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SafeStakes Anchor your Gear in Windy Conditions
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Safe Stakes were inspired by the fear we all face when we go to the beach and find ourselves never straying too far away from out tent canopies or beach umbrellas for fear of having our shelters go tumbling down the beach in breezy or gusty winds.

 For years and year the wife and I would go to the beach to enjoy ourselves, take our tent canopy, all of our gear, get it all set up , and the want to go do something like, take a walk, ride our bikes, or go down to the water, but always found ourselves looking back at the tent canopy to make sure it was still there and not tumbling down the beach being blown away by the wind, in essence, never really enjoying the beach at all. So I started thinking and saying to myself, "there has to be a way to secure our shelter safely so we could really enjoy ourselves at the beach once we got there. Then I remembered back to my days as a beach volleyball player at Jacksonville Beach when the Jacksonville Beach Volleyball Club would meet down at the beach every spring to set up the nets. We would sink long poles into the ground and put our nets on them and then take ropes attached to 4' long 2" x 4" boards and bury the boards in the ground to put tension on the poles and keep our nets tight and at the proper height. I thought if I could take the same idea and just bring it down in size, the same principle would apply, and so the Safe Stake came into being. I have been working on design modifications since 2010 and have made 5 revisions to arrive at the strongest, most effective Safe Stake yet.

 How it works is:

1. You use one of the Safe Stakes ends that has the digging lip on it to create a channel in the sand for the Safe Stake to lay in about 6" deep.

2. Wrap the guy line that came with your tent our canopy around the Safe Stake in the middle notches.

3. Lay the Safe Stake flat in the channel  you created and cover it up, but keep in mind that it's not the weight of the sand on top of the Safe Stake that creates the holding power, it's the edge of the Safe Stake against the channel wall as the wind pulls on the guy line the Safe Stake is attached to.

4. Go enjoy your day at the beach and have the peace of mind in knowing your shelter will be there when you get back.

5. When your ready to leave, just run your hand down the guy line to where the Safe Stake is buried and lift straight up. The Safe Stake disengages and comes right out. The second best thing about Safe Stakes in addition to superior holding power is that you leave nothing behind for anyone else to step on or hurt themselves with like steel spikes, blade stakes ect...

 I'm sure you can see that the Safe Stake is real and works. The Safe Stake is currently patent pending and we are trying to get enough funding to create a small production inventory to market along our east coast to get people using Safe Stakes, to get name recognition so as to one day influence tent and canopy manufacturers to include Safe Stakes in there product lines.

I encourage you to inquire and support Safe Stakes for all of the beach enjoyment and safety reasons I have mentioned, for everyone's sake. Please leave your name for me as you contribute so that once the Safe Stake starts being produced I will be able to contact you to send you your very own Safe Stakes. The retail target price will be between $12.99 and $19.99 for 4, so for every contribution over $20 I will send you a pack of 4 Safe Stakes of your very own once they go into production. Our contributors will be the first kids on the block with Safe Stakes. Thank you and I know you'll love Safe Stakes.

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