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My family is in crisis with us and our animals
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I am a 37 year old nurse and mother of 4, and supporting my youngest daughter, my sister, and her daughter. I have had a series of unfortunate events, with the recent being my landlord, with whom I signed a 2 year lease with last year, has stated she ...
I am a 37 year old nurse and mother of 4, and supporting my youngest daughter, my sister, and her daughter. If i dont act soon, my family, 7 horses, 5 dogs, a goat and my incapacitated husband with a shattered ankle and broken back will be homeless with nowhere to go. We have friends we can stay with, but our menagerie needs a more permanent home. This was supposed to be our home till November if next year.
We have had a series of unfortunate events, with the recent being my landlord, with whom I signed a 2 year lease with last year, has stated she would like to evict my family including all my animals claiming we owe her 20,000 for 7 pine trees my horses chewed some bark off of after we fenced them where she told us to. She has broken the lease in many ways and I have consulted an attorney who feels that although she can legally evict us, she wold be responsible for all damages and moving expenses. In the meantime, I have to come up with another place to live for my family and all my animals. This is not something that can be done in a short amount if time. I am selling my horses (which were at 13 and now down to 8) for only a few hundred dollars, just enough to find them good homes. My health is very bad as I have an autoimmune disorder that is attacking my spine as well as some organs. I work full time, but to have to move an entire farm is going to take a considerable expense As we would have to hire help. My husband has had a serious accident leaving him incapable of doing anything for at least several months. We weren't supposed to have to move again and even wanted to buy the house we have been renting, having put labor and money into improvements and finishing steps until she changed her mind and said since she didn't authorize it in writing, we would no longer get any credit for it, which was originally supposed to go towards last months rent. We also found out several months ago, the spring she is getting the water from is stolen. We think this is her reason for attempting to get money from us in the amount, is because there is litigation from the owner if the spring so that she (and anyone living here) would no longer be able to hook up to it without paying him. (It is about $18,000 for a new well and she is stating we owe her over $19,000 for trees, more than half of which none of our animals were anywhere near.) I cannot blame him for this, especially when the landlord's significant other shuts off the spring owners access which runs to an adjacent property with the spring owners animals and fields which he is irrigating the crap out of, on a regular basis.
I have spent my whole life caring for others, worked as a nursing assistant for 5 years, spent the last 14 years as an RN and also rescued a number of horses from 2008 to 2011 out of my own pocket, rehabilitating over 30 horses and then rehoming them for free with nothing more than a 2 year no sale contract with follow ups and inspections to ensure the well being of the animals we spent so much time with. I was making a lot more money back then working in ICU and my health was not as bad. I cannot do it anymore. We shut down the web page several years ago, but Carsley Horse Ranch was who I was and what I did besides being a mother and night shift ICU RN.
I don't want sympathy, an having to depend on friends to make sure my family, both 2 and 4 legged are cared for is taking some swallowing of my pride I never thought, as a strong independent person I would have to do. We do not qualify for legal services, any help for the medical bills which are piling up because i don't qualify for insurance until next month because I started as a temp, or any other government assistance available to many, rest assured I have already tried that. If I don't have representation I fear I will lose everything. Having animals I cannot find another place to live in such a short amount of time without paying a large amount of rent and deposits. I cannot borrow money either, because my ex husband left me with more than $90k in unsecured debt he was supposed to pay, but was in my name. Bankruptcy became my only option and it's only been a year since that.
I have been praying more than i have in awhile, and I am religious. I need financial help. I cannot promise I can pay it back, only that I will continue to live my life serving others, as long as God and my body allow. I will never go on public assistance unless I become truly disabled. I have been blessed with a desk job that will allow me to work until retirement even with my disorder. and normal I don't believe in charity normally and have to admit I have been judgmental when I hear others in bad situations, feeling that hard work , determination, and persistence are all you need to be successful in life. There are some of us that have things happen outside our control completely that make it impossible. I don't need advice either as I have considered every angle, have looked up all the laws, and consulted 2 attorneys, and am assured that my family is being ill treated and that we have done nothing wrong, and in fact have improved the property we have been on for the last 10 months. Please help if you can, and please don't chastise me for being where I am. This particular experience has been humbling. No amount is too small, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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