydiving, you can call Skyline (Hinton Skydiving Centre) on 01295 812 300 who will be happy to assist or email them at 


Sunni Mae Skydive Challenge Pages

You can also join the facebook pages to keep up to date with news surrounding these events, as well as upload and view photos taken, as well as finding out how much was raised. 

Sunni Mae Skydive Challenge - Please LIKE!

Saturday 22nd March Event Page

Sunday 23rd March Event Page


Sunni Mae Festival Page

You can also check out our Sunni Mae Festival page, which is our very successful sell out, yearly event, held in Willington, Derby, UK, now in its 2nd year running, which hosts tons or really good bands, artists, dance acts, music/food/beer tents as well as loads of entertainment for all ages. (Children are welcome). The date for the 2014 festival will be announced soon!

Sunni Mae Festival:\SunniMaeFestival

About the Charity

Sunni Mae Charity Trust

The Sunni Mae Trust was founded in Ireland, to help a little girl called Lily-Mae Morrison who had stage 4 Neuroblastoma. This is a rare form of cancer that affects 1 in 100,000 children. Lily-Mae is now 5 years old; she loves dinosaurs and dancing, and lives in Claregalway, Ireland with her parents Jude and Leighton (who also like dancing). Leighton was originally from Derby in the UK and so together, their family and friends have since been campaigning to raise money and awareness.
Neuroblastoma is a very rare and aggressive childhood cancer, usually only affecting children under the age of 5. There is little known about this cancer, and there is little funding available to help research that ever elusive cure.

Neuroblastoma’s mortality rate is extremely high at 70%, but this is decreasing all the time with new treatment and trials taking place in prevention, as often patients relapse, and to date, both in the UK and Ireland, there is no treatment available once this happens. Once a child relapses, the only option would be for them to get treatment abroad, i.e. America or Germany mainly, at the cost of £500,000!

I am happy to report that last month, Lily-Mae and her family received the great news that she is now in remission, after a year and a half of aggressive chemo. She is now flying out to Michigan in the USA every few weeks, as part a medical trial which will hopefully prevent her from relapsing.

This would not have been achievable without your help and support, for that we are all eternally grateful!!

If Lily-Mae is successful in surviving this terrible disease, then all money raised will joyfully be donated to the Neuroblastoma Organisation to help research and support other families going through the same nightmare.

Please check out the official Sunni Mae Trust website @

See the video at: Tiny Dancer Song Released Nov 2012

'Tiny Dancer - A Song for Lily Mae' is a Charity Single released in November 2012, sung by over a 250 strong choir & crew of singers, artists, including some well known west endstars and celebrities, became a huge hit, which reached no.1 in the iTunes chart in several countries, was the fastest selling single of 2013 in Ireland where it spent 2 weeks at no.1 and only behind ‘Live Aid’ was the biggest charity single ever released in Ireland.

(Cover of the Elton John song Tiny Dancer, written by Bernie Turpin who often mention their support on his website 

Help us get to Christmas No.1 Past Campaign YouTube Campaign

Sunni Mae Merchandise

If you would like to purchase any Sunni Mae merchandise, such as the recently released Tiny Dancer book (a collection of short stories inspired by Lily-Mae), Charity Sky-dive t-shirts (available for pre-order only), Wristbands and Tiny Dancer CD's/LP’s will also be available to purchase on the day. All merchandise will be handed to you on the day of your jump, unless otherwise agreed.


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