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Medical care for treatment of my Lyme Disease and tick borne co-infections is not covered by my insurance or anyone's insurance for that matter since the CDC (Center for Disease Control) does not recognize chronic lyme. My treatments will be ongoing ...


                                                         January 2015


In March 2013 I found a bullseye rash on my body and given the typical 2 week treatment from my family doctor of antibiotcs. I was given Amoxicillin which did not help and I felt many things getting worse and going on in my body. I returned to my doctor who then gave me a week of Doxycycline. I was feeling worse and worse but then was told that I had been given the 3 weeks of medication and that I was over the lyme disease. April, May, June passed and I was getting very sick and was so exhausted and fatigued I could barely move. I started to inquire into local lyme groups and given information about a LLMD which means Lyme Literate doctor. I then called and was sent the paperwork to set up an appointment in August. By now 5 more months had passed and I was very sick.

In August I was tested by the LLMD for lyme disease by IGENEX lab which came back weeks later showing very high readings of lyme disease for both IGENEX lab and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).  It also showed current infection as well as past infection for lyme. (In 2006 I was diagnosed with what I was told was fibromyalgia but now all signs point that it was lyme then that was in my body all that time doing damage as well). My LLMD started me on multiple medications immediately.

I also was diagnosed with two tickborne co-infections with the lyme disease. Babesia and Bartonella. 

Over the time period of March 2013 until now in January 2015 I have had many struggles with these three diseases and the complications they continue to cause making very little improvement so far and have added many lyme related issues now.

I continue to be on many combinations of antibiotics, huge amounts of supplements, herbal supplements, detoxing supplements, pain medications, systemic yeast and MTHFR medications and more.

Thanks to the lyme and co-infections doing their damage I also have many complications in other areas of my body which has sent me to other specialists, tests, catscans, MRI's and weeks of physical therapy as well as extensive dental work.

Medical care for treatment of my Lyme Disease and tick borne co-infections is not covered by my insurance or anyone's insurance for that matter since the CDC (Center for Disease Control) does not recognize chronic lyme. My treatments have been extensive and are ongoing with IV treatments, medications and supplements that are over and beyond what I can afford as one person living alone! I am currently in a treatment plan and if I were to have to stop the plan it will be a huge setback and a waste of the money that has already been spent. It will also cause the infections to take ahold more and more then they already have.

I have missed much work since the onset of my lyme disease in March 2013 and due to my condition I am struggling very much with my normal bills also and then in addition have to try to figure out how to pay for my lyme/co -infection treatments and related medications and travel expenses. There are many many medications for treatment both oral and IV, many combinations of them that change montly, lots of supplements and herbal treatments to go along with it that are needed for detoxing tha bacteria from your body and helping with the horrible herx reactions.

Also no one knows just exactly how long this treatment is going to be needed. Everyone is different. I have been on treatment since August 2013 with a few slight improvments but also many additional issues that have occurred as a result of  the lyme infection affecting organs and parts of my body. Some people are treated for many years and/or a lifetime.

I feel horrible and this has taken over my life. A normal day for me is nothing but pain and exhaustion while I try to fight to get rid of this disease.

I desperately am seeking any help no matter how small to rid myself of this horrible disease that can destroy your life and even kill you. The added stress from these financial worries is only making my condition worse too.

I never wanted to have to ask for financial help but I am out of options. I would so appreciate any and all help I could get and be ever so thankful so that I can continue my treatment.

I graciously had a fundraiser given to me in May 2014 as well as the total of the $755 you see on this site as of 1-30-15.  But with all of the expense I have occurred from March 2013 to January 2015 I am sad to say as of this month that money has been exhausted.

I could not have been more appreciative of all of the support and help I received from friends and Rich Clare Pentagon Band donating their time and talent at the fundraiser and it was this money that has gotten me to this point so far. Without that help I would be even much worse still!



I have had a recent test on my Lyme and Bartonella and the lyme is a small bit improved but the Bartonella I was told by my LLMD is a HIGH POSITIVE.   Bartonella is also one of the hardest to get rid of. 

My thyroid readings were practically nonexistent in recent tests as a result of the lyme infection, my B12 and D are extremely low and these have resulted in medications and injections unpaid by insurance.

I also am dealing with the added issues as a result of this time period with these infections which since it showed past infections was much longer then March 2013 when I found the bullseye that alerted me about the lyme I then had gotten.

Add the scary part is that I have no clue what else it can and will affect in the future.

SO - once again I am having to ask for any help I can receive. At this point I do not even have the money to go to my LLMD in February, receive my IV and pay for the monthly supplements and medications that are not covered by my insurance - which would surprise many of you at the cost!

I have dreaded having to send this out again. I am sorry to have to do it.

(For those who see me - yes I 'appear' to 'look' okay. You cannot see invisible illness in anyone. And I especially hide things well and try to fight and go on as it really is my only choice).

But if anyone would like to help I couldn't possibly thank you enough!!

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