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Saving Sara and Payton
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This is a true story and nightmare of one mother who is trying to protect her little girl from a life of abuse!

This is a true story and nightmare of one mother who was trying to protect her little girl from a life of abuse, Sara married a man named David Garcia in 2008. Shortly after they married they had a little girl named Payton. Three weeks after Sara  gave birth to Payton. David was shipped out to Georgia as he was in the National Guards. David had only been gone a few weeks when Sara got a phone call from a Mother who stated that her minor daughter was being abused over the internet by David. The mother of the victim called the Sheriffs office in Douglas county and the officer who came out looked at the pictures and emails and stated that he thought David would have changed after he got married but he still seems to be a pedophile. Sara received the pictures also and could not believe
what she saw. She called David and he told her it was all a lie. Sara being a new mom and wanting to believe her husband, defended him against the victims mother. She would later find out that it was all true. After David returned home from Iraq he became increasingly violent toward Sara and Payton. He would hit Sara and knock her to the floor while she was holding her daughter. He would not let her leave the house. He would tell her if she told anyone about what he was doing to her or Payton he would hurt her even more. One day after the baby had fallen down, and Sara tried to comfort her, David became very angry and told her not to baby Payton. He started yelling and raising his fists at Sara. Sara's parents told her she needed to have him move out to protect her and the baby. David was asked to leave. Sara had a hearing for visitation set up. She tried to petition for only supervised visitation with David to try and protect Payton.
Three days before their hearing David's sister Shyann came to Sara and dropped a stack of papers on our table from hospitals and counselors! She said" I need to let you know that David raped and molested me and I cant let this happen to my niece". Sara was now even more scared for her daughter! When she went to court the judge was told of the abuse but he didn't believe Shyann and threw out her papers. A third victim contacted Sara and told her that David had molested her also, she to had paperwork to prove this. Sara was very scared and didn't want David to have the opportunity to do these things to her daughter. The judge didn't care and told Sarah she had to allow David visitation five days a week one week and two days the next. Sara could not believe that the judge would put her daughters life at risk! Sara was scared for her daughter and now David was threatening Sara and Shyann for testifying against him! The final straw was when Payton came to Sarah and said daddy hurt my who-ha (private parts)! Sara could not allow this to happen to her daughter! Sara and Shyanne and Sara's mom tired to get help from DHS and other local agencys to protect her and Payton. DHS told Shyanne and Sara's mom that they could do nothing to help Payton. What kind of world do we live in that a child has to be hurt to get help?There have already been three other victims that have come forward and no one helped them!
Sara left Oregon with her daughter who she has had and taken care of since the day she was born. She was never told she could not leave and take Payton with her! Sara knew that the only way to save her daughter was to get her away from the lawlessness and abuse of the Douglas county court, law enforcement, and David - Payton's father! Sara was gone for six months when she found out that David had filed for divorce and custody of the their daughter Payton. Then he had the judge put a felony warrant out for her arrest for kidnapping!! Sara was picked up 9-3-13 and put in jail with a ten thousand dollar bond. They then gave Payton who Sara was trying to save from being abused to the man who has gotten away with it three times already. Now the lawlessness has put this little girls life at risk! She is now with strangers and a father who is a known abuser! My daughter is dying sitting in the jail knowing that her little girl is being abused and wanting to know where her mommy is and why she has been taken away! We need your help! We need to let everyone know the truth about what is going on! We need to raise money for a lawyer who can take on Douglas County courts and get Sara a fair trial. Sara and Payton's lives are at stake!

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