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my fiance had back surgery because the docs thought she had a tumor in her back it ended up being MS. during the surgery her nerves in her right leg shut down and will never walk the same.
On December 24th my fiancé woke up and had tingling in her left leg and went to Kootenai medical center where they told her that pain medications were not going to work, they told her this like that was the reason that she was in there. She had never been in KMC before in her life. After that they told her that it should go away in a couple days because it was a pinched nerve. A couple days later she went back to Kootenai medical center because she was getting to the point that she could not walk and had weakness in her right leg now and more tingling in her left. I was in Seattle at the time for work and when she called me to tell me that they had been really rude and treated her like a druggy I told her not to step foot in that hospital again as I have told all of my family because they treat everyone like they are no big deal. I told her if it did not get any better to go to sacred heart medical center. On New Year ’s Eve that’s exactly what she did and after receiving an MRI the doctor came in and told her that she had a "tumor" side her spinal cord. She called me and told me this and I immediately came home to take care of her. The next day we went to the neurosurgeon that works for sacred heart and he told her that this was going to be a very complicated surgery and she may never get feeling back in her right leg. He did not however want to do the surgery till the following week because he was going to be out of town and wanted to be there after doing the surgery. The hospital had put her on steroids and when she went to see the neurosurgeon he told her that the steroids probably would not help and not to expect any kind of improvement with them. In the week that she was on the steroids she went from me having to pretty much carry her around to running just that fast. The day of the surgery she walked in herself and in pre operation the surgeon came in and she told him that in the week that she has been on the steroids that she had went from not being able to walk anymore to running again. He said "that’s kind of weird" and proceeded with the surgery instead of stopping the surgery and trying to figure out why she had such a dramatic change in all of this. They cut her open and found out that it was not a tumor and that’s why the steroids worked so well. During the surgery her nerves in her right leg shut down and now she cannot feel her right leg at all and will most likely have to walk with a walker or be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. When the surgeon came into the room about a week later he said "you have MS I’m sorry" shook her hand and walked out the door. No compassion and no information at all. She was in the hospital for about another week recovering from the surgery with no improvement with her not being able to walk. Now we are at the rehab hospital at St. Lukes and we have been told over and over now that the surgeon should have never opened her up because of all the signs that she was getting better and all they are worried about is making money no matter what happens to the patient. If he would have just stopped and done more tests to see why she was walking again just like normal she would still be walking. We have also been told by physical therapists here that sacred heart medical center herds surgeries through there like cattle and they just need the money and in my wife’s case she will never be the same again. Hospitals are supposed to be where you can feel safe and that is now not the case of any of our family because a simple test would have shown for her not to get the surgery and she could be with her little 5 year old girl back home. Yesterday we were supposed to go home and at the last minute the doctor decided to get an ultrasound on her right leg and thank god he did because there are several blood clots in her leg and if we would have just went home she could have died. Surgeons need to be more aware that we are not cattle and if something doesn’t seem right they need to stop because now my wife cannot walk because of a UN necessary surgery. We have started an online fundraiser to help with the piling costs of all of this and have had no luck at all so I have decided to walk 100 miles to try and reach our goal on Feb. 15th. I am hoping that I can get enough supporters to help my wife cover the medical needs that she has to get to be able to live now. She cries everyday because she had a gut feeling to not do the surgery and she has to live like this forever because the surgeon cared more about his wallet than her. Please help with our story and getting people to pledge for my 100 mile walk "rain, snow, or shine I’m walking.
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