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Please help Hannah to travel and see WCPW live.
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Hannah Bee (@GraciasToGracie) is asking for your help for her to watch WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (#WCPW) live on March 13, 2016.

Hello, my name is Hannah and I need help achieving a dream.

On the internet, you can recognize me as "Hannah Bee", with the Twitter handle @GraciasToGracie. In real life though, I am a practicing Radiologic Technologist based from the Philippines.

WCPW means so much to me as it helps me get over the stresses that the Medical profession brings. I have made a lot of close friends through the promotion! In turn, I have also made a lot of fanworks for the promotion, both serious and light-hearted in nature.

It's my dream to see and experience WCPW live. I picked the March tapings to aim to go to as it'll be my 21st birthday on March 23, and it'll be a hell of a way to celebrate it!

The only thing that's hindering me would be the costs to fly to London. My salary is not enough for me to save up for a flight. Also, I am too young to get a loan. I have no options left for me to try on, except this one.

The money will be used to fund my flight to the UK for the Loaded tapings on London. They will be held on March 13, 2017, 7 PM GMT, on the Coronet Theatre. Not only will I go to see quality professional wrestling, I will also get a chance to meet other fans and friends I have made through the internet for the past year!

Every bit counts. A contribution and/or a share helps me a lot to achieve my dream. Thank you very much in advance!


- IF IN ANY CASE THE FLIGHT DOES NOT COME INTO FRUTITION, I WILL BE DONATING EVERY CENT TO KYTHE FOUNDATION, INC Kythe is a non-profit, non-stock organization aimed towards improving the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer and other chronic illness.


1. Why can't you finance it yourself?

- Working as a radiographer in the Philippines isn't as rewarding unlike in other countries. My weekly salary is just ~£23, and that's still up for tax deduction!

2. Why can't you turn to other people for help?

- Unfortunately, I have not much options to ask help from. We all know how non-wrestling fans view all of this, then intensify that with the culture we have around here. I think that the fans are the best people who can understand how much important this will be for me. Friends have convinced me to try crowd funding out, since I have nothing to lose at this point.

3. What makes you worth it?

- I don't know, to be honest. I'm just a fan who got impacted a lot with what they do on and off the camera.

Basically, they have brought my smile back during a really dark time in my life. They also inspired me to finish through everything, from the last months of my medical training to my licensure examinations. I have also met great friends through them!

In turn, I have made a lot of fan works for them, both serious and light-hearted. Never did I expect that all of these will have something in return, really. Unlike how some view it, I did them to show appreciation and love, no dark master plan shenanigans.

4. Do you need $1,500? Really?

- I was just being transparent of the costs of the flight. It does not necessarily mean I need to get $1,500 from you all. I'm still trying all my best to save up!

5. Why can't you share it on FB?

- Crowd funding is greatly frowned upon in our culture, and I'm really not keen on having personal conflict with family, friends, and colleagues. I feel that I will just be misunderstood, so I'm trying to keep this under the rug. Although, when I DO get to fly, I'd gladly tell them about all the awesome people who helped me!

6. What other things can you do?

- I used to take commissions, but I stopped since work takes up most of the time. Although if you really want to, just ask me! We might work something out.

7. After flying to London... now what?

- I plan to make a little video documenting my journey! Of course, everyone that will help will be credited there.

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