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by Kayla Kromer

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You all are amazing! You have contributed more than enough for the boys to get through the month!
Watch out for future indiegogos ?, shows (did you see the new show Rage Select on YouTube?!)(and newdeadly debates soon! )

So much love!
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Finished Aug 4, 2013

Our friends have lost their jobs.
We are not upset at Spill.com!
More than anything, we want our friends who are still there to be able to make a living from making us smile!

However, Spill was the majority(if not all) of the income for these wonderful friends.

And, as they transition into their new lives, and job search... (How many Scotch-soaked Videogame player openings are on monster?)
... I want to be there for these men who have taken care of me WITHOUT HESITATION EVER, as best I can.

I dont have a lot, but I figure, a lot of all of our not a lots will help these guys way more than you know, or they would ever let on. My goal, won't cover all 4 salaries, but it will at least cover some basics.

And, if you have a job, 4 of the funniest, most professional humans I know are ready to be snatched right up!
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