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We are looking for help to get him the greatest treatment ever at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He will have to stay sometimes for a few days in a hotel and we Can not even afford all that to be completely ...
We are looking for help to get him the greatest treatment ever at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He will have to stay sometimes for a few days in a hotel and we Can not even afford all that to be completely honest. My dad's Insurance will not cover his Medical expenses and he really wants to go there were they have more equiment and treatments available. We want the best for him and no money to help. This is the real deal and we arent looking for handouts, just donations from the kindness of peoples hearts, Im sure if you were in the same boat you would understand! Please please help anyway you can by even donating
$1.00, $5.00, $10.00 or however much you like!

We greatly appreciate every one of you who are really helping make a difference and saving my dads life!!

I wanted to introduce my father Rodney Warner Sr. He just turned 61 years old on April 25th 2013. He has been married to my mom Patricia
for over 30 years and has 4 children and 14 grandchildren. My Mother and I started this page to honor my father Rodney but also to possibly get help for his treatment.

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So in 2010 we started noticing my dad was coughing to the point he would cough of blood and sometimes blood clots. We encouraged him to see the doctor and usually they said it was pneumonia or bronchitis mostly, so they would give him
antiboitics and send him home. That would help with the overall infection but never would it stop his coughing up blood ordeal. We could never understand what was going on. I checked out a brochure I seen at the doctors office once about COPD and turned out he actually had all the syptoms of it, and My family and I encourage him yet again to seek medical attention.
He always had trouble breathing and ended up in the ER with low oxygen levels and upon wanting to keep him overnight, he usually said NO and leave (hes very stubborn). Finally after nearly a year passes and the lung doctor said he needed to get a Endoscopy to check his lungs to really see whats going on what why hes coughing up blood so much. Well we kind of knew in our hearts it possibly was cancer cause hes also a very heavy smoker! So the day came, December 28th 2011 my mom and I along with my 4 kids went to the hospital with my dad to get an outpatient Endoscopy done.
The doctor came out and I can see by the look on her face it wasnt good, And she had pictures with her and confirmed it was 100% lung cancer. The tumor was at the bottom left lobe of his lung. We were devastated and broke down in tears. Immedititly we called family and friends up to tell them the horrible news. Once my dad was alert more, we went inside and told him the news, I ran off to the restroom crying and he just knew it was bad. But my dad held it together and stayed strong not shedding 1 single tear. He said " I am a fighter and will kick cancers ass, Im not going No where".
Hearing that gave us alot of hope. My dad then started Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment. He became pretty sick from it, losing his hair and losing alot of weight rather quickly. I was so upset to see him going thru so much but kept my faith up that he would get thru this ALIVE and WELL. Long behold October 2012 he was given the news that he was in Remission (CANCER FREE)!! talk about a miracle, I couldnt believe what I was hearing to be honest. I was so beyond happy as well as my family and friends. I thought this was going to finally be it and never deal with this cancer crap again!!

boy was I ever wrong, cause March 2012 my dad was walking and slipped on a sheet of ice that was in the alley way of my brothers apartment. He hurt his leg pretty bad and could barely walk. So it was getting really bad and extremely painful for him to get around and he couldnt even cough without holding his leg cause of the pain. The doctors were giving him pain meds (which didnt work) and Xrays which showed nothing was broken. Still no one would find anything really wrong. And of course its been wayyyy to long for a pulled muscle to be hurting this much still, So he went to the doctors AGAIN for like the 4th time
in a month and still NOTHING! Well during his annual checkup with the cancer doctor (for his lprevious lung cancer) the Doctor said to him that there is a chance its got something to do with bone cancer. No one could believe a fall could really of caused that to happen! So once again my dad was ordered to take a petscan (full body) on friday April 26th 2013 and he had his appt to go back on that monday! So all weekend everybody was quite on edge and my dad actually admitted to being really scared and worried that it would be cancer AGAIN! So Monday April 29th came and my dad and mom were at the doctors waiting on his results. Of course I just knew something bad was going to come from this, and my fears once again came true, He was diagnosed with bone cancer. He immedititly said he will not go thru Chemo therapy cause of the
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