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The Helping Friendly Little Free Library Project
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The Helping Friendly Little Free Library Project is a good karma mission to raise money for the installation of Little Free Libraries in Uptown Dallas and surrounding neighborhoods, sponsored by the Helping Friendly Book Club and the Quest for SEJNES.

The Helping Friendly Little Free Library Project

Sponsored by The Helping Friendly Book Club -

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Justice has prevailed!


Thank you so much everyone WE DID IT!  "If you will it dude, it is no dream."  We hit our goal on 6/26 and are so excited to move into the next stage of creation!  We couldn't have done it without YOU!  Great things are coming!  My sincerest gratitude to everyone for holding a positive thought in mind for this project!  More SEJNES to follow!  THANK YOU!


The Golden Pine Cone Award goes to: Philani Dladla!


Help us right this wrong!


Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated and helped spread the word about The Helping Friendly Little Free Library Project.  Excitment is building!  We are 85% of the way to our goal and I would hate for those of you who have been waiting to donate to miss out on being a metaphysical part of this very special project.  We can't tell you how excited we are to create this with all of you.  Thank you again for trusting in books, and literacy, and the reading of the Book.  Read it.

Thank you.

Book of Knowledge

BREAKING NEWS: Rumor has it the proposed location for the first 'Helping Friendly Little Free Library' just leaked... here it is:location

Won't you please help support literacy!  Contribute today and help us bring a "Little Free Library" to Uptown Dallas!

Q: What exactly is The Helping Friendly Little Free Library Project?

A: The Helping Friendly Little Free Library Project is a mission to raise money for the installation of Little Free Libraries in Uptown Dallas and surrounding neighborhoods. Sponsored by the Helping Friendly Book Club, our intention is to bring attention to the value of reading in the age of the “smart” phone and provide a free community resource for finding the secrets to eternal joy and never ending splendor.

Essentially, The Helping Friendly Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where friends and neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, The Helping Friendly Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. It’s like the ‘take a penny leave a penny’ tray, but for books.  The Little Free Libraries are then registered online so that anyone can find the closest Little Free Library no matter where they are in the world.  You can search that map by clicking HERE

A quick search for “Little Free Library” on Google, Pinterest, Facebook or #littlefreelibrary on Instagram will give you a good idea of what we are asking you to help us manifest.  You can also see a number of examples HERE

Just add "Helping Friendly", Uptown Dallas, and your imagination to this video and you will begin to get the idea:

Q: Why would The Helping Friendly Book Club want to create a Little Free Library in the first place?

A: One of the secrets to eternal joy and never ending splendor is to learn the Art of Manifestation. How does the phenomenon of creation actually work? How do we turn our ideas into reality? How do we go from believing to knowing that the Universal Laws of Mind are real?

Ideal + Purpose + Activity = Success

Through the Activity of coming together to raise money and gain community support for The Helping Friendly Little Free Library we hope to realize our Ideal of making reading cool again and helping people find sincere and enduring meaning in their lives.  All this for the Purpose of discovering the secrets to eternal joy and never ending splendor, thus raising the collective level of consciousness, and making the world a better place.

Q: What steps are there in the process of creation?

A: The first step is to have an idea, a desire, a goal you want to manifest, and a reason for doing so. The goal should be something specific and measurable so you can know when it is completed, the reason should be something intangible and uplifting so it makes you a better person when you achieve it.   The next step is to come up with a rational step-by-step plan for how to achieve that goal. The next step is to hold that goal clearly in mind and charge it with as much emotion and will power as possible while executing the plan.  It is important to remember that you must open yourself up to being receptive to the non-linear forces of the universe as they conspire to help you realize your dream. 

That which you hold in mind tends to manifest. As you believe, so shall it be done to you. There is a co-creating element in the universe that must not be over looked or underestimated. This, essentially, is the secret to Frothy Quantum Foam.

Q: What will this project entail exactly?

