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Ended May 6, 2013
Damian is a sweet 8 yr old Staff Terrier who is the best dog in the world. He is an Ambassador for his breed with the best temperament you have ever seen. 6 weeks ago he became ill. On/off diarrhea and vomiting for 3 days then ok 2 days,... for ...
UpDate 3/21/13 surgery needed, scroll down .Damian is a sweet 8 yr old Staff Terrier who is the best dog in the world. He is an Ambassador for his breed with the best temperament you have ever seen. Six weeks ago he became ill. On/off diarrhea and vomiting for 3 days then ok 2 days,... for weeks. I finally got him to the vet for exam, stool samples, heartworm check, xrays, and alot of bloodwork. Everything was normal except his pancreas level but no tenderness on exam. He has been given 2 antibiotics, as well as two other meds which haven't helped him. he was possibly poisoned by someone. He has not eaten for days, lost about 15 % of his body weight and is now only drinking pedialyte as he is dehydrated. The Vet told me he needs a CT scan to see if there is a mass or something in his stomach, but I've exhausted all funds. The other option is an invasive scope in his stomach. I'm out of money and running out of time. Please, any donation to help me get this CT done would be very gratefully accepted. I know times are tough, but we need you while we still have save him and get the help he desperately needs. Whether it's $1, $5, $10 etc, every bit will help my baby from dying. I'm hoping that there is strength in numbers and together we can get him well. Thank you for any donation you make, it's more than appreciated.. The above photo was about 6 weeks ago. This is him today as he was resting

UPDATE from Vet today~

We had a full blood panel/chem panel done again. This time his pancreas level was normal and there wasn't anything that stood out of the realms of normal. This is good news.

Ultrasound~ The Vet is not a board certified radiologist, but is certified to do ultrasounds and can see things that are out of the normal or not. Then all film studies are being sent to a Board Certified Specialist to review. Those results will be in tomorrow or the next day.

What he did say is the pancreas looked normal. What he found abnormal was his stomach/intestines. They were grossly inflamed and so much that the intestines are distended and encroaching and pushing the liver to the side. Pitbulls have a big cavity with plenty of room for the liver, easily. This is problematic.

When discussing what causes this-he mentioned eating a bunch of bark or sticks etc (Damian doesn't eat anything like that ever) or poisoning can cause this. We had thought it was possible a neighbor who lives kitty corner from my back yard could have poisoned him. BUT we couldn't do a toxin screen because it's been too long to find in bloodwork. In fact we couldn't even the first time I brought him in as he had been sick on/off for several weeks. This can however, be the effects/damage from poisoning

I was given medication that will line his intestines and hopefully slow down the rate of diarrhea. He will not survive with liquid stools for too much longer. So this may or may not help. He gave me an actual prescription for a food from Petco as well. We await the Specialists findings to be sure there is nothing else on there that this Vet didn't see. When he calls with the results in a day or two, I will ask him how long his intestines will be like this, or is it forever, or gradual return to health.

UPDATE 3/21/13
Damian has what is called Intussusception according to the specialist. He will have surgery tomorrow morning

Intussusception is an uncommon but potentially life-threatening condition that can occur in dogs and cats of all ages. There are many different causes of this condition, several of which can be eliminated through good routine health practices. Treatment options are almost exclusively surgical. Surgery is often successful if the condition is caught early.

What is intussusception?

Intussusception is the sliding or telescoping of the intestine within itself. It occurs primarily in the small intestine but may occasionally occur in the large intestine. When the intestine slides within itself the blood supply to that section is greatly reduced and the tissue begins to swell and then die. The entire process can occur rapidly, which makes early detection and treatment essential.

What are the risks associated with an intussusception?

An intussusception is serious; left untreated, it will result in death. As the intestines telescope into one another, pressure restricts blood flow to the area. Portions of the intestines therefore may actually die, and toxins and bacteria may be released into the rest of the body.

UPDATE 3/24/13
Damian had major surgery on on 3/22. He had over 2 ft of necrotic dead intestine removed. The rest is inflamed. They had to sew two other pieces of intestine together and wait for them to graft. He cant have food/water for at least 4 days and is on IV fluids and 3 antibiotics 24/7 and still at the vets for 4 days. Hopefully I can take him home monday eve to start introducing food slowly to his emaciated body and that he can digest ok. Our bills have mounted beyond even our expectations due to this being a much bigger surgery and problem than we ever expected. Please, if you can give a dollar or 5, it would help with some of these costs for this. Thank you

Damian has been home for 2 days 3 nights. He is in good spirits and eats what I'm allowed to give him. We have to limit the amount while his intestines graft, even though he lost 16 lbs and 25% loss in weight. We have till about sunday until we are out of the woods. I have to keep him exercise free and calm which isn't easy when he feels better than before. In approx 10 days he will get his staples removed from his stomach. Thank you for all your support and care
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