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Help Sasha with PAST DUE surgery bills!!!
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Sasha had 2 ruptured discs this time. Almost 2 years ago it was 1. It is all genetic. Please read our whole story, so you will get an understanding of how we came to be in this rescue dog medical nightmare! Thank you all!
PLEASE read the entire story, so you can see how we got to be so buried in vet bills. Thank you! Sasha just had her 2nd back surgery, she had two ruptured discs. Sasha is not over-weight, and we only have a few stairs that she uses. She has doggie stairs to get on and off the bed and furniture. The vet said that her back problems are genetic, so it wouldn't have mattered what we did, she would have ruptured these discs, now 3, her first surgery was only 1 rupture. Our vet, Dr. Bagley, helped us as much as he could, he lowered the MRI cost by 600$, he donated his time as a surgeon, and only charged to fix one disc! He is a great man, and a wonderful surgeon! We have 4 rescue dogs, and unfortunately, they've all had medical problems, so many, that we maxed out credit, carecredit, home mortgage, and title loans on our cars. Sasha had TWO back surgeries, this last one is what put us over the top of what we could pay. My dog Shania had two ACL surgeries, auto-immune which required 3 transfusions and 10 days in hospital, Shania at the same time as Sasha's back surgery, was also diagnosed with Cushing's disease. To get the diagnosis cost over 1K, the meds are almost 100$ a month. She then needed a follow up adrenal hormone test which was 300$. Our dog Smoke has mental issues, he was going to be euthanized when we rescued him. He is on Prozac and Clomipramime, and needed special leashes, muzzles, and training DVD's, our dog Stuka has seizures and is on phenobarbital. We do our best to help animals, and, unfortunately, we hit the jackpot with dogs with medical problems! The past 5 years we have had almost 30K in veterinary bills. We were doing OK until this last unfortunate back surgery. We only need help for this surgery, and we will be OK. We are desperate at this point. I run a Facebook Rescue page called Customized Pet Rescue, I do my best to help others and their animals. I have donated a lot of money to other animals in need over the past 7 years, and now, I am the one needing help, really badly! We do not want to file bankruptcy. It took us a long time to build up our credit, and we are too old to start over. Please, anything you can donate will take a huge burden off of our shoulders! I will be able to focus more on my animal rescue, and help other animals! Thank you, in advance, for anything you can donate!!! You can call Cottonwood Animal Hospital direct at 801-278-0505, account #107658. Thank you, and God bless!
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