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Montrose, Colorado. Jeremy Aguilar who is a disabled Vet is asking for the public's help in saving his service dog. A court order has been issued to euthanize Dutch, because after several minutes of being severely beaten, he bit his attacker. He ...
Montrose, Colorado. Jeremy Aguilar, is a disabled Vet, and needs our help saving Dutch, his service dog. A court order has been issued to euthanize Dutch, because, after several minutes of being severely beaten, he bit his attacker. He didn't maul her or even tear her skin. He bit and released in order to defend himself! Please join the fight for Dutch’s life and make a donation to his legal fund and share this page!

Dutch was supposed to be turned over to animal control after a court hearing on 2/14/13. However, Jeremy bravely chose not to turn him over. An appeal has been filed on his Dutch's behalf.

The reason for this injustice is an incident that occurred at the home of Dutch's previous owner. She was watching over him for his family, and while he was in the backyard with her dog, the two began to fight. Instead of using common sense, such as spraying them with a water hose, separating them with a broom, or getting their attention with a loud noise, she interjected herself into the dogfight and began beating Dutch in the face and head. She even admitted to animal control that Dutch did not bite her until after she repeatedly beat him. She told Heather Aguilar, "I started punching him in the face and kept punching him until my hands hurt so bad I couldn't hit him anymore," after which she grabbed a metal pole and used the pole to beat him! She then pulled Dutch from her backyard into the house by his collar, and grabbed his mouth as soon as they got inside. It was then that Dutch bit her. The woman was bitten on her leg and buttock. Dutch sustained injuries to his face and head.

The Aguilar’s say that when they saw Dutch after the incident, his eye was swollen shut and his snout had swelled to three times its normal size!

This is the report from the Veterinarian that treated Dutch: Face swollen like he was hit! Extensive ST trauma on left side of face. Swelling extends from nose up to eye and base of ear. Some dried blood noted on dog's fur but no wounds apparent in mouth or on his body." "Note – DOG WAS EXTREMELY WELL MANNERED AND SWEET IN THE EXAM ROOM. HE DID NOT REQUIRE RESTRAINT DURING HIS EXAM, EVEN WHEN HIS ABDOMEN, TESTICLES, AND SWOLLEN FACE WERE PALPATED.

Since the incident, Dutch was not only evaluated by the Veterinarian, but also by Carrie Williams, who is a highly recognized and experienced retired dog trainer and evaluator who has evaluated for organizations, including Therapy Dogs International (TDI) and the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Program (CGC). Carrie says, "Dutch is a sweetheart! In 26 years of training dogs, he is one of the nicest dogs I've ever come across. She tested him for three days in varying environments and he passed all aspects of the testing. He was tested in crowded stores, and reacted without flaw, when loud children came running up to pet him. One customer even stepped on his tail while he was sitting next to his handler and he had no aggressive reaction whatsoever. He was tested around other dogs, big and small. One dog even growled at him and Dutch just backed away, while wagging his tail. He completely ignored a cat that crossed his path." Carrie also said that she was present while Dutch was taking his AKC CGC (canine good citizen) test which he is passed with ease and obtained the CGC title. "Any dog that can pass this test has to be one of unquestionable temperament & character"

Corroborating Carrie's evaluation of Dutch, AKC CGC evaluator Sandie Wyman, stated, "I am the CGC evaluator that tested this sweet dog. He did pass with flying colors and even gave me a kiss afterwards. This means that he will receive a real title from AKC stating he can now visit elderly people at nursing homes. I am a certified dog trainer and have also done behavior objectives on animals and I can tell you that this dog is anything but aggressive!”

Dutch's former owner has pressed charges against Jeremy and Dutch through the City of Montrose animal control office in Colorado.

Jeremy and Heather offered to send Dutch through a rehabilitation program, agreeing to the judge that if the evaluator considered Dutch aggressive, that they would surrender him. The Aguilar’s say that the judge told them, that would only be allowed if Dutch's former owner would agree to it; however, she refused to agree to the offer. She had rather see him euthanized.

On February 14, 2013, at court in Montrose, Colorado, Judge Richard J. Brown upheld the order to euthanize Dutch and ordered Jeremy to turn him over.

Dutch was not turned over and the Aguilar’s have filed an appeal.

According to Heather Aguilar, “Dutch is the most therapeutic thing that could have ever happened to Jeremy.” Dutch is not only a loyal companion, he IS therapy for Jeremy. He recognizes the signs of anxiety before Jeremy even has an attack and immediately begins to calm him. He also awakens Jeremy from nightmares associated with post traumatic stress disorder from being in Afghanistan. He is with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dutch has improved the quality of Jeremy’s life, and in return Jeremy is fighting to save Dutch’s life so they can stay together.

The Aguilar’s have given up their entire life, as they know it, just to keep Dutch safe. Please help this disabled Vet save his service dog. Please donate what you can and share their story. All the money raised will be used for the sole purpose of legal expenses to Save Dutch from this miscarriage of justice.

The Judge has recently suggested that he will send Dutch, an AKC service dog, to live out his life in a sanctuary, which means he will not return him to Jeremy. Please help keep Dutch with Jeremy where he belongs. Donate & share this page
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