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Zim is a very special dog; not only to Stephanie but to the many other hearts he has Invaded as well. Zim is in desperate need of back surgery to save his life, We also will send PAW ART done by him to anyone that donates 50 dollars or more as a thankyou

Zim is a very special dog; not only to Stephanie, but also to the many other hearts he has invaded one way or another over the past 5 years he’s been with us. Zim is Stephanie’s counterpart to life and best friend. She is often never without him, and if she is its only because someone forced her to leave him home... Weather seeing him at shows, or hearing about him through his legendary stories at Bonfire land.  Zim is always at The Bonfire Crew, Badass Raves, Undead Promos or his personal favorite homies Va's Finest and the friendly faces known as the Slowkids outdoor events. Maybe you may have even woken up one morning confused and completely unaware he somehow he stelth ninja-ed his way on the couch under your blankets and under part of you while you were asleep. ( Excluding Frankie and DTL only because he absolutly loves those fools). So More then likely if you go to Events outdoors in the Vorthern Dc area you have met this pup at one time or another. 

I am going to explain this in the most understandable way so it clearly understood by everyone what the specific reasons for this fund raiser and the absolute urgency to raise as much as humanly possible for Steph and Nick in San Francisco. First lets cover what’s specifically wrong with our Zimbo:

On the morning of February 20, Steph woke up for work and tried to take Zim on his routine morning walk. He wouldn’t come out of his bed he seemed more lazy than his usual self. This had been going on for about 3 days prior but nothing was noticeably wrong until now.


Steph got him out of his bed and Zim screamed as if he was severely injured. Every time her or Nick tried to help him he cried. Steph called out of work 4 hours before her shift and took Zim to the first emergency hospital she could find. At the hospital they kept him most of the day, sedated him, and did x-rays to determine what was going on. The x-rays had revealed Zim had 2 slipped discs in the middle of his back. No one ever knew about because he never showed signs of anything wrong.


The sudden oncoming of him being fine one night and in horrific pain the next day was due to the fluid pouches in between the injured vertebrae calcified and hardened to a point where the pressure ruptured and, as the Dr. put, basically “exploded” and the debris is now floating around and compressing the major nerve pathway to his lower half of his body.

He is slowly losing the ability to use his back legs and has a very hard time moving around. He is on 4 different pain medications to alleviate his pain.  He doesn’t even notice the feeling loss all that much, but the back pain is serious. If he moves the wrong way or falls over he could paralyze himself and then have to be put to sleep, the doctors wouldn’t be able to repair that much damage. 


It’s hard to watch him try and walk. If you ever knew this dog you knew his ways about life and his fight starting, shit talking, barking, growling, bipolar love/hate attitude about everything he did.


 At his follow up appointment the Dr. referred us to a neurologist and told us that surgery was going to be the only option other than hoping it gets better and making him suffer for weeks to months on hopes alone he improves. In his case, because of the pinching of the nerves, it’s most likely get far worse if not surgically repaired as soon as possible. This could have devastating irreversible nerve damage that could cost him his life.


This type of surgery is very, very expensive; the first quote was no less then upwards 5 to 6 thousand dollars. Steph was holding a job she was doing well at with no missed days since the hire date and always came when called in on her days off. On Saturday, the day after she called out to take Zim to the vet, she went in to work and owners of the pet salon terminated her without warning or notice. They told her that though they like her as a person, they could not continue employment because of the impending medical problems involving her pet. They decided to just terminate her instead of even giving her an opportunity to adjust to everything.


Little Zim needs as much help as he can get and every penny will be put toward his medical bills, which Steph will post here to see to prove this isn’t some scam. The total as of today was $730.00 just to get this far and they haven’t even seen the neurologist yet. I want to Thank you all for your kind words on Steph’s Facebook she needs that positive energy. I think with the help of a few friends we can help Zim live the long, happy life that every dog deserves. 

Zim and Meg Wrestling 2 months ago

Zim when he was 6 months old at burke Lake park.

This is This is zim as of monday. :(

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Paw Print Painting
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Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a paw print painting made by Zim and Steph. This will be sent out as soon as Zim is well enough.
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