A: It’s rather simple really. We will need a location, a physical Book House (think oversized birdhouse), and we need books. Ideally, the HFLFL will be a community beacon for the exchange of ideas and SEJNES (short for Secrets to Eternal Joy and Never Ending Splendor) and it will become self-sustaining once we put it in motion. The goal is for the HFLFL to reach the critical point of metaphysical and telepathic froth necessary to become self-propelled and perpetual, like a standing wave of quantum foam that is kept churning by the thoughtful attention and care of the community it is benefiting.

Q: Where will the money go?

A: All of the money we raise will go directly towards ordering, installing, and stocking The Helping Friendly Little Free Library with great books chock full of SEJNES. Being that this will be our first HFLFL, the goal is to use it as a flagship to create a template for what it will cost from beginning to end to build a HFLFL and use this experience as a template to continue to roll out HFLFLs each time we reach our target amount. Once we know what that magical number is we will keep rolling them out each time we hit it.

We have a site selected and are planning to order the Book House linked below should we not be able to find a carpenter to custom build our HFLFL.

Should you or anyone you know be a handy craftsman and want to help us custom build our HFLFL, please reach out to us at We have already received one remarkable proposal for a solar powered pyramid shaped Helping Friendly Little Free Library that I am very excited about but would love to hear from you about others. We are also looking to install a reading bench next to the HFLFL to encourage it as a gathering place.


Q: Why would I want to donate anyways?

The Universal Law of Abundance states that if you give freely and without any stipulations from the froth that overflows from your cup, that extra foam you put out into the universe will come back to you and keep your prosperity abundant. It sends metaphysical messages to the cosmos that you are ready for more. The best way to manifest success in your endeavors is to share your froth. In alignment with the Law of Abundance, I propose we join forces and focus our attention on manifesting a gift for the community that will keep on giving, The Helping Friendly Free Little Library.

Q: This sounds awesome! How can I help?

A: I hope you will join me with your thoughtful enthusiasm, financial support, energy and attention to help create the very first Helping Friendly Little Free Library in Uptown, Dallas.  Talk to your friends, post this campaign on your Facebook page, circle it around the office, ask your grandparents, anything you can do to stress the value of books and make them cool again with help us reach quantum froth levels.  With a little faith and a littel froth I think we have all the elements we need to manifest The Helping Friendly Little Free Library and make a positive impact on the culture of Dallas. 

Please help by donating to our FundRazr Campaign or by donating a copy of your favorite book for The Helping Friendly Little Free Library. We will be hosting a Book Drive at Boxwood Tap and Grill in Uptown Dallas on Friday June 13th to help spread the word. (Details Below)  There will also be a psychic/astrologer on site to assist with any cosmic guidance needs.  The I Ching will also be there, as well as a bunch of questers having elevated conversations.

hfbhbd Thank you in advance for your support! Your community thanks you! The Soul of the World thanks you!  The sky is the limit! USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

Please don’t hesitate to send any questions, comments, insights or suggestions to


(Manifestation Booster:  Please hold the image below in mind when you donate!)
The Helping Friendly Book Club
Statement of Intention and Purpose

The intention of The Helping Friendly Book Club is to fight the onslaught of an illiterate generation. Our purpose is to protect the capacity for a free thinking populace by making reading books and having a long attention span cool again. Our aim is to make a positive impact on the daily thought patterns and manifestation habits of everyday questers like you and me.

Our goal is to provide vital assets and experiences to begin the lifelong quest for the secrets to eternal joy and never ending splendor. We seek to create social spaces and opportunities for a culture of elevated conversation and to engage with the community in clever and full-hearted ways. We intend to be a volcano of Quality, constantly phorphing healthy insights and sending a sacred frequency of wisdom into the universe from as close to The Source as possible.

Values create behavior, joy in motion induces following, and reading the book grows the Tree of Knowledge in your soul.

Read the book.

Read it.

This is a great article: Read, Kids, Read

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