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I am the mother of the late Brenton Trotter, and I am operating as a pro se litigant (self-represented) in a medical malpractice/wrongful death action of which Brenton was the victim.Whether you are familiar with autism or not most of the following are for very obvious reasons things that just shouldn't happen when ANYONE including yourself seeks medical treatment.

1. To go to a hospital because of an allergic reaction and then treated numerous times with things your record says you are allergic to is not good.

2. To be denied your request for transfer to a medical facility that "is" equipped to handle all of your immediate needs is also not good.

3. To be denied any previously prescribed medication for any of your recognized pre -existing conditions is pretty bad.

4. To be denied your right to a second opinion at your own expense is very bad.

5. To have your advanced directive for " Full Code" status changed to a " Do Not Resuscitate" Order without you or your next of kin's knowledge is even worse.

6. To be declared " Brain Dead" without actually having had the exam performed on you is far worse.

7. Too many people not realizing Autism isn't fatal is the worst.

Bright eyes dazzling smile and a resonating belly laugh that was contagious once he became humorously amused. Brenton had endured not the effects of Autism so much as he had endured the effects of mainstream medicine for nearly 15 rather arduous years. Then at 15 finally his path to recovery was embarked upon. That path had destinations along the way that were some of the most beautiful places one could hope see. Parent's who have embarked on the recovery pathway know exactly what I mean. THE CORRECTION OF UNDERLYING MEDICAL CONDITIONS RELEASES THE HOLD THAT THE EXTREME BEHAVIORAL MANIFESTATIONS HAVE OVER THOSE MOST AFFECTED ON THE SPECTRUM.

Autism isn't fatal, but lack of Autism awareness is!!! For 21 years, that lack of Autism awareness made receiving appropriate medical, educational, and legal services an unbelievable hardship. Then, on November 12, 2011, that very same lack of AUTISM awareness saw Brenton's casket carried to its final resting place. Do not think that attorneys weren't consulted, because they were. If only he didn't have Autism? ... NO! If only people were aware of what Autism is and isn't!!! The facts of the case are solidly in favor of the laws relating to medical malpractice/wrongful death. All defendants have been served and have selected counsel to represent them, so I am basically in stage 3 of a 5 step process.

A Pauper's Affidavit has been issued, but it does not cover all costs that are associated with successfully prosecuting the claims. I need help raising this money. I am begging anyone and everyone that may be able to help me. No donation is too small, and any amount is appreciated. The minimum donation allowed for this website, however, is $5. My child will never be returned to me....I just want to make sure I have done all that I can possibly do to prevent the same lack of Autism awareness from killing someone else!!!

Parents of those on the spectrum you know firsthand what we face when trying to get our children what they need. The simple things. An appropriate education, appropriate medical treatment, and appropriate support services. You know how much we actually end up doing ourselves just because people who receive paychecks off of our children's heads don't actually do what they are paid to do all to often.How much money we have to spend to actually help our children. I do this not only for Brenton or Alex. I do this for all those who endured similar before them without any medical professional or institution being held accountable.I do this to avoid the countless others that are bound to follow in their footsteps if a precedent is not established with regards to how our loved ones are treated by comparison to "normally" developed humans.We all are supposed to have equal rights. The disability laws even call for accommodations to ensure specific populations have full access to these rights!!

So please support me in my endeavors to secure what would be a monumental victory for the families that are battling Autism and all that battle entails.

Anyone wanting a itemization of expenses that will be covered by this fund please just inbox me on FB. If you want to know what I will use proceeds from the suit itself for just inbox me.

I am begging. I am pleading. I am so tired and feel so alone for the most part, but I will continue to represent for those who just can't fight for themselves and the other parents who are already so overwhelmed. $5 will be the best investment you have ever made. Please share this campaign far and wide:) Thanks.
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