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Creating Hope

Ben and I met at the beginning of 2009 through a mutual friend this was not a set up it was a chance in meeting, I was attracted to him the first time I laid my eyes on him and he says the same when he met me. After meeting him for the ...
Creating Hope

Ben and I met at the beginning of 2009 through a mutual friend this was not a set up it was a chance in meeting, I was attracted to him the first time I laid my eyes on him and he says the same when he met me. After meeting him for the first time I could not wait until I could see him again, always asking my friend who was going to be at the get together we were going to in hopes of seeing him again. In the mean time he was doing the same thing to find out if I was going to be there to see if it was worth it for him to come, the third time we saw each other I boldly gave him my number with out him even asking which was a little nerve racking not knowing how he felt about me. After that night we were talking all of the time to each other and after five months of being together I was already picking out rings and leaving pictures of them around for him to see, on December 19, 2009 one of the greatest things happened Ben asked me to be his wife. For the next few months we were planning a wedding.

We wed on May 15, 2010 it was one of the happiest days of my life thus far I felt like a princesses and everything went so great, surrounded by our family and friends to make vows to one another that we hold very dear to us (it was the one time that I have ever seen him cry) we were on our way to starting a very happy life and family together. We started planning the family that we wanted and started to try and have children (since we were already in our late 20’s and did not want to wait until it was too late), we tried for a year on our own and thought we should go to the doctor to make sure everything was ok with us. I found out that I had not been ovulating which I have to do in order to get pregnant, so I was started on a round of Clomid which is a fertility pill that makes you ovulate in order to get pregnant which the pills did make it so that I could ovulate but still no pregnancy. We tried doing this for another year also having surgery to check to see if I had endometriosis which we did discover I suffered from but were able to get rid of most of it through the surgery, lots of tears and heartache later I still was not able to get pregnant.

After going through all this for a year my doctor told me he did all that he could do for me at this time he would need to refer me over to a fertility specialist, since the end of 2012 I have been seeing one and they do not have a reason for me not being able to get pregnant. I have been going through fertility procedures for the last four months and each time I have to wait two weeks go back have blood drawn for a pregnancy test and am called later that day with the results, having to wait for those results is the hardest hours I have ever had and then to be told that you are not pregnant I just broke down and cried it is the worst news that you will ever get. After this last time of getting this news I felt very depressed and felt like I would not be able to have this dream of mine come true. We decided that we would try one more round of the artificial and see if we could do it this time at this last doctor’s appointment my doctor told me that she is very worried because I do not have a lot of egg supply left and we need to think about doing In Vitro Fertilization in order to try and be able to get a baby.

This was very hard thing to hear knowing that we are running out of time in order to make this happen for us; we do want to try doing IVF so we met with a consultant to talk with her about the details of the procedure and what we are looking at in costs. We were blown away by the costs and fees in order to do IVF I could not believe that is would cost that much and that insurance will not cover any of these costs. We would try anything in order to make it so that we are able to have a family but the finances we are facing in trying to make this happen for us has put us in a very hard position right now, I know they say kids are expensive and if can not afford this how can we afford to have children but this is very different. When you have children you do not have to come up with all of the money up front in order to be able to support and take care of them the costs happen over time, but in order to do IVF I have to have all of that money right then for it to be done and unfortunately we do not have time on our side right now the longer we wait the less likely it becomes for us.
